Your ankle, loose it!  Now, just start walking normally in the name of Jesus.  Which ankle is it?  Your right… both ankles.  Loose it!  Give me this thing.  Lindsay Roberts says come on brother, just start walking.  Just take me by the hand, let’s go.  Come on.  You gotta start.  You gotta start.  You gotta start.  You’re not gonna walk by standing still.  You gotta start over again.  Now look at him, now look at him.  He got a little rhythm.  Now, let’s turn around.  Yea, I’m with you.  Yea, that’s alright.  Sure better than that old walker isn’t it?  Now every step is gonna be a better step.  You alright?  You know, sometimes, sometimes healings come quickly, sometimes they come by practice.  The Bible says, Jesus said, or the scripture says, “They were healed as they went.”  Everybody say, as they went.  Now, Lindsay calls that wenting.  She said, “I’m wenting,” when she’s believing for a healing, “I’m wenting.”  Jesus said, “They were healed as they went.”  Now, which ankle was it?  Which ankle, which ankle was it?

Woman:  It’s my whole body.

Richard Roberts:  Oh, it’s your whole body, not just your ankle?

Woman:  From the top of my head to my soles.

Richard Roberts:  You need a whole, a whole healing don’t you?

Woman:  A whole overhaul.

Richard Roberts:  An overhaul?  In Jesus’ name [speaking in tongues].  Lord, from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet, loose her, in Jesus’ name.  Now, just start moving your whole body.  Just start doing what you couldn’t do.  Give me that cane.  Yeah, just, of course you can.  I never did twirl a baton, always wanted to.  Never knew how.  Come on.  I’m just killing time, letting you walk.  You see, you have to start.  Roy.

You’ve gotta start.  You can’t, you’ve got to get… how many of you need a healing tonight?  You’ve got to participate in the miracle.  My dad used to tell me, “Without God I cannot, but without me, He will not.”  There’s something that all of us have to do; something that all of us has to do.

Oral Roberts – Don’t just sit there tonight and say, “Well, I’m just gonna sit here until it happens.”  There’s something that God has for us to do.  Where you going?  Loose her in Jesus’ name!  Just begin to move everything.  You gotta start somewhere.  Everybody turn to your neighbor and say, “You gotta start.”