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God wants to be in the middle of your life

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She walked in, her mother was there.  She had not even yet had a chance to tell her police husband.  And as she came into the room, her mother was watching me on television; and saw Lindsay and me sitting there, and me say, “There’s a woman who’s pregnant, and the doctors have just told you that you have cancer, and they’re going to have to abort the child to do immediate surgery to save your life.”

And I said, “Put your hands toward the television screen, I’m going to send the word to you.”  And she did.  And she later told us that she felt the power of God go through her body.  Several days later she went back to the doctor, and they performed all the same exams and tests again.  The doctor was so shocked; He could not find a trace of cancer in her body.  He sent the Word and healed them, the Bible says, and delivered them from their destruction.  Jesus said these words, “Go thy way, thy son liveth.”

Now, there are several things about this great event, this great miracle in the Bible, this second miracle that Jesus did, that I want you to notice.  Number one, God wants to be in the middle of your life.  Listen to that.  He wants to be right at the center of everything you are.  You are important to Him, and when you have a need, you can call upon Him.

Your Faith Must Be Released

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Naaman didn’t put his faith in the water of the Jordan River. His faith was in the Word of the God who created the water. When Naaman dipped in the river, he released his faith in the God who had the unlimited power to heal him of leprosy. And he received his healing!

I believe it’s the faith you release that makes you whole…not the faith you hold back. In other words, your faith is like a seed you plant… Only the seed you sow will grow into a harvest. The seed that you hold back is not being released so it doesn’t grow.

I believe that’s why God gave us the principle of seedtime and harvest to begin with. It’s a picture of how our faith works. First, we hear His Word, which is where faith comes from…so the Word is planted. Then, as faith grows in our hearts, we do something to release it, and as a result, we tap into God’s unlimited supply.

Regardless of how difficult your situation may seem, I believe God can handle it, even if He needs to do something unusual for you, just as He did for Naaman.

I believe God has a good harvest for you… And you can make the decision to act on His Word in faith and believe for God to meet your needs. To me, it’s exciting to be able to participate in our harvest by planting seed.

I encourage you to give the Lord a seed of your faith to work with today. Determine what you desire the Lord to do for you, according to the Bible. And remember, He is not limited by your circumstances!

Find the scripture verses that speak to your heart about your situation. Make those scriptures a part of your prayers and your daily confession of faith in the Lord.

Ask the Lord to show you the steps you can take to cooperate with Him, and do what He says, in faith, expecting your miracle. And then as you are expecting a miracle, watch as He can do His part and release His unlimited power into your life to deliver you!

Spreading His Word!

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Then soon after that, my mother was suffering with knee pain and Richard gave another word of knowledge about knees being healed. My mother and I received that word by faith, and from that day on, my mother has had no more pain in her knee. She is completely restored!

Spreading His Word!

Besides healing in our physical bodies, we have experienced amazing miracles in our family during this time. The Lord had instructed me to start a little Bible study in my own backyard and invite some family members whom I had been praying for and believing God for their salvation. It was such a joy to put together the lessons—mostly coming from Richard’s Holy Spirit class. Well, through that little Bible study, I had four beloved family members give their hearts to Jesus, praise God!

So much has been happening in my life. I’m receiving revelation from the classes. I’ve seen and experienced the word of knowledge in action. I’ve been studying all the class materials I’ve been given. And all of it has really been helping me. I thank God for Richard Roberts’ obedience in founding the School of the Spirit®, and I’m so grateful to be able to attend!


This Class Changed My Life

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I had been aggressively seeking the Lord for His will in my life, and He led me to the Richard Roberts School of the Spirit®. One morning I was adjusting the television for my mother—she’s 87 and I take care of her—and I saw an old clip of Oral Roberts ministering in the big tent. I sat down and began to watch, and then Richard Roberts came on the screen and began talking about the new School of the Spirit®. I was so excited. I enrolled in the online classes right away and started with the first class on September 7, The Healing Ministry of Jesus. I have been blessed to enjoy all the courses since then—every single one!

Both My Mother and I Have Received Healing!

God has done miracle after miracle in my life since that day. In January during the Holy Spirit class, Richard Roberts gave a word of knowledge about someone being healed of pain in their hip—I put my hands in the air to receive the word and said, “That’s my healing!” I had been experiencing severe pain in my left hip for over a year, and I was instantly healed!

The healing ministry of Jesus

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What I have learned in my life is to fully obey the Lord.  Sometimes I do not understand all that God has spoken to me to do, but when the Lord says, “Richard, jump,” I don’t question Him.  I just say, “How high,” on the way up.  Now, you’ve heard me say it on television.  About two years ago, I was sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon.  I was not preaching that weekend, and I was watching football on television.  I love to watch football.  And I was sitting there watching, when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “I want you to have a crusade in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.”  I went to the internet; Google searched Port Harcourt to find out where it was.  I knew it was in Nigeria, but I didn’t know exactly where it was.

I found that it’s in the southern portion, and that it’s the oil center.  And the Lord said, “I want you to have a crusade there.”  I began to research, and I found that there had not been a crusade in fifteen to twenty years in Port Harcourt.  It is a devastated area where there is great need.  There’s a tremendous need for food among the widows and the orphans.  There’s a great need in the surrounding villages for medical care.  There’s a tremendous need for the healing ministry of Jesus.

And I said, “Lord, I’ll do it.  I don’t know how, but I’ll do it.”  It was not on my schedule, and the Lord began opening doors, and suddenly I began hearing, out of the blue, from people from Port Harcourt.  Now, when God opens a door, He usually sends people to me from that area that I’ve never known before.

The glory of God


You’re gonna have to cooperate with my prayers.  Some of you feel about a million miles away from God.  I believe my prayers can help you, but if you don’t let me pray, there’s nothing my prayers can do.  The Bible says all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.  Sure, we all make mistakes, sometimes we even commit sin.  The good news is the Bible says if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  But, unless we repent, we lose.  We lose out.  Hell is filled with people who never repented and gave their lives to God.  Hell was not made for people, hell was made for satan.  I know there are many in hell today, but that was not God’s wish.  It’s His wish that none perish.  And there’s some here tonight, you’ve never made a commitment of your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m gonna ask you to do something.  And if you’re sincere, when I do it, I want you to respond.  And I believe if you will, there’ll be a glorious salvation and rededication to God in your life.  I’m asking every man, every woman, every young person, tired of sin, if you’re tired of the lifestyle, you want to repent, you want to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, or you want to recommit your life to the Lord because you’ve been running from Him, and you want me to pray a salvation, rededication prayer.  If you do, if that’s you, if I’m describing you, then take the first step and hold your hand up high.  I want to pray for you.  Hold it high, don’t be ashamed.  Now, step out in the aisle, if you raised your hand, and come to this altar.  I’m gonna pray a salvation, rededication prayer.  Come on, you may never have this opportunity again.  You have no assurance of tomorrow, but you do have the assurance of God’s love; and He is a saving, healing God.

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