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Prayer And Medicine Together

Right. You  minister that way all the time. In fact, I’m leaving and going to a minister right after this program on a crusade and I’ll be praying for the sick. And people say, “Well, man, there you are praying for the sick and you took your son to the City of Faith.” I said, “That’s right.” I said, “We were at a situation that I at that particular time for several reasons, I was not ready faith wise to fight a faith battle.

Besides that, didn’t have time to fight a faith battle. I had to have some immediate results. And I used”, there they are, the hands right behind us, “prayer and medicine together.” And we got perfect … Solution out of it. We got a result that was perfect. Actually where they went through the skull is not supposed, the bone is not supposed to grow again. It is.

The bone has grown again. It’s growing again. It’s covering up and there’s becoming bone in there where they had to drill through the skull and that’s not supposed to happen. That’s supernatural, see. That’s what God, the doctors couldn’t do anything about that. Now I say this all the time, Richard, I tell people, if you have a disease that medical science can help you control and keep you alive, use that until you learn how to believe God and get complete supernatural healing.

In other words, you’re saying, use all that God has for you. Use anything that you can get your hands on that God has given. Everything that’s good, you said, comes from God. That’s what the Bible said. I didn’t say it. God said it. That’s right. You see, it’s not your words, it’s the Word of God. That’s right. But people say, well I believe in medicine but I don’t believe in prayer. Or I believe in prayer, I don’t believe in medicine.

I think they are both wrong, Ken. That’s right because they’ve got to take the whole package. The whole loaf. Right. Who gave all of the doctors, the researchers, everybody that’s found all of the drugs, all of the cures, the operations, who gave them the knowledge to do that in the first place? Where did it come from? Did the devil do it? According to the Bible he didn’t because the Bible says that the devil is going around as a roaring lion, you know …

Finding Stability In an Unstable World


Richard Roberts want to share something to you. When we look around the world today, there seems to be instability everywhere…so much, in fact, that it’s easy to think you and I may be dealing with situations that no one has ever faced before. But according to the Bible and the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-50, that’s just not true. If anyone ever had a reason to become unstable and even bitter, it was Joseph. Just look at what happened in his life.

Dysfunctional families are nothing new

Joseph’s father, Jacob, had two wives, and he was involved with several other women at the same time. He had children by all of those women which caused jealousy and competition in the home. Joseph’s mother died when he was young. Jacob favored Joseph over his brothers and gave him a special, multi-colored coat, causing great jealousy among his brothers. In Genesis 37, we read where Joseph began having unusual dreams, including a dream where his brothers all bowed down to him. But rather than loving their brother and listening to his dreams, Joseph’s brothers grew even more jealous and bitter. They rejected his dreams, and hated him so much that they threw him into a pit, sold him into slavery in Egypt, and told their father he’d been killed.

And if slavery wasn’t bad enough…

Joseph was bought by Potiphar, a powerful Egyptian who put him in charge of his household. But In the midst of what had begun to be good fortune for Joseph, Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him. When he refused her advances, she accused him of trying to rape her, and Joseph was thrown back in prison, though he had done nothing wrong. How did Joseph keep his sanity? How did he keep from becoming angry at God and filled with hate in the crazy, unstable world he was living in?

Joseph refused to get bitter

One reason I believe Joseph had emotional stability was because no matter what happened to him, he kept his eyes on the Lord and refused to get bitter. When his brothers sold him into slavery, he didn’t get bitter. When he was thrown into jail for a crime he didn’t commit, he didn’t get bitter. The Lord said in Romans 12:19, Vengeance is mine; I will repay. Why? Because He’s the only One who can absorb the punishment that vengeance brings. Joseph understood that, and he didn’t waste his time trying to get even with his enemies. No matter what people did to Joseph, he just kept moving forward with God. I believe he knew God had a purpose for his life, and he trusted Him to turn what the devil meant for his harm into his eventual good.

He used his gifts to bless others

Joseph had a gift from God to interpret dreams. One day Joseph interpreted a dream for Pharaoh and Pharaoh was so impressed that he made Joseph the number-two man in his government. When Joseph’s family ran out of food during a famine, they wound up at his doorstep on their knees, asking for food. And Joseph’s dreams came to pass! Joseph’s brothers were terrified when he revealed who he was. But Joseph held no bitterness in his heart. He said, “You planned evil against me but God used those same plans for my good, as you see all around you right now—life for many people…You have nothing to fear; I’ll take care of you and your children.” (Genesis 50:19-21 MSG).

