Richard Roberts 04

And the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that there was someone who was crippled in the crowd.  I didn’t know that a young man of about twenty, by the name of Abdul, was there.  I didn’t know that he couldn’t walk.  I didn’t know that he crawled along the ground, pulling himself along.  I didn’t know that his parents carried him to the post office each day to beg for money.  I didn’t know that he’d never taken a step in his life, and I certainly didn’t know that everyone in town knew him, and he was known as the beggar of Jos.  All I knew was, God gave me a word of knowledge, “someone crippled in their legs is being healed right now, rise up and come forward.”

Well, I gave that word, as I often do, and I may do something like that on this program in a moment.  And when I gave it, I began to give other words, as God gave me utterance.  Pretty soon I saw the crowd begin to part, and they began to cheer, and a young man was walking.  He looked normal to me.  Pretty soon he made his way to the platform, and came up, and began to run and jump.

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