John, there are people right now that are in need of help. They’re in need of someone to pray for them.  Because you talk about a people who need a healing, people need healing who are into unforgiveness.  And I want you to just pray and minister to the people right now.  That’s what this program is about, the healing ministry.

J: The thing I want to say to you right now is this, you’ve got to be able to admit that you are offended.  That’s the first step for getting free.  Most people won’t admit it.  They’ll say, “No, I’m fine.  I’m over it.  I’ve handled it.”  Tonight as we talked, Richard and I, Lindsay and Lisa, it came back up.  The reason it came up, it’s the Holy Spirit trying to get you free.  Pride has kept you from getting free because pride has always said, “No, I’m fine.”  No, you’re not fine.  You’re wounded and you need to be able to confess it, because that’s the first step to getting free.

The next step you have to understand is, Jesus forgave you when you didn’t deserve it.  He freely forgave you.  He said that you are to forgive the way He’s forgiven you.  That means you’re to be able to forgive this person, no matter what they did to you.  I don’t care what was done to you.  Somebody says, “But you don’t know what was done to me.”  No, you don’t know what you did to Jesus.  You were the one that put Him on that cross.  I’m the one that put Him on that cross.

And I feel your hurt right now.  I feel the pain in your heart.  What Richard just said, a person that’s offended begins to isolate themself.  They begin to build up walls in their heart of protection.  But what you do is, you actually build prison walls.  It’s time to tear them down.  It’s time to allow the love of God to once again flow from your heart.

And the love of God gives when it’s not deserved.  You didn’t deserve to be saved, I didn’t deserve to be saved, but Jesus chose to save us.  And that’s what you’ve got to do tonight.  You’ve got to forgive to somebody that doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.  That’s the heart of God.  That’s what God desires to put within you.

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