Lindsay Roberts

The heart of God

John, there are people right now that are in need of help. They’re in need of someone to pray for them.  Because you talk about a people who need a healing, people need healing who are into unforgiveness.  And I want you to just pray and minister to the people right now.  That’s what this program is about, the healing ministry.

J: The thing I want to say to you right now is this, you’ve got to be able to admit that you are offended.  That’s the first step for getting free.  Most people won’t admit it.  They’ll say, “No, I’m fine.  I’m over it.  I’ve handled it.”  Tonight as we talked, Richard and I, Lindsay and Lisa, it came back up.  The reason it came up, it’s the Holy Spirit trying to get you free.  Pride has kept you from getting free because pride has always said, “No, I’m fine.”  No, you’re not fine.  You’re wounded and you need to be able to confess it, because that’s the first step to getting free.

The next step you have to understand is, Jesus forgave you when you didn’t deserve it.  He freely forgave you.  He said that you are to forgive the way He’s forgiven you.  That means you’re to be able to forgive this person, no matter what they did to you.  I don’t care what was done to you.  Somebody says, “But you don’t know what was done to me.”  No, you don’t know what you did to Jesus.  You were the one that put Him on that cross.  I’m the one that put Him on that cross.

And I feel your hurt right now.  I feel the pain in your heart.  What Richard just said, a person that’s offended begins to isolate themself.  They begin to build up walls in their heart of protection.  But what you do is, you actually build prison walls.  It’s time to tear them down.  It’s time to allow the love of God to once again flow from your heart.

And the love of God gives when it’s not deserved.  You didn’t deserve to be saved, I didn’t deserve to be saved, but Jesus chose to save us.  And that’s what you’ve got to do tonight.  You’ve got to forgive to somebody that doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.  That’s the heart of God.  That’s what God desires to put within you.

Prayer Requests and Seed-Faith

Welcome to Make Your Day Count.  My name is Lindsay Roberts.  And as you can see, I’m standing right here in the middle of the Abundant Life Prayer Group on the campus of Oral Roberts University.  We’re coming from the actual Prayer Tower building.  If you come into the Prayer Tower, there’s a top deck where it’s like an observation deck.  And you can see the prayer partners up there.  And then down below here, this is a separate group of prayer partners.  We’ve got prayer partners all over this place.

And the particular group that I’m standing in front of right now is right here ready to take your call and to pray the prayer of faith for you.  All you have to do is dial 918-495-7777.  That’s 918-495-7777.  And someone in the Prayer Group, one of our prayer partners, will answer that telephone and begin to pray for you.

You can go on-line at Oral Roberts Ministry website,, write Richard Roberts and Lindsay Roberts at Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74102, or like I said, go to the telephone, 918-495-7777.

I want to show you something that came in.  I’ve got a couple of praise reports, and then I’ve got a letter that’s really hard to read.  But I’m going to do it anyway, okay?

This one is Don, called the Abundant Life Prayer Group, like you’re seeing, one of these kind of prayer partners that you’re seeing here, called the Abundant Life Prayer Group for prayer and committed his life to Jesus Christ.  (Reading names)

Then I want to read you this letter from a grandma.  I so wish they hadn’t handed me this letter because half of me wants to read it and the other half of me wants to just cry my guts out.  This lady wrote in and she said, “Please pray for my granddaughter.  She’ll be 41 years old.  She is a topless dancer.  She’s had an abortion.  She’s been away from home and in jail due to drug use.  She is a drug addict.”

And then she began to tell all of the different things that her granddaughter’s been through and asked us to pray.  You know what?  The Bible says satan comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.  Everybody is going through something right now.  I don’t care what walk of life you’re in, satan comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

I’ve not gone through this, I’ve not gone through this with my children, but I’ve gone through things in my life too.  I’ve gone through differences—nothing like this.  But I had a friend when I was a little girl that used to say to me all the time, “Your hurt may be in this way and my hurt may be in this direction, but it hurts to be hurt.”

I know what it’s like to hurt.  This precious woman knows what it’s like to hurt.  And I bet you’re going through something that you’re thinking of right now, either you or a loved one or somebody that you know that’s hurting right now.

I’m not only going to pray for you, but I want to encourage you to pick up your telephone.  Call area code 918-495-7777, because right now our world needs to pray.  The Bible very clearly says, “Men ought to pray and not faint.”  That’s men and women.  That’s mankind.

