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Methods Of Healing by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts: Does anybody know what tonight is? (audience response) It’s ORU night. Does anybody know what ORU means? It’s named after that speaker you heard from this morning. Who gave a prophetic utterance on time limits. I heard him preaching it on the 5 o’clock news. Yes, the media was here this morning. They follow him wherever he goes. I heard him preaching it on the 5 o’clock news, giving glory to Jesus. I saw you.

You were on the 5 o’clock news. And the 6. And I understand they’re writing about it – they’re going to put a picture of it in the paper in the morning. Giving glory to God.

You know, the original Board at ORU placed a demand upon my father, when ORU was conceived, that it bear his name. He did not want it to bear his name; he wanted it to bear another name. But the Board said, “Oral, if you don’t put your name on it, no one will know what it stands for.” And he reluctantly agreed, and I think it’s fair to say that people know what Oral Roberts University stands for. This university was forged in the fires of healing evangelism. And I was in those tent crusades as I grew up, and I walked those prayer lines. I remember one day in Trenton, New Jersey, when I walked the prayer line with my father, when he laid hands on 9,000 in one afternoon. I saw it.

I’ve seen blind eyes open and deaf ears open and cripples walk and miracles, so many I couldn’t begin to describe. You’ve come too late to tell me that God stopped healing when the apostles died. He’s a healing Jesus. Can you say that? He’s a healing Jesus.

Now it’s under, it’s out of that ministry that ORU grew. It was birthed out of that. When Billy Graham dedicated ORU in 1967, right out here on these grounds there were some 20,000 people. And in his message, Billy Graham, whom I’ve known all my life, spoke prophetically, and he said these words: “If Oral Roberts University ever departs from its founding purpose of faith in God and faith in the Bible, then may God pronounce a curse on it.” Those are serious words. I was a student at another university, in another state. My parents prevailed upon me to come home for that special dedication service. But those words were branded into my mind and into my heart. I had no idea that only months later the Holy Spirit would speak to me in my dormitory room at a state university outside of Oklahoma, and say, “Your destiny is not in this university.

Your destiny is in Oral Roberts University.” I said, “Now, Lord, if I did that, I couldn’t be a nightclub singer. I couldn’t be a professional athlete. I’d have to become one of those miserable Christians.” You know the type I mean? Do you have any of them in your church? Excuse me, I repent.

An eagle for God by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts will take what I’ve received during this conference. I will be an eagle for God. I’ll do what You say do. I’ll go where You say go. It makes no difference whether I have the finances or not, in my obedience and in my seed sowing, You will provide the funds because You’re God. I put You to the test. I’m not taking no for an answer, and I’m not taking any prisoners because I’m an eagle for God. And I declare by my faith I will never be the same again, in Jesus” name. Now give praise unto the Lord this morning. (Response)

Now Lindsay Roberts want you to turn and form groups of two or three right where you are. Turn toward one another. Lay your hands on them and begin to pray. The Bible says, “Pray ye one for another that ye may be healed.” Begin this healing prayer. Pray for them spiritually. Pray for them physically. Pray for them in their minds, in their emotions. Break off deadly negative emotions.

Break off the spirit of fear, timidity. Break off disillusionment and discouragement. Break off that unusual shyness. Break it off in the name of Jesus. Command it to go, and it will go.

Oral Roberts speak to every sickness and disease. Command it to go in the name of Jesus. Don’t take no for an answer. Command the devil to take his hands off God’s property. You’re doing God’s business this morning. (Tongues)

ORU. Other healings are happening. Backs are getting healed right now. Legs are being healed. Arteries are being healed right now in the name of Jesus. Legs are being healed now. Sinuses are draining now.

Migraine headaches are leaving now in the name of Jesus. Oral Roberts University states that the band around your chest is being relieved now. Arterial sclerosis is leaving someone now. Diabetes is going now. It’s leaving someone right now. Blood sugar level, be normal. Low blood sugar, come up. High blood sugar, come down. Low blood pressure, come up. High blood pressure, come down.

Baptized in the Holy Ghost by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts remember how on a Sunday afternoon I put my head in my mother’s lap and prayed the sinner’s prayer. I remember how later that evening I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, living in the dormitory. I remember how my whole life changed. I remember how I’d run from God, and suddenly I was running toward Him. I didn’t get to be the professional athlete or the professional nightclub singer in Las Vegas that I had dreamed of all my life. I got to be a Christian.

Lindsay Roberts said a born-again believer who is not ashamed that he speaks in tongues every day. And it doesn’t matter to me who hears it. I’m not ashamed of the Gospel, for it’s the power of God unto salvation.

And, friend, if you lose that, you’ve lost it all. Go back and remember your spiritual moorings. Go back and remember where you came from, “cause you’ll never know where you’re going until you look back and see where you’ve come from. I know where I came from, and I know where I’m going.

Oral Roberts indicates that some things have been happening in my life. This past spring the city of Tulsa elected a new mayor, and for the first time in ten years something has begun to happen in the Spirit in this city. Our mayor is born again and baptized in the Holy Ghost. …APPLAUSE… It’s a microcosm of what can happen in the United States.

And this mayor, as he was running during the primaries and then during the general election, called me one day. Now I had known him, I had known his family. His father and my father had been great friends for nearly 40 years. He’s a little younger than I am. He’s in his 40s.

And he called me, and he came out to see me here in Mabee Center one night after Lindsay and I had finished The Hour of Healing. He looked me right in the eye and said, “I’m going to be the next mayor.” And he meant it. I could tell he meant it.

Oral Roberts University states that he said, “I believe I have a calling to be the mayor.” Well, I got very, very quiet to hear what he had to say. He said, “When I’m elected,? and he said that like he meant it, “When I’m elected, on my inauguration day, I want you to lay hands on me, anoint me by the Holy Spirit, and set me in theoffice of mayor in this city.” …APPLAUSE…

I said, “Are you sure you want me to do that?”

He said, “Yes, I’m sure. I want you to do exactly that.”

He said, “I want everybody to see… I want them to see you lay hands on me.”

The Eagle by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts states that the eagle is the only bird that God compares himself to. An eagle is a majestic bird, the king of all birds. It is said that eagles make their nests high in the rocky ledges of the mountains or in the tallest trees possible.

And the mother eagle will prepare her nest. She’ll take