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The Work of the Lord by Lindsay Roberts


And I’m like, what is this world? This is so weird. Why are they doing this? It’s like dumb. Customers, counting. And I thought what are they doing? They’re acting weird. And I didn’t realize that every, I guess every 100th customer that went through one certain line got their whole cart free. I didn’t know that, and my mother didn’t know that.

But apparently there were people in the store that had figured it out and were trying to like work the system. All of the sudden, I’m saying to my mom, “You go right there, and I’m just going to sit here,” because I had some stuff in my purse. I was getting my checkbook and counting my money and getting everything organized. And my mother walks in the line.

She goes in one line, I go in the other. And you have to know, here’s my mother who is paying no attention to what’s going on around us and neither am I, walks through the light and the lady goes, “You’re it!” And my mom’s like, “What?” She said, “Everything in your cart is free.” I’m not kidding. This happened in a Venture store at Christmas.

And the lady said, “This must be your lucky day.” And my mother said, “No, no. I sowed my seed unto God. This is my harvest.” And she began to preach right there in the Venture store. And I’m sitting there going, “What about my cart?” But, I mean, it’s true because she not only recognized that it was not her lucky day.
It was God multiplying seed. And then she was willing to give a testimony right there. And, I’m telling you, she was preaching in the Venture store. And that’s why God will do it, because He knows He will open the window of heaven and pour out a blessing to those who will sow their seed.

RR: You cannot out give God.

LR: You cannot do it, Richard.

RR: Well, thank you so much for the seeds that you’re sowing. If you get a busy signal, call back.

RR: Sue. What is happening in the Prayer Group, Sue?

SUE: We have John in Ft. Myers, Florida. He has had an affliction for eight years. And he’s going to tell you how he sees today.

RR: Okay. Hello, John.

J: How are you doing, Richard?

RR: I’m just fine. How are you tonight?

J: I’m doing fine, man.

The Angels of God by Lindsay Roberts


RR: Any mom here understands that?

LR: Nobody should get up at a quarter till eight. Nobody should get up before ten o’clock. I just decided that.

RR: It doesn’t work that way.

LR: Especially when you go to bed every night at two o’clock. And so I decided, “Okay, that’s it.” I got my mom in the car and I said, “Okay, here’s what’s already happened this morning.” And I mean we’re talking before eight o’clock. All this had already happened.

And she said, “Right now that’s it. We’re going into agreement.” And here’s what she prayed no accident, injury, illness, sickness or disease. Then we repeated the 91st Psalm. And we went into agreement that every promise in the 91st Psalm would happen.

But keep in your mind we said, “No accident, injury, illness, sickness, or disease.” I was taking Jordan today to go ride horses, and we went down the street and I was going the speed limit and another car was coming the speed limit. It was about a 45 mile an hour speed limit. And we were both doing that. And I was going east, she was going west, perfectly fine, like we were supposed to be, exactly two lanes. I’m going one direction; she’s going the other direction.

And this huge black truck out of nowhere came from a side street, pulled out in front of me and in front of her, but went like in between us, which there were no space. I mean, we’re going east and west, and he came sideways. And he saw if he kept going he was going to hit both of us and be sandwiched in, and the only other choice was to hit my side door where my daughter was. And I saw him coming. And my daughter just screamed, “Ditch!” And I couldn’t go in the ditch because that’s where he was.

I couldn’t go in the other side. That’s where the other car was. It was an intersection. And all of the sudden I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You turn or they’re going to hit Jordan.” I mean to tell you, in the middle of the highway, I u turned in front of a Lincoln Continental. The guy is just missing me. We’re both going about 45 miles an hour. The truck is smack in between two cars. How did a truck on a two lane road get in between our two cars?

The Healing of Animals by Lindsay Roberts


RR: Somewhere in here I had it earlier there was another testimony about a dog getting healed. I don’t know what I’ve done with it.

LR: Oh, I have it. It’s a tumor.

RR: You took my testimony.

LR: I picked it right up. I did.

RR: What happened?

LR: Susan called from Indiana and said her little dog had a cancerous tumor the size of her fist and was beginning to have seizures. The vet said that the dog would not be able to live through it, there was nothing more that the vet could do. She heard on the Hour of Healing that God was healing animals.