We need to pray.  You know, it’s so easy to give up, to faint, to quit, to pass out, to think that our life is over.  But I’ll tell you what, that’s just giving in to the devil.  And in the name of Jesus, we speak to whatever situation you’re going through.  And we speak to this precious granddaughter of the little grandmommy that called in.

And in the name of Jesus, according to the Bible that says, “The name of Jesus is above every name named in heaven and earth, and at that name, the name of Jesus, everything else has to bow,” we pray for this precious granddaughter.  We lift you up, sweetie, in the name of Jesus.  And we’re not going to condemn you, and we’re not going to criticize you, but we’re going to love you into the kingdom of God.

I pray for the healing virtue of Jesus Christ and the love of God the Father to go into this little granddaughter’s life right now.  And in the name of Jesus, whatever situation that you’re facing right this minute, whatever situation that I’m facing right this minute—in fact, whatever situation that these guys are praying right this minute, in the name of Jesus, for the presence of God to begin to go into your situation and for God to minister healing to you.

Psalm 107:20 is very clear, “He sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction.”  We pray for anything that’s trying to come against your life to destroy your life.  We pray for it to be rebuked in Jesus’ name and for God to minister healing to you in every area of your life, in Jesus’ name.

I want to give you something, including to this precious little grandma.  I want to give you a stress book.  And, you know, stress can come in lots of forms.  It can be physical stress.  It can be financial stress.  It can be stress in your marriage, stress in your emotions, stress in your mind, stress in your will, stress in some area.  It hurts to get hurt.  It hurts to be stressed out.

Okay, I’m going to read it off the card because I can’t see it any other way—866-870-6932.  Write that number down, 866-870-6932.  What is that?  That’s a toll-free number for a free book.  This is a book I wrote, “Are you pressured, stressed, frustrated?  Take charge of the negative situations that come to attack you.  Overcome them with the Word of God.”  This is my stress book called Overcoming Stress, and I believe in Jesus’ name it will be a blessing to you.

And I want to give it to you.  This is my free gift.  This is just from Lindsay to you.  So if you dial 866-870-6932, there is no string attached.  There is no connector to this.  You want a book?  It’s my gift.  I want to give it to you.  And I’d love the privilege of sending it to you.

Why are you doing that, Lindsay?  Because I need to sow seed.  The Bible clearly says that when you sow seed, give, and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  I believe that men ought to sow seed.  I believe that women ought to sow seed.  I believe that I need to sow seed.

And as we give, the Bible says it will be given back to us.  And I want to give this to you.  I only understand that the way to get out of anything that I face, according to my Bible, according to Philippians, according to Luke, according to Malachi, is to begin to sow seed and to begin to believe for a harvest.  There’s no way to get a harvest without sowing seed.  So please give me the privilege.  The number is on your screen.  Let me give you this stress book, 866-870-6932.  Even the call is free.  The call is free, the book is free.

Or you can go on-line,  Now when you go on and you look at this book on-line on the catalog, there’s a price tag attached to it.  Forget it.  This is my Seed-Faith gift to you right now.  And I believe it will be a blessing to you.

So we’re going to show you a partner spot right now and let you know what this ministry is all about, and then we’re going to come back and we’re going to pray specifically for needs to be met.  Okay?  Stay tuned.  We’re going to be right back.


Tremendous man of God by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts: No, I didn’t know that part of it.  John Ashcroft is a great man of God.  Some years ago we honored him with an honorary doctorate, a tremendous man of God.

And I tell you something else that I remember about you.  See if you remember this.  Lindsay and I were going to conduct a crusade in Guatemala City, and you came down and graciously hosted our program for a week.

RON: It was my honor.

Lindsay Roberts: You came for a week and hosted our program so we could have that crusade in Guatemala.

RON: And it was great.

ORU: And I’m going back to Central America this summer to El Salvador by the invitation of the President of the nation for another tremendous crusade.

RON: Richard, I don’t want to take much more time.  I wish I could visit with you a lot more because I love you so much, you and your precious wife and family.  But I know God has something very hot on your heart.  And you’ve told us all that you have something very special on your heart.

Oral Roberts: Yes, He does have something that He put on my heart.  But I want to say something first to you and to Norma and all of the Cornerstone family.  First of all, I want everyone to know how I feel about you.  I want you to know how much I appreciate Cornerstone and its outreach.

Wherever I go, wherever Cornerstone is aired, I hear from people who say, “I see you.  I see The Hour of Healing on Cornerstone.”  And I want you to know how grateful I am for the privilege of being on Cornerstone each night.  Thank you so very much for being my friend.

RON: Well, it’s my privilege.  It’s our joy.  Thank you.

