For Such a Time as This…

Abraham seemed like an unlikely choice to father a nation. But when God wanted to bring forth faith, He brought forth Abraham. Abraham was at first un­familiar with the ways of God…and apparently too old to bring forth anything—especially a child—when God decided His time to birth a nation had arrived. And so God made a change in Abraham’s life that would impact generations to come (Genesis 17).

Esther was a girl living in a remote area where no one seemed to notice her. That would soon change, be­cause she was born for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14), and through her, God would release an anoint­ing to save the nation she so passionately loved.

When God wanted to change the heart of a wicked king, he brought forth Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed­nego (Daniel 3). These men were thrown into a fiery furnace for their belief in God, but God brought them out unharmed so that a nation could be freed from the terrorist king of their day.

When God wanted to change the face of healing evan­gelism, one of the men He called was a man named Oral Roberts. In spite of Satan trying to make a mock­ery out of God’s plan by afflicting him with tuberculo­sis at age 17, God’s Word on healing came forth anyway, and the world has been forever changed as a result. Now I believe it’s time for change for Richard Roberts.

I was born under unusual circumstances. When I was due to arrive in this world, my father, international healing evangelist Oral Roberts, was conducting a healing crusade in Dallas. God had blessed that cru­sade mightily and so many people were getting saved and healed that the sponsoring pastors prevailed upon my dad to extend the meetings.

My dad’s heart was touched with the needs of the people, and he called my mother and asked her to agree with him that my birth would be delayed un­til his crusade was finished. Imagine the faith of my mother who agreed with my father! My parents set my new due date as November 12, the day for my dad to return from his crusades. As God would have it, late on November 12, 1948, I was born.

As a child, I had the privilege of being at my dad’s crusades when he took his tent cathedral around the world. By age 19, I had joined his ministry full time. And for many years, I’ve had the opportunity of going around the world to places such as Russia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Haiti, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, the Ivory Coast, Niger, and El Salvador…and many others…preaching the Gospel in my own healing rallies. But now God is saying to me, “Change, change, change.”

God is calling me to become even more intense with this ministry in light of all that’s happening in the world today. I believe with everything in me that you are on God’s heart today more than ever and we must partner together as the body of Christ. When we do, I believe miracles, signs, and wonders will follow, and together we can take the message of hope and healing to a crying, dying world.

Just as Abraham carried an anointing, there was also a specific time for it to be increased and released. Esther carried an anointing, but it was only at a cer­tain level until the time came for her to be released into her kingdom anointing and kingdom authority. Oral Roberts was called by God from birth, yet the time that the anointing was released came years later.

Each particular part of our anointing has a specific timetable—our “for such a time as this” moment. It is the season of change for the old anointing; the old mantle, to come off, making room for the new anointing to come forth. Well, just as God has spoken to me over and over that change was coming forth, now I believe that change is here.

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