And her dog’s name was Pup. She said, “Pup, in the name of Jesus, you be healed too.” The next day the tumor had broken open. It was completely disappeared, totally gone, and then she said that was nearly a month ago. The doctor and the woman said that Pup is well and strong.

RR: Glory to God! Lindsay, I want to say thanks to those who are calling, who are calling tonight and adopting ORU students and being a part of this drive. And we’re going to be sending that beautiful little figurine, the Prayer Warrior, the Precious Moments figurine. That isn’t that the number one collectible in the world, Precious Moments?

LR: Precious Moments. Yeah, but do you know what else? Your dad called me and he and Sam Butcher are each signing a certificate for the people who do that. I forgot about that.

RR: Sam and my father are signing a little certificate of authenticity.

LR: Your dad was a little chapped off that you left him all these things to sign. He was so cute. He said, “What are you doing right now?” I said, “I’m lying on the sofa watching Mark McGwire.” He said, “Well, I’m sitting here signing these for all of our Partners.” I said, “Better you than me.”

RR: Lindsay, that’s the value, you see, to have that, to have that little certificate of authenticity signed by the founder and the creator, Sam Butcher, and also the founder of Oral Roberts University, Oral Roberts, and then to receive that little figurine, the Prayer Warrior. And, by the way, that represents my father, Oral Roberts, the little papoose on the back. Can you see that?

LR: That’s right.

RR: I don’t know if you can turn that around. That represents Oral Roberts there in the back. Lindsay, people are calling.

The Mighty Healing Work by Lindsay Roberts


Well, he was so rebellious that he went off to school and started smoking and started doing a lot of other things. He knew we were against such stuff as that. He knew that.

LR: Your whole life before you on national television.

RR: That was, that was one of the minor things.

ER: Well, I’m not going to say some of the others. But when God got hold of him, his life changed completely. He was not even the same human being. And when I look at him tonight and every night when I watch these programs, I just say, “Thank You, Jesus that you turned his life around.”

OR: We made him the president, the second president of Oral Roberts University.

ER: That’s right, absolutely.

OR: And that is a miracle.

RR: And we’ve got the largest enrollment in the history of the university. Most schools have a smaller enrollment in January than they have in August or September. Typically, universities have a smaller enrollment. We have the largest enrollment of 5, 0008 in August. Now we have 5,032. We’ve gone against the trend. We’ve got up in January for the largest enrollment ever in the history of ORU. And applications, applications for next fall are running twenty percent ahead of this same time last year. Now that is a miracle! And I give God the glory.

OR: Richard, about two hours ago I was praying about this service, and the Holy Spirit brought the word of knowledge to me and several people were brought to me as though I could see them face to face. There was a little girl, and her feet are turned in. Her legs are bowed together.
And all through her little life, she’s been required to wear long dresses, trying to cover that up. And she’s been embarrassed and hurt over that all these years, and she’s watching us right now. I don’t know where she is, but I felt that God was going to move in on this girl.

And, young lady, I can tell you what you’re feeling right now. The Spirit of God is causing warmth to go through those bowed legs and is now feeling, you are now feeling your legs being pulled straight. You’re sitting there. Now I want you to stand up in the name of the Lord and look down at your feet. They’re no longer crooked, stretched out like that. They’re straight. No longer are your legs bowed together. They’re straight. Just lift up your dress and look at your legs and your feet and start giving glory to God because the power of the Lord is there to heal. He is doing His mighty healing work.

The Word of Courage by Lindsay Roberts


And I feel that you’re hearing us and that you’re healing. And I receive it. Everybody say, I receive it, in Jesus’ name. And now let’s everybody give a shout to God.

RR: Any other prayer requests that are coming in, Lynwood that are coming in through the Prayer Group? Bring them all down to us right now. We’re only about two minutes or so away from the close of our program tonight.

I especially appreciate you and mother coming on tonight and sharing with us. We deeply feel what we’re doing is of the Lord. And I’m grateful for your encouragement, for your prayers. Every time we talk to you, you bring us an encouraging word. And in essence you’re saying, in Jesus’ name, you can do it. In Jesus’ name, you can do it. And we thank you so much.
OR: You are doing it.

RR: It means a great deal to us.

ER: I want to add two or three requests in here, Richard. A lady who lives in Tahlequah or in Muskogee, I don’t know which, Letha, wherever you are, God is healing you tonight while this program is going on. I felt it in my spirit. And, let’s see, there’s a minister in town, another minister. I don’t know, my heart goes out to ministers. I guess it’s because I live with one. But this man is very, very discouraged, very discouraged. I think, Richard, we probably need to have a prayer for discouraged ministers. There’s some about to give up.

