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For His glory

Richard Roberts:  So, here’s what I’m asking you to pray about.  I’m asking you to pray about sowing a special seed.  We’ve not yet reached our goal of the additional two hundred thousand.  I still want to give you an opportunity, and we’re only now a matter of a couple of weeks away from the crusade.  Will you pray about being one of two hundred people to sow a thousand dollars?  Or, would you sow five hundred, or would you sow a hundred, or would you sow fifty, or whatever the Lord laid on your heart?  And would you do it quickly?  And I set my faith with you in Jesus’ name that God will use it mightily for His glory, and then multiply it back to you in exactly the way you need it.  Lindsay, the Bible says, “Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.”  And that’s the kind of harvest that I am expecting for every one of you that sows.  Now, the number to call is 918-495-7777.  There you see the prayer partners right there.  You can give the card right…the gift right there over the telephone, or you can go online at, or you can write Richard and Lindsay Roberts, Tulsa, OK; if you live in Canada, Toronto, ON.

LR:  And don’t forget about your needs when you call.  Ask the Abundant Life Prayer Partners to pray for you.

RR:  It’s a praying machine up there Lindsay.

LR:  I’ll tell you what, they’re days I just come in there and stand, and just absorb.

RR:  I’ve seen her do it.

LR:  I’m serious.  I’m not kidding.  And I want to encourage you, don’t just sow seed.  Aim that seed against the need that you’re facing.  And as you give them that need, whatever it is that you’re facing, believe that the seed that you’re sowing…God, as He promised, multiplies back, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  Begin to believe that, expect it, and then ask the prayer partners to go into agreement with you for that.  918-495-7777.  I believe they will be a blessing to you.

RR:  And as you’re calling right now, here are Jordan and Adrian to sing.  Let’s give them a welcome.

God will reward

RR:   Fro the newspapers, and the radio, and the television in Honduras as I said.  Wednesday, the day after tomorrow, I will be in Honduras, and look for me live from Honduras.  We’re gonna do a special, satellite is it?  We’re doing it by satellite, Wednesday night, live from a television studio there.  Adrian will be with me there.  Part of our team will be with me, and pastors and other guests will be there with me as well that night.

But, we’re missing a special event, and I was very, very concerned.  I was concerned especially because I didn’t know exactly how Lindsay would respond to that.

LR:  It’s just a family tradition that we’ve done for literally thirty years.

RR:  She’s said, “Look, we’ll postpone that event for a few days.  The lives of the people in Honduras are much more important.”

LR:  Yup, yup.  And it was tough; I’ll be honest with you, because we sit at our family table for this one event.

RR:  And it’s something we’ve not ever missed.

LR:  And we’ve never missed it, and it’s just been a lot of fun, and it’s just been something we committed to ourselves, and to our family that we would do, and we would do it until the Lord returned.  And lo and behold, we didn’t get to do it this year.  But, you know what?  When we had that opportunity, I had to sit and think, and you know what?  I decided that I wasn’t being left out of something.  I decided that I had the opportunity to sow even more seed.

RR:  Being added.

LR:  Because I’m not only sowing my money, which I am, but I’m sowing my family.  So I think that’s something God will reward.


Massive act of kindness

JR:  But, for somebody in Honduras, you know, living in an impoverished situation, this is something that is near and dear to them because they’ve never had it, and they’ve never had an opportunity to read it for themselves.  They may have had an opportunity to go to church and hear the Word spoken, and that’s great…but maybe not.  Maybe they’ve never had that, but they certainly have never had this Word in their home for themselves, to read and to learn.

AC:  That’s right.

JR:  And to me that’s very, very special.

AC:  Jordan, right here it says, “I vita en Jesus.”  That’s the very first thing they’ll see when they open up that package.  And right there it says, “There is life in Jesus.”  There is life in Jesus for Honduras, and all of Central America, all of the world.  There’s life in Jesus for you tonight.

And so, we pray tonight that God will convict your heart that you can go with us by sending your seed, by touching a life for Jesus Christ.

Richard Roberts:  Praise God.  Would the two of you get ready to sing, and while they’re getting ready, let me just…

LR:  Notice he didn’t say, “Will the three of us get ready to sing?”  Every time, he leaves me out of…

RR:  Lindsay, would you like to go over and sing with Jordan?

LR:  I would love to.

RR:  Are you going to?

LR:  No.

RR:  You’re not?

LR:  Spare you right?  That was the first massive act of kindness that you’ve had for me right this split second today.  I did something wonderful for you by not singing, and you don’t even know how special that is.  Thank you very much.

RR:  Well, we had to make a little change in the schedule this week, and we had something planned with the family which we’ve had to postpone because of this special trip for…

LR:  Very special family occasion.

Plant your seed to God

Now, students, if God will do this in my life and since the Bible says He is no respecter of persons, He will do this in your life.  Don’t say, “Well, you’re Richard Roberts.  You’re the President of the university.  God treats you differently.  God speaks to you differently.”

I have two words for you.  The first word is bull, and the second word I won’t repeat.  That’s a lie that satan puts in your mind.  The last time I checked, I put my pants on one leg at a time.  I put socks on this morning just like you guys did.  I have other kind of clothing on.  I shaved this morning.  I combed my hair.  I used deodorant.  I’m just a normal guy, okay?

Don’t say, “Well, you’re special.  God operates differently.”  That’s a lie from the pit of hell.  He is no respecter of persons.  And I’m telling you, if you’ll plant your seed to God and plant it every chance you get, every chance you have of giving something to God, sow it to Him.  And don’t think of your offerings as just money.  Yes, sow your money, but sow your love and your time and your prayers and your smiles and a pat on the back.  And count those things as seed.

You help somebody with an assignment, you help somebody study for a test, say, “God, I’m sowing this as a seed, and I’m releasing my faith.  I am believing that the day is on the way for my harvest.”

Yesterday I got a $700,000 gift for the university.  I can’t tell you how bad I needed it.  Okay?  The first thing I said was, “Prepare a $70,000 gift, because I’m sowing 10 percent right off the top.”

Now when you get a gift like that, you say, “Well now, Lord, I might not want to give—that $70,000 is an awful lot of money to give away.”  But, you see, it’s the same math.  You see, you get a dollar and you give a dime, it doesn’t seem like much.  You get $100 and you give $10, it doesn’t seem like much.  You get $1,000, you’ve got to give $100 of it, “Well, God, that’s a lot.”

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