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Tremendous man of God by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts: No, I didn’t know that part of it.  John Ashcroft is a great man of God.  Some years ago we honored him with an honorary doctorate, a tremendous man of God.

And I tell you something else that I remember about you.  See if you remember this.  Lindsay and I were going to conduct a crusade in Guatemala City, and you came down and graciously hosted our program for a week.

RON: It was my honor.

Lindsay Roberts: You came for a week and hosted our program so we could have that crusade in Guatemala.

RON: And it was great.

ORU: And I’m going back to Central America this summer to El Salvador by the invitation of the President of the nation for another tremendous crusade.

RON: Richard, I don’t want to take much more time.  I wish I could visit with you a lot more because I love you so much, you and your precious wife and family.  But I know God has something very hot on your heart.  And you’ve told us all that you have something very special on your heart.

Oral Roberts: Yes, He does have something that He put on my heart.  But I want to say something first to you and to Norma and all of the Cornerstone family.  First of all, I want everyone to know how I feel about you.  I want you to know how much I appreciate Cornerstone and its outreach.

Wherever I go, wherever Cornerstone is aired, I hear from people who say, “I see you.  I see The Hour of Healing on Cornerstone.”  And I want you to know how grateful I am for the privilege of being on Cornerstone each night.  Thank you so very much for being my friend.

RON: Well, it’s my privilege.  It’s our joy.  Thank you.

Oral Roberts University: You and Olean Eagle, who is up in heaven now with my mother—

RON: Looking down, they’re watching right now.

Prayer of Faith by Richard Roberts

And what Lindsay Roberts was saying was, “I don’t have to touch Him.  If I can just get my hands on the Word of God, I will be healed.”

Now, look, you’re there where you are.  We’re here where we are.  But as my father would say, there is no distance in prayer.  God’s right here.  So when we speak a word here, He sends that word right to you where you are there.

The Roman centurion understood that.  He said, “You don’t have to come to heal my military aide.  You just send the word.”  Now there’s no way he could have known Psalm 107:20, “He sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction.”

And maybe that’s why Jesus marveled when he said it because none of the other crowd seemed to catch on.  He said, “You don’t have to come.  You just speak the word.”  Richard Roberts said we don’t have to come where you are because Jesus is where we are, and He’s where you are tonight.  And Jesus sent the word, and his military aide was healed.

Well, this woman was saying, “If I can get my hands on the Word of God.”  Oral Roberts states that this preaching, this testimony that Cynthia just gave and Randy just gave and the worship, the music that Dino was playing, and the Bishop who’s coming on in a little while, that is all in preparation.  What Pastor Phil is doing tonight, that’s in preparation.  That’s the hearing of faith that’s building you up on the inside so that you can receive when the prayer of faith is prayed.



The Things Of God by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts said this country was founded upon the principles of this Book. This country was formed by men who sought a more perfect union and getting in harmony with the things of God. Now most of these men would probably not have been charismatic in the way that we think today, although some of them were, history will teach. The secular media will not bring that out.

But they had a hunger for the things of God. They had lived under tyranny and unfair taxation and all types of things in other countries, and so they sought to come to a place to build a more perfect union. And they established the country on the things of God. And the church was active in every part of it.

And if you study history and you follow the ministry of a young man who graduated from ORU by the name of David Barton—and many of you will know that name—you’ll find that in those early days, virtually every pastor in America every so often preached an election sermon. And he held each candidate up in the light of the Ten Commandments. America, what are you doing here?

You know, several years ago we elected a President, or I should say we reelected a President. And it looked like that President was going to be defeated. Every poll showed it. The news media gleefully reported it.

Lindsay Roberts states that God turned something around that satan had intended for harm. And it was very simple. More than a dozen states had a referendum on their ballot of same sex marriage. It seemed like it would pass in every state, until the hair began to rise on the back of the necks of Christians across this land. And they got upset. (Applause)

And they decided, “We’re not going to live in apathy anymore. We’re going to get up and discharge our Christian and American right and privilege and honor. And we’re going to the voting place, because the scripture speaks of male and female. And we’re going to honor the Word of God.”

Manifest the word of knowledge by Richard Roberts

How many times have you faced a situation where you met someone and suddenly you knew there was something wrong? You think back. You shook hands with someone and suddenly you withdrew your hand and said, “WOW, what was that? Oh, that’s unusual, that’s strange. That’s weird. What did I feel?” Or someone walks into the room and you say, “WOW, did it just get cold in here?” And we say, “That’s strange, did someone turn down the temperature?” No. No one turned down the temperature, that’s an operation of the gift of discerning of spirits.