RR: Let me just lay hands on all of these requests that have been coming in and let’s include discouragement, and also let’s include Mary Jo who is in Colorado, just had a baby, is hemorrhaging very badly. We just received that word in Colorado Springs. Mary Jo, I send the word to you right now. I come against this hemorrhaging. Dry up. That’s right, Lindsay. That’s the scripture. You shall not be polluted in your own blood. I come against discouragement. You foul thing that is unlike God, I rebuke you now and I encourage you. The Bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord. And I encourage you in the Lord. Oh, glory to God, there’s a right ear drum getting healed right now. Right ear drum being healed right now. It’s a right ear drum. You’re being healed right now.

In the authority of Jesus’ name, I lay my hands on all these calls that have just come in since we’ve been on the air tonight. In the authority of Jesus’ name, I believe God for the power of the mighty God to come into you and for you never, ever, ever, ever to be the same again according to the Word of God. I am sending that word to you right now in the authority of Jesus’ mighty name. Hallelujah! Praise God. Well, somebody give the Lord a shout. We are out of time. God bless you. See you tomorrow night.

ANNOUNCER: Even after our program leaves the air, the Abundant Life Prayer Group is on duty 24 hours a day to take your calls at 918-495-7777. Our Email address is Or send us your prayer requests so that we may believe God for the miracle you need. Write Richard and Lindsay Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74171. Or in Canada, Toronto, Ontario M4P2G2. And when you write or call, don’t forget to ask for your free copy of the audiocassette collection, Your Hour of Healing with the Roberts family, and Oral Roberts’ book, Don’t Park Here

On tomorrow’s program, get ready for a time of prayer, ministry and testimonies of God’s healing power. We also encourage you to make plans to be a part of our live studio audience for an upcoming Something Good Tonight. Call 918-495-7070 for times and seating availabilities.

Father We Worship You by Lindsay Roberts


RR: He’s calling to his grandmother.

D: Yes.

RR: Can you see a difference in the fingers now?

D: Yes.

RR: Oh, come on, somebody, give God the glory. Lindsay, he said, he said

LR: I’ve been waiting for you.

RR: I’ve been waiting. I’ve been waiting. Everybody stretch your hands out. Debbie and Eric, stretch your hands out toward me right now. Have you been waiting for the power of God to come into your life? Lindsay, honey, come down here quick. I’ll tell you, there’s an anointing right now. Have you been waiting? Have you been waiting like Eric for the power of God?

In the authority of Jesus’ name, I speak the word of healing to your body. What God just did, what God just did in little six-year-old Eric, He can do in your life. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke this sickness. I command it to go. You foul tormenting thing. And, Eric, God’s still working on those fingers right now.

D: Yes, He is.

RR: He’s still working on them right now, and He’s working on the hands of a lot of other people tonight. As I stretch out my hands, other hands are being healed in Jesus’ mighty name. I speak it, I believe it, and I expect a miracle. Now just go ahead and lift your hands everywhere across America tonight, in Canada, and begin to give God the praise and the glory and the honor. Hallelujah!
Father, we worship you. We praise you. Well, somebody give the Lord praise tonight. I’ll tell you, something is happening. Something’s happening. Debbie and Eric, thank you for calling. Wow!

LR: Let us know, Debbie and Eric. Keep us posted.

RR: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Honey.

LR: Hallelujah! Time to party.

RR: Honey, it’s interesting that Eric would call tonight because I have a testimony that I want to share before my dad and my mother come on the program. I want to take you back to 1959, Tallahassee, Florida, to meet a little boy. I guess he must have been about eight or nine years old, little Tommy Scarborough, who for two and a half years had a softening in the bone in his hip and he couldn’t walk. He was on crutches. He came into the crusade that night for my dad to lay hands on him. And little Tommy had the kind of faith that little Eric just had. I want you to see for yourself the healing power of God, how it has stood the test of time. And then I’m going to bring my dad and my mother on, and we’re going to have a healing service for the glory of God tonight. Just watch from 1959 in Tallahassee, Florida.

