JR:  But, for somebody in Honduras, you know, living in an impoverished situation, this is something that is near and dear to them because they’ve never had it, and they’ve never had an opportunity to read it for themselves.  They may have had an opportunity to go to church and hear the Word spoken, and that’s great…but maybe not.  Maybe they’ve never had that, but they certainly have never had this Word in their home for themselves, to read and to learn.

AC:  That’s right.

JR:  And to me that’s very, very special.

AC:  Jordan, right here it says, “I vita en Jesus.”  That’s the very first thing they’ll see when they open up that package.  And right there it says, “There is life in Jesus.”  There is life in Jesus for Honduras, and all of Central America, all of the world.  There’s life in Jesus for you tonight.

And so, we pray tonight that God will convict your heart that you can go with us by sending your seed, by touching a life for Jesus Christ.

Richard Roberts:  Praise God.  Would the two of you get ready to sing, and while they’re getting ready, let me just…

LR:  Notice he didn’t say, “Will the three of us get ready to sing?”  Every time, he leaves me out of…

RR:  Lindsay, would you like to go over and sing with Jordan?

LR:  I would love to.

RR:  Are you going to?

LR:  No.

RR:  You’re not?

LR:  Spare you right?  That was the first massive act of kindness that you’ve had for me right this split second today.  I did something wonderful for you by not singing, and you don’t even know how special that is.  Thank you very much.

RR:  Well, we had to make a little change in the schedule this week, and we had something planned with the family which we’ve had to postpone because of this special trip for…

LR:  Very special family occasion.

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