We can have what Joseph had

Joseph not only survived the instability surrounding him, he flourished. And I believe when you and I stay focused on God, as Joseph did, instead of the circumstances in our lives, we can have what Joseph had…and we can find stability in the unstable world around us.

Be Yourself


Richard Roberts has a story to share to you. Often when I go into a grocery store, people will recognize me and ask for prayer. And when they do I don’t say, “Let’s go out in the parking lot.” I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and pray for them right there.

One time I was in the frozen food section with ice cream in one hand and frozen vegetables in the other when a woman came up and asked me to pray for her to be healed. When I put down the frozen food and laid my hands on her head, I thought she going to go through the ceiling because of my cold hands.

She said, “I didn’t know the anointing was so cold!” I said, “No ma’am, that was the frozen food.” Why do I tell you that story? Because it’s real, just like Jesus was real. Sometimes people see Lindsay and Richard Roberts on television and they want to know, “Are they real?” I believe Jesus wants all of us to be real. We all have our faults and idiosyncrasies, but God created us to be unique individuals.

There’s no one else like you on earth. So if you’ve been putting yourself down, stop it. Stop thinking you can’t be used by God. Be yourself! When God leads you to touch someone with His healing power, don’t worry about what to say or do.

In Mark 13:11 NIV Jesus told His disciples, Do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit. It’s not your power; it’s God’s—and He wants you to allow Him to work through you. When you’re not afraid to be yourself, He can work through you any place in the world, even the middle of a grocery store!

Traits of a Godly Leader


The bookstores of America are filled with books dealing with leadership, yet I believe we have fewer true leaders right now than at any time in our history. If God is calling you to be a leader, there are important character traits to develop.

I went to a leadership clinic not long ago, and the question was proposed, “What is a leader?”

One man said, “A leader is someone who can articulate his vision powerfully and forcefully.”

I said, “What about Moses? Moses was a man of such poor speech that God gave him somebody to talk for him.”

Another man said, “He’s a man of purity. He’s a man of holiness.”
I replied, “What about David? He was convicted of conspiracy
to commit murder, and he was an adulterer.”

I just wasn’t satisfied with those definitions of leadership. My definition of a leader is simple: someone who can get somebody else to follow him or her.

Now, there are righteous leaders, as in the case of Moses, and there are unrighteous leaders, as in the case of Hitler. Both were powerful leaders, one for the Prince of Light, and the other for the prince of darkness. But I believe there are specific traits a godly leader should possess in order to lead others in this end-time spiritual battle.

Focuses on one purpose
St. Paul said, This one thing I do…I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God (Philippians 3:13-14 KJV). Jesus said, “I only do the will of My Father” (John 8:28).

Godly leaders don’t try to do everything. They know that all they need to do is one thing—what God has called them to do—and do it well. God’s call is specific, and as we walk in it, He empowers us with His supernatural authority.

Endures the heat
The three Hebrew young men were told to bow before a statue of Nebuchadnezzar or be thrown in the fiery furnace. They refused, saying, “Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace” (Daniel 3:17 KJV).

At some point in our lives, God may allow us to be put in a furnace—a trial by fire—to see what we’re made of. If we have any quit in us, that’s when it will come out. But if we have the ability to endure the heat, as the Hebrew young men did, I believe God can use us in ways we never dreamed.

Responds with the mind of God
I believe God wants His leaders to be able to function under fire, and to be rooted in the Word of God to such a degree that even in the worst of times, the mind of God will be their first response.

When Moses and his people were escaping Egyptian slavery, Moses didn’t have time to call a committee meeting. Even as Pharaoh and his chariots were racing to kill them, Moses stood firm on the bank of the Red Sea and said, “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord” (Exodus 14:13 KJV).

Moses had the ability, under fire, to see the mind of God for his people, and through his faith, God worked a miracle that allowed them to cross to the other side.

Leaves the past in the past
Paul said, “Forgetting those things which are behind me, I reach ahead” (Philippians 3:13). Paul had a lot to forget: he had sent Christians to prison, many of whom were later killed. In fact, he personally supervised the murder of Stephen, the first martyr.

I believe our success or failure in reaching the destiny God has for us is often based on our capacity to forget the past and to move confidently forward. God said, “Your sin and iniquity I will remember no more” (Hebrews 8:12). If God can forget our past, we can forget it too.

God is looking for leaders, young and old, who can lead others
in the good fight of faith. I believe as we develop the traits of a godly leader that God’s Word reveals, God will go before us and make the impossible possible in Him.

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