The Hour of Healing by Lindsay Roberts


ANNOUNCER: Tonight get ready for a time of prayer, music, and ministry for your needs, with tonight’s special guests, Oral and Evelyn Roberts, founders and chancellor of Oral Roberts University. Now let’s welcome our hosts, Richard and Lindsay Roberts.

RR: This is the Hour of Healing. Come on, give the Lord praise. Hallelujah! Lindsay, Lindsay, sweetheart, come over here. I’ve got a testimony that came in last night as a result of a word that God gave you on the program. This is Christina calling from Winter Park, Florida, where you were living when I met you.

LR: That’s right.

RR: You were living there. You’d graduated from college. You’d come up here to Oral Roberts University from Winter Park. “Lindsay gave a word of knowledge last night about migraine headaches.” Christina was suffering with migraine headaches for months. It was so severe, her face and neck were affected. Christina was lying on her couch, had her thumb over her eyes like you had your thumb over your eyes last night, “where I was experiencing excruciating pain. When Lindsay gave that word, all the pain left. I am rejoicing. I am healed.”

LR: Hallelujah!

RR: Hallelujah, hallelujah. Ronalda that’s a beautiful name, isn’t it, Ronalda, in Hindsville, Georgia, “I was flipping the TV, channel surfing.”

LR: Sure they were.

RR: Right. “Came across the Hour of Healing. Called the Abundant Life Prayer Group for a financial blessing. As the prayer partner was praying, I touched my neck. I’ve been having pain there since an injury back in 1996, and I am completely healed.” Thank God for the prayers of the Abundant Life Prayer Group. If you need prayer, the Abundant Life Prayer Group is ready to pray the prayer of faith. The Bible says, “The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord will raise you up.”

LR: The Lord will raise them up.

RR: We keep adding prayer partners because of the demand, because of the continued rise in the number of calls. And we’re ready to minister to you.
This is Lisa up in Grand Haven, Michigan, and bulging disk. Last time I gave a word, remember?

LR: Yep.

RR: I gave a word about bulging disks. “I’ve had bulging disks in my back. I was healed immediately when you prayed, and now I believe for my foot that was operated on to be healed.” Lisa, in the authority of the name of Jesus, I stretch my hand out toward your foot. Anyone who has a foot problem, anyone with a foot problem or a leg problem, I want you to walk over to your television set right now. I want you to lay your hands on mine.

God Has Ultimate Power by Lindsay Roberts


RR: And they are dabbling.

LR: If it is not the power of Almighty God, then it’s another side. And I think we need to recognize God has the ultimate power. Why don’t we just start with the good guy to begin with, you know, just get hooked up with God. Start there. Why should you go through all these other different channels to eventually lead to God? Let’s just start at the top.

MG: You know, Richard, I think it’s so important and, Lindsay, that what you’re doing is being done at this time, because years ago, let’s say by the time we were in high school, you know, the psychics and these kind of people were not popular.

LR: That’s true.

MG: And people in general had more of a basic knowledge about God, you know, because they heard about God in the public schools, you know, way back then. But we have a generation coming up that know nothing about God and yet there’s that emptiness, there’s that void being created as a result of the knowledge of God being taken away from the public schools. And now the psychics and the New Age people and all these people have come in to fill that void. And they have, they have an audience through the television, and so we need an audience through the television in order to show the real power.

RR: But where sin abounds, grace doth much more abound. I believe the very thing you’re talking about, Marilyn, may be the reason why God gave a word of prophecy through my father, Oral Roberts, that healing is coming big time. And, as a matter of fact, I just found out he just called in. He’s on the phone. We were talking about him earlier this week about him sharing what he shared with me the other night on the phone. He walked over to the television set and laid hands on my hand.

Now here’s a father laying hands on the hands of a son on television. He said he felt the power of God when he laid hands on my hands.
Now I remember as a boy watching my father stretch out his hands and say, “Lay your hand on my hand.” And I found myself stretching out both my hands.

And as I did, I was just automatically reminded of those days when that healing anointing, when I was near it. And now that anointing has come upon me. And he says healing is coming big time. Dad, are you on the phone?

