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Then, “Making room for the miraculous.”  How do you make room for a miracle in your life?  I’ll share that with you.  And also, “How the Holy Spirit’s role is enacted,” and “How you pray in the Spirit,” how you pray in the Spirit and interpret back to you mind, as Paul taught the Corinthians.  “Pulling down the miracle that you need from heaven,” and “What are the obstacles to healing, and how you overcome them.”  I share all that in this book.  And “How to look to the Lord of the harvest for your miracle.”  There’s a powerful prayer of confession.  There are healing scriptures.  I hope you’ll get this book, He’s a Healing Jesus.  Also, the different healing points of contact that we use, like this prayer cloth; you saw that spot about it a moment ago.  This prayer cloth is your point of contact against cancer and incurable diseases.  I’ve written Acts 19:11 on it.  It’s yours; all you need to do is make contact with us.

If you have your Bible, turn over to John 9, and while you’re turning, let me just remind you folks in the West Palm Beach, FL area that on Saturday morning, March 24th, I’m gonna have a powerful partners meeting in West Palm Beach.  That’s Saturday morning, March 24th.  I’ve had more requests lately to lay hands on people.  I’ll share a story about that in a minute, but it’s gonna be a personal time; a very up close and personal time.  I want to wrap my arms around you, and pray, and believe God for a miracle in your life.  So, if you’re in the West Palm Beach area, mark that down, there’s the information on the screen; March 24th, that’s a Saturday morning.  I can hardly wait to get there on the 24th of March.

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