Oral Roberts University: You and Olean Eagle, who is up in heaven now with my mother—

RON: Looking down, they’re watching right now.

Prayer of Faith by Richard Roberts

And what Lindsay Roberts was saying was, “I don’t have to touch Him.  If I can just get my hands on the Word of God, I will be healed.”

Now, look, you’re there where you are.  We’re here where we are.  But as my father would say, there is no distance in prayer.  God’s right here.  So when we speak a word here, He sends that word right to you where you are there.

The Roman centurion understood that.  He said, “You don’t have to come to heal my military aide.  You just send the word.”  Now there’s no way he could have known Psalm 107:20, “He sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction.”

And maybe that’s why Jesus marveled when he said it because none of the other crowd seemed to catch on.  He said, “You don’t have to come.  You just speak the word.”  Richard Roberts said we don’t have to come where you are because Jesus is where we are, and He’s where you are tonight.  And Jesus sent the word, and his military aide was healed.

Well, this woman was saying, “If I can get my hands on the Word of God.”  Oral Roberts states that this preaching, this testimony that Cynthia just gave and Randy just gave and the worship, the music that Dino was playing, and the Bishop who’s coming on in a little while, that is all in preparation.  What Pastor Phil is doing tonight, that’s in preparation.  That’s the hearing of faith that’s building you up on the inside so that you can receive when the prayer of faith is prayed.



About the Source by Richard Roberts

ER: Well, we didn’t know anything about the Source. We didn’t know anything about planting seed. We didn’t know anything about expecting a miracle. We didn’t know any of those things.

Mr. Gustavus lived next door to us. One day Oral drove our old rattletrap of a car home and the brakes failed, and they wouldn’t stop, and he ran into this man’s car. He’d never met Mr. Gus. He didn’t know about him.

Oral went to the front door, and he said, “Sir, is this your car out here?” He said, “Yes.” He said, “Well, I’ve just run into it. If you’ll go down and have it appraised, I’ll have it fixed – I’ll pay for it.” And he said, “You live next door, don’t you?” He said, “Yes.” He said, “Why did you tell me?” Oral said, “Well because! I know that I did it, and God knows that I did it, and I didn’t want to do it and not tell you I did it.” And he said, “Oh, go on.” And he closed the door.

Oral thought, “That’s the strangest man I ever saw.” So he came home, one of those rare occasions when he was outside in the back yard mowing the lawn – that was a rare occasion. But this is to show you how God works in your life in little ways that, at the time, may seem insignificant. But you know, the little insignificant things that happen in your life become big things. In the future you’ll look back and say, “That little, insignificant thing that happened in my life, that was God trying to get through to me.”

This man, Mr. Gus, came over and leaned across the fence, and he said to Oral, “Young preacher, that old car of yours is not helping the neighborhood out there.”

And Oral said, “Well, Sir, I know that.”

And he said, “Did you know that I’m the Buick dealer here in town?”

And Oral said, “No, Sir, I did not know that.”

The Lord spoke to my heart by Richard Roberts

Evelyn and I were called to pastor over here in Enid, Oklahoma, and when we got there we discovered they didn’t have a parsonage, a place for the pastor to live. And so a member invited us to spend a few days or weeks with them and maybe there would be a place show up. We didn’t have money to rent. We didn’t have money to buy. And I discovered real soon that the church wasn’t interested in buying a parsonage or a place for us to live.

And the days became weeks, and we had our children and this family had their children in a two-bedroom house. And there we were, nine of us, plus two women. (Laughter) And I couldn’t get the church to do anything. And I was going right on, you know. I was going to the university at that time, trying to pay tuition. I mean, it was tough.

And one day Evelyn said, “Oral, if you don’t get me a place for these children for us to live, I’m going to take them home to Mama. And I’m not coming back until you get us a place.” I said, “You wouldn’t do that, Evelyn.” She said, “You watch me.”

And it was prayer meeting night, and she couldn’t go. And, brother, sister, when I went to preach that night, I was anointed. I preached-I didn’t see the stars fall, but I felt like something was falling. I was preaching that night.

And right in the middle of it the Lord spoke to my heart, “You start the down payment on a parsonage by giving your week’s salary.” I was making $55 a week and had the check in my pocket for the past week. And the Lord said, “You give the $55.” We were already tithers. We were already givers. We just were never taught to receive. And the Lord had been trying to give to us. He’d opened up many avenues for us to receive, but we thought we were not to because it would lead to pride. And it would in some people’s cases, but not in the general sense of the word it does not.