Richard Roberts said that’s when you need to say, “God, what are You trying to say to me? And what do You want me to do about it?” That will flow through us if we will open ourselves up. And the more we open ourselves up, the more it will flow. And I promise you, it will flow when you don’t want it to flow.

You say, “Well, I’ll just tell God.” Yes! You just try to tell God. I’ve told Him how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, who to do it to–He’s never done it my way once. I’ll ask Him to manifest the word of knowledge at the beginning of the service; He’ll do it at the end. I’ll as Him to do it at the end; He’ll do it at the beginning.

Lindsay Roberts say, “God, don’t manifest it now.” That’s when He’ll manifest it. Try not to tell God what to do. Just try not to do that, because as a general rule that doesn’t work. It’s on His schedule, it’s on His timing.

I’ve told Him not to manifest the gifts of the spirit when I’m in Wal-Mart. (LAUGHTER) You know He doesn’t pay any attention to me. That’s why Lindsay gets a basket and goes one way and gets me another basket and sends me the other way, because she knows I’m going to have a healing line in the vegetables. (LAUGHTER)

Now the power gift–say that out loud–the power gifts. (RESPONSE) Isn’t that a great name? The power gifts.

Oral Roberts said that the first one is the gifts of healing. Notice that it’s plural. Everybody say plural. The gifts of healing, supernatural healings are especially present in evangelistic services, in church services, in worship services. It’s the Holy Spirit tenderizer so people can hear the Word of God.

Now make no mistake, there’s no substitute for the preaching of the Word, because that’s how faith comes. You can’t just say, “Well, we’re going to have a miracle service” and leave out the Word of God–that won’t work. Everything that you do has to be based upon the Word of God.

Oral Roberts University states that one night the Lord said, “Put your hands up like this on television. Tell people to lay their hands against your hands.” I said, “Where is that in the Bible?” God said, “In Acts. It says, I worked through the hands of the disciples.” Make sure what you’re doing is backed-up by the Word of God.

And one night Lindsay and I were on television. And I said, “There’s a woman watching, you’ve got an inoperable brain tumor. Put your hands against mine. You’ve been told by the doctors there’s nothing they can do. You’ve been given six months to live.” And I said, “I’m going to pray the prayer of faith.”

The Word Of Knowledge by Richard Roberts

And he put his pad and his pen down and began to move his shoulder. He said, “What did you do?” I said, “I answered your question. That’s how the word of knowledge works.”

Richard Roberts said there’s nine gifts of the Spirit, and they will work through the believer as the Spirit wills. People say, “Well, Richard Roberts has the word of knowledge.” I want to announce to you that’s not true. I do not have the word of knowledge. I have the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit has the word of knowledge. These gifts are manifested by the Spirit. I can’t decide.

Now I don’t want you to misunderstand me. Lindsay Roberts have told God how to do it, and I have told God where to do it, and I have told Him who to do it to and I have told Him when to do it and when not to do it, and He has never paid attention to me once. When I ask Him to wait till the end of the service, He’ll do it at the beginning. When I ask Him to do it at the beginning, He’ll do it at the end. I’m learning how to just shut up and say, “God, You move when You want to move. It doesn’t matter if it interrupts Your sermon.” People are looking for the miraculous. You can’t say, “God, time out. Let me finish my message and then I’ll come back.”

Oral Roberts was preaching one day in California, and right in the middle of my message a man came down the center aisle with a whip, foaming at the mouth. Now that doesn’t usually happen in service. And he was barking like a dog, right down the center aisle. It was a flat-floor building, and there were loose chairs. And the people just began to scoot this way and let him through.

And he came right down the aisle. There were a bunch of ministers on the platform. I turned around, as if to say, “Why doesn’t somebody do something about him?” And the Holy Spirit said, “I’ve given you power. Why don’t you do something about him?” Why do we look for somebody else to do what God has given us the authority to do? He said, “You can speak to those things and command them in Jesus” name to come out.”

And I didn’t do some wild gyration. I just pointed at him and said, “In the authority of Jesus” name, I speak to that foul spirit in you and command it to come out.” And it did. And his mouth dried up, and he got up and after he hit the floor, he looked up, as if to say, “Where am I?”

Oral Roberts University states that the Lord said, “Give an altar call right now.” I said, “Lord, I’m only on point two.” Oh, you’ve been there? You’ve done that, huh? The Lord said, “Give an altar call now.” “Lord, this is a pretty good sermon.” “Give an altar call now.” And I did. A thousand people stood and came forward and gave their lives to Christ as a result of seeing what happened to that man. (Applause)

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