Totally Healed by Lindsay Roberts


RR: ‘Cause it’s been hurting for a few weeks. Is there any pain there now?
RR: When I prayed, did the pain just stop?
LISA: Yes.
RR: And it went away?
LISA: Yes.
RR: Oh, Lisa, glory to God.
LR: Halleluiah.
RR: Halleluiah. Isn’t that wonderful?
LR: Is her mommy there?
RR: Mommy, are you there?
LISA: Yes.
LR: Virginia?
RR: Hello, Virginia.
RR: What happened to your daughter?
VIRGINIA: Well, she fell off a bar at school a couple weeks ago, and she was suffering every night. She couldn’t sleep through the night. And so we were praying for, but she didn’t seem to be getting better. Then Monday night I was in the bathroom brushing my hair, and she comes running in the bathroom. She says, “Mom, Mom, I’m healed. He gave a word for shoulders, and I’m completely healed.” And she started swinging her arm around and her shoulder, and she was just totally healed…
RR: Oh, come on, give the Lord praise.
LR: She was watching by herself?
RR: Now here’s a 9-year-old child watching the program
VIRGINIA: Yes. Well, Benny Hinn is her favorite minister
LR: How precious.
VIRGINIA: and she used to call
RR: Well, he’s one of ours too.
VIRGINIA: Yeah. She used to call the TV “TBN” ’cause she was so used to watching Christian television when she was younger.
LR: She called her TV set TBN.
RR: Ha.
LR: That’s good.
RR: And her shoulder is healed?
VIRGINIA: Totally healed.
RR: Oh, praise God, Virginia. Thanks for calling and giving us this report. God bless you.
LR: Halleluiah.
RR: What’s this, honey?
LR: Bye, Lisa. Atlanta, Georgia. Richard had a word of knowledge that someone fell in the store that someone fell, and this lady fell in the store while shopping.
RR: I said running.
LR: This was
RR: Were you running through the store?
LR: Well, this was Myra, and she said two weeks ago she has been. It’s been two weeks since it happened. She’s been in severe pain. She said
RR: On the
LR: immediately when Richard said that, she received her healing.
RR: Halleluiah, halleluiah.
LR: Atlanta, Georgia.
RR: We’re on tonight live in Atlanta, Georgia. Fifty-nine stations watching this program cable systems, satellite networks. It’s growing. By faith, it’s growing every week. What, honey?
LR: Now listen to this. Richard spoke a word of knowledge about someone’s arm getting healed, and Marie’s daughter said, “Mom, move your arm now.” And Marie’s arm was so stiff she couldn’t lift a cup of coffee. She said she is now sitting up, shouting, and praising the Lord for the healing.
RR: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
LR: Halleluiah, Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
RR: watching live in New Mexico. Halleluiah.

Enter into God’s presence by Lindsay Roberts


And I was panicked because I had bought a wedding gown and I couldn’t get into it. And I was, you know, about 30 pounds overweight at this time. And I began to really see that food controlled my life. I weighed myself nine or ten times a day, the first thing in the morning after I ate, you know, before lunch. I weighed myself constantly. And finally I came to a crisis place when I went to try my wedding gown that I had bought and could not get into.

And I came home and I threw myself down on the floor and I started crying and I said, “God, you know, I can’t lose this weight, and I’m going to have a weight problem for the rest of my life. And I can’t eat like a normal person because I can starve and not lose weight, or I can binge and, God, I just can gain 15 pounds overnight.” That’s the way I looked at it.

And God said to me, “Lisa, your weight is an idol to you and food is an idol to you.” He said, “If you will repent of this” and an idol is something we give our strength to or draw our strength from He said, “If you will stop measuring yourself by what you weigh,” because He said, “Lisa, you are not what you weigh.”
RR: People watching need to hear that tonight, you are not what you weigh.

L: And that’s what this book is about, you are not what you weigh. And I had always measured myself by what I weighed, what the scales said I was was what I was. And so God told me, “You are not what you weigh.” And He said, “Lisa, if you will repent of this, measuring yourself by your weight and also filling the void in your life with food that only I can fill,” He said, “I will heal your metabolism.”

And I said, “O God, you know, forgive me.” And this was back in 1982. And I fell on my face. I said, “O God, forgive me.” And He said, “Now don’t weigh yourself ever again.” He said, “You stop this incessant weighing of yourself.” He said, “You put the scale away.” And He said, “I want you to go on a three-day fast.” I said, “God, You just told me never to diet again, not to weigh myself, and now You’re telling me to fast.”And He said, “Well, Lisa, a fast doesn’t change your appearance.” You know, the world diets, and Christians are supposed to fast. A diet changes the way you look, but a fast changes the way you live.

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