And when I finished, I laid the check on the altar and said to the people, “Now who would like to help on the down payment?” And for the first time, there was interest. And people jumped up all over the crowd and rushed forward with $50, $100, and one man with $1,000, which in those days was beyond all imagination.

God brings us to the greatest moment of our existence by Richard Roberts

And they look around and see that flooding river, and the quivering starts in their stomach. And they feel the fear grab their spirit, and it’s a terrible moment in the midst of a moment that’s the greatest moment of their lives. And that’s where we are at times when God brings us to the greatest moment of our existence, to the moment when we are about to possess the very thing that God has planned personally for us. Then there’s a flood. There’s a flood of evil. There’s a flood that rises up to make it impossible for us to receive what God has for us or to get into the position that God planned for us before we were born.

And it’s a terrible moment. And the whole burden now is upon Moses’ shoulders, who says, “I am not able to carry you alone any further. You’ve got to get over on God’s shoulders.”

Meanwhile, he had been preparing and training young Joshua as his protege to take over after he was gone because he was now 120. His natural strength was unabated, his eyes undimmed, and he was ready to die at 120. And God was to bury him at a place where no one would know. And he’s responsible to God and to these people, and he is to say the words of the Lord that they will listen to. And the spirit of prophecy comes upon him, and he gives them the thousand times blessing.

He goes back from the law of Moses. He goes back century after century. He goes back to the faith of that man that left his people, the faith of that man, Abram, that God found with that faith and said, “With this faith, I’m going to build my kingdom upon the earth.” He goes back to that faith, and he gives a prophetic utterance that in the midst of this moment when you’re scared to death to put your feet into that flooding Jordan River and to go over and possess your land, “In this moment, I want you to hear me tell you what God told me to tell you. God is going to make you a thousand times more than you are. Let old Jordan flood all it wants to, let the mountains scream at you,let the Promised Land seem a million miles away. God’s going to reach down His mighty hand and He’s going to make you a thousand times more than you are. God is going to enlarge your mind. God is going to give you the power that when you take the ark of the covenant and the priest step their feet into the water, He’s going to roll that flood up the stream for miles and miles until there’s a heap of it. And the rest of it is going to flow down to the Salt Sea. And He’s going to dry up the bed of the Jordan River, and you’re going to walk over dryshod. You’re going to have it a thousand times more than have.” (Applause)

Hold that word blessed by Lindsay Roberts

Well, Abram’s never had communion before. Common union with the most high God-he’s never done that. So all of a sudden, Melchizedek comes out of nowhere, and he pops up with bread and wine to serve him communion, to common union and fellowship with God, and all of a sudden, Abram feels this compulsion to give him tithe. Well, what’s a tithe? It’s like someone who’s never eaten meat before asking, “What’s a cheeseburger?” He doesn’t know, so he had to have divine revelation, and who’s going to give him divine revelation but the divine one standing in front of him?

And here he says, “He gives him tithe of all.” And so Melchizedek, priest and king of the most high order, says-he blesses him. And he blesses him in the order of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth, and the one who delivers from all our enemies. Let’s stop and think about that.

Here he’s being blessed; here he gives tithes, and there’s three very, very, very, very, very crucial statements right here. He says, “And blessed-and he blessed him.” Hold that word blessed. All through the Bible, you hold the word blessed, from the blessing of Abraham, the Abraham blessing. Don’t let that pass your mind. It’s not getting deep, I promise we’ll muddle through this. Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought forth bread and wine. He was the priest of the most high God. He was the representation of the most high God. He was the spirit of the most high God. And he blessed him and said-here’s what he said. “Blessed be Abram of the most high God.” Number one, the most high God just blessed him.

Number two, the possessor of heaven and earth just blessed him.

And number three, the one who delivers him from all of your enemies just blessed you, and instantly, Abram gave him a tithe. Because when you get a spiritual revelation on one hand, you’ve got to get the spiritual revelation on the other hand. If Melchizedek gives him the spiritual revelation on who he is, he’s also going to give him a spiritual revelation on how he’s supposed to act.

Now look at most high God. God is El Elyon. El Elyon means “the most high.” Let me tell you something about water. Do you all know anything about the properties of water? I am not a scientific genius, but I know that water expresses itself three ways. It’s liquid. You boil it and it becomes steam. You freeze it, and it becomes ice. It’s still H2O. It’s still water with the same properties of water, right? It’s simply expressed in three different ways. Correct?

