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In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts said we have that same right with Jesus.  We have the right to use His name.  He said, “Up until now you have not asked anything in my name.”  They had heard Him ask, but they had not asked.  He said, “Ask, that your joy may be full.  Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”

Not long afterwards Peter and John were on their way to church.  And there was a beggar at the gate of the temple.  And the man looked up, as if to receive money.  Many people had put money in his cup.  Money is wonderful, but that’s not what the man needed at that moment.  He needed healing.  How would that healing come?  It would come through the name of Jesus.

Lindsay Roberts states that Peter said, “Look at us.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”  And he stretched out his hand and lifted the man up, and strength and healing came into his legs.  And he was healed.  And he began to leap and praise God and give glory unto the Lord.

ORU. Tonight I’m stretching out my hand.  I’m stretching out my faith, not in my name, not in my strength, but in the authority of the name of Jesus.  And I’m calling forth healing.  I’m calling forth miracles.  I’m calling forth victory, not in my name, but in Jesus’ name.  Someone shout hallelujah!

Sometime ago Oral Roberts conducted a crusade here in Nigeria in the city of Jos.  And something happened to me like what happened to Peter and John at the gate.  There was a young man who had never walked.  He was crippled in his legs, and he was carried each day to the post office where he begged for money.

I’ll never forget it.  Everyone in the city knew him.  Somebody carried him to the crusade.  And when Oral Roberts University gave an invitation for salvation, he responded.  Then I began to pray like I’m going to do in a few minutes.  And when I prayed, I took hold of sickness with my hand and I began to call it out in Jesus’ name.  And I spoke to crippled legs, and I spoke to blindness, and Richard Roberts spoke to bodies that were sick.  And as I did, miracles began to happen.

In the name of Jesus by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts said that if you can tell a difference, begin to come forward now.  Every pain in the back, come out now, in Jesus’ name.  Every pain in every shoulder, come out now, in the name of Jesus.  Every pain in the neck, in Jesus’ name, come out.

Now bend your back.  Lift your shoulders.  Move your neck. Lindsay Roberts states that people are being healed all throughout Liberty Stadium right now.  People are being healed on my left, people are being healed on my right, people are being healed behind me.  If you can tell your back is healed, begin to come to the platform.  If you can tell your shoulder’s healed, begin to come to the platform.  If you can tell your neck is being healed, begin to come.  Begin to come.  Begin to come.

Put your hand on your chest.  Anyone with breathing problems?  Tonight is a night to get your lungs healed.  Last night there were many lung healings.  And what God did last night, He can do tonight. ORU

In the name of Jesus, Oral Roberts speak to your lungs.  Lungs, open up.  Lungs, breathe.  I take hold of your lungs and pull out the problem, in the name of Jesus.  Now begin to breathe deeply.  You who’ve just been breathing off the top, breathe all the way in.  Breathe all the way out.  Breathe all the way in.  Breathe all the way out.

Oral Roberts University states that someone’s being healed in your lungs.  If your breathing is better, come to the platform.  Come give a testimony.  Examine your breathing.  See what God is doing.

Models of Healing by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts: Hello, everyone.  Are you here?  Stand with me, please.  Let’s just lift our hands for a moment and give praise and honor and glory to God.  Lift your hands unto the Lord.  Everybody lift your hands.

Father, we give You honor and we give You glory in this place.  Lindsay Roberts states thank You, Lord, for this wonderful, wonderful ministry.  Thank You, Father, for the founding family of this ministry.  Thank You, Father, that it is built on the preaching, teaching, healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Lord, that demons are trembling tonight because they know miracles are going to be done in this place.  And, Father, we give You honor and glory. ORU

And, satan, you take your hands off God’s property tonight.  We do not belong to you.  We belong to God.  We were paid for by the shed blood of Jesus.  Oral Roberts said that tonight we decide to glory You, Father, in every area of our lives, our minds, our bodies, our families, our marriages, our businesses, our ministries, in every area of our lives, in the authority of Jesus’ name.

Oral Roberts University states Satan, you can’t have us.  And, Father, we submit ourselves afresh and anew into Your hands, and we thank You and praise You, in Jesus’ mighty name.  And everybody said amen and amen.  Give a handclap unto the Lord tonight.  God bless each and every one of you.  Thank you so much.  You can be seated.

Pastor, thank you for this opportunity.  Richard Roberts noticed on the screen it said that Calvary is a place of healing and restoration.  I didn’t have a sermon title until I saw that.  And I thought, Well, that’s what I should start with.  I should start about some models of healing.  Turn to the person next to you and say, “Tonight we’re going to get some models for healing.”  Turn to them and say that, models for healing.

Trust God by Richard Roberts

And what God did for Isaac, He will do for you and Richard Roberts if we will put Him to the test and discard what we are hearing from all the different sources.  You know, I don’t bury my head in the sand like an ostrich.  I’m aware of what’s going on.  I read the newspapers.  I see what’s going on on the television news.  I’m not saying these things aren’t happening.  I’m not that type of person who says, “Well, I just say that isn’t even happening out there.”  No, it is happening.


Lindsay Roberts said Isaac didn’t deny there was a recession.  He didn’t deny.  In fact, in the middle of it he planted, knowing full well there was a recession going on.


ORU. Now here’s what the Lord has laid on my heart tonight.  He said three things to me, and I wrote them down on a little sheet of paper in my hotel.  Number one, you must sow and you must sow first.


All right now, what’s our model?  John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”


Oral Roberts states that God gave, and He gave first and He gave His best.  He didn’t give His worst; He gave His best.  He could have sent a legion of angels, but He didn’t.  He sent His Son.  He had only one Son, and He gave Him.  He gave, and He gave first.


Yes, there may be troubling times coming in the White House, in any house in America.  Oral Roberts University states that there may be troubling times coming in the economy.  We may very well be looking in the future $5-a-gallon gasoline.  I don’t know.  I don’t know that.


But Richard Roberts do know that we can begin to sow.  Instead of hoarding, instead of holding on, we can sow.  God gave, and He gave first.  You’re going to have to sow, and you’re going to have to sow first.  And you’re going to have to trust God.


Richard Roberts

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