When Oral and I married on Christmas Day, 1938, I knew I was marrying someone called to the ministry.  But at the time, I never dreamed that he would take God’s healing message across the nation and around the world.  And because Oral obeyed God’s call on his life, we’ve spent a lot of time apart during our marriage.

Love Apart

The longest moments of my life have been those when Oral was not with me.  When he conducted his tent crusades across the country, he was often gone from the family for three weeks at a time.  I can remember thinking as I drove him to the airport to leave for his first crusade, Goodbye, Oral.  I’ll probably be doing this the rest of my life.

When Oral was home, it always meant twice as much work for me—more cooking, more straightening up around the house—but I loved having him home, and there seemed to be a peace in our home when he was there.

Keeping Love Alive

I believe a marriage is worth your attention, and it’s the little things you do that can help build up a marriage.  Oral and I liked to raid the refrigerator before bedtime, and the late night snacks were usually the time for heart-to-heart talks about our future, the children, and just being in love.  Over a glass of cornbread and milk we grew closer.

Our marriage is probably no different than most couples’.  Through the years we’ve been married, there have been some rough spots, but we always worked hard to keep our love alive.

We were criticized for traveling by plane to see each other during the long crusades.  When a friend suggested that the money spent on plane fares could be used for a better cause, Oral was quick to reply, “You can’t put a price on love!”  To us, love is priceless.

Oral dearly loves his family, but I’ve always known that his love for Jesus is even greater than his love for me or the children.  That deep, spiritual love doesn’t make us jealous, because Oral’s love for Jesus makes his love for us all the more sacred.

I’ve never been sorry that I married Oral Roberts.  There were many lonely hours when he was away, but always our hearts were together in unity and love that transcended the miles.  Over the years we’ve learned that there is no distance in love.


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