God’s Word by Lindsay Roberts

I remember when we did Richard Roberts Live. I was pregnant every time. And I had the kind of morning sickness where you throw up thirty times a day-I am not kidding-all day and all night, and you do it for four months. And I did live TV. I went into labor with every one of my children on the air on television. That’s not easy. It’s not pretty.

And I sat down there and I remember saying to the Lord, “I can’t do this anymore.” And so I went to bed, and when I was pregnant I would get these violent headaches, and I mean I had migraine headaches, the kind that you go to bed for three days and hope, you know, that you’re there the next morning.

And I was getting those headaches every morning, and I had to go to the TV program, and it overtook me. It overwhelmed me. So one day I turned to Richard and I said this, I said, “Honey, I cannot do this anymore. I’m going to take television off. I’m not going back, at least until the baby’s born.”

And then satan got hold of me, and I said this out of my own mouth, “Besides that, I’m really not of any value on that program. You’re the one that preaches and prays for the sick. I’m not going.” And I began to let that take hold of me, and the sharks began to bite.

And so I said to Richard, “I’m not going the next morning.” And he woke me up the next morning, said, “Are you sure you’re not going?” I said, “I’m not going.” And he went to the program by himself, and the Lord shook me. Now there’s a time when you’re shaken spiritually and a time you’re shaken physically, and there’s a time when He kicks your tail out of bed. (End of Side #1) . . . Super Glued my coffee cup to, and the Lord began to speak to me. And He said, “Minister on suicide.” And I began to minister on suicide. And I said, “There’s people that have guns in their hand, pills in their hand. And you’ve turned on this television to make noise so no one knows what you’re doing. If you’re about to kill yourself right now, stop. Don’t do it. Call the Abundant Life Prayer Group, and we will minister to you.”

Sixteen people called in right then. When it was over with, I got off the TV, the studio set, I went back to where my car was, and I began to weep. And the Lord said, “Do you feel good about those sixteen people?” And I said, “Yes, sir, I do.” And He said, “If you hadn’t done what I called you to do without any more excuses, I would have held you accountable for all sixteen.” I knew in my soul right then, don’t play games with television. It’s not funny.

“Choose life.” by Lindsay Roberts

And, you see, all those little things that we pay no attention to may be harmless, but you get enough of them and you get wrapped up in enough little tiny distractions that you’re so bound up and tied up that you can’t get free to go do the work of the Lord. So we’ve got to put away the distractions, get rid of the junk, and stop letting satan deceive us that it’s the little foxes that don’t matter. Loose this man, and let him go free. (Response) Thank you, sir. No, it was a bum wrap. You’re not done yet. I’ll let you sit down, but only for a moment.

Do you know what this is? It’s called a rubber snake. I loathe snakes. But you know what? This is not a snake. This is an “as a snake.” The Bible says, “The thief (or the devil) walks around AS a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” He’s not a lion. He’s a counterfeit. In fact, the only thing satan can do is counterfeit. He has no original. He’s not capable of creating the original, so he has to distract you by creating a counterfeit.

Now any counterfeit he distracts you with is going to be good. Don’t kid yourself. My daughter … guess which one? Chloe Elisabeth … dropped this over the balcony at our house on a lady that came in our house. Now this is an “as a snake,” but she nearly had a heart attack over an “as a snake.”
Are there any kids in the audience? I can’t see that far. I can’t find my contact lenses, so here I am trying to see without them. Where? Come here, little one. Come up here. Let me get my glasses. Girl, guy, which? I’m praying for my eyes to get healed, and I’m not kidding. Little boy right here. Come here, sweetie pie. Come here. Are you afraid of this, by the way, honey? No. Why? Because it’s an “as a snake.” An as a snake isn’t going to hurt you.

I want to ask you something, sweetie pie. You ever go shopping? Is it fun? You like to shop? You want to go shopping today? Okay, sweetie pie, I was going to give you one and you get this, whichever one you pick, okay? Now this is what, tell me. (A twenty dollar bill.) A twenty dollar bill. Okay, it is. You’re right. Now hold that right there in your hands. Now what is that? (Counterfeit) It’s a … what do you call that thing, xerox copy? Okay?

You know, the Bible says, “I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.” You choose so that you and your descendants may live. He said choose life. God tells us to choose life. He tells us, “Choose life.”

I had a friend of mine that called that a “no brainer dah.” Now I’d never heard the term “no brainer dah.” I heard the “no brainer,” but when you combine it with the “dah,” a “no brainer dah.” But, you see … you did that better than me. But, you see, we say out of our mouth we choose life, and then we do our actions that create death.

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