Richard Roberts: No, I didn’t know that part of it.  John Ashcroft is a great man of God.  Some years ago we honored him with an honorary doctorate, a tremendous man of God.

And I tell you something else that I remember about you.  See if you remember this.  Lindsay and I were going to conduct a crusade in Guatemala City, and you came down and graciously hosted our program for a week.

RON: It was my honor.

Lindsay Roberts: You came for a week and hosted our program so we could have that crusade in Guatemala.

RON: And it was great.

ORU: And I’m going back to Central America this summer to El Salvador by the invitation of the President of the nation for another tremendous crusade.

RON: Richard, I don’t want to take much more time.  I wish I could visit with you a lot more because I love you so much, you and your precious wife and family.  But I know God has something very hot on your heart.  And you’ve told us all that you have something very special on your heart.

Oral Roberts: Yes, He does have something that He put on my heart.  But I want to say something first to you and to Norma and all of the Cornerstone family.  First of all, I want everyone to know how I feel about you.  I want you to know how much I appreciate Cornerstone and its outreach.

Wherever I go, wherever Cornerstone is aired, I hear from people who say, “I see you.  I see The Hour of Healing on Cornerstone.”  And I want you to know how grateful I am for the privilege of being on Cornerstone each night.  Thank you so very much for being my friend.

RON: Well, it’s my privilege.  It’s our joy.  Thank you.

Oral Roberts University: You and Olean Eagle, who is up in heaven now with my mother—

RON: Looking down, they’re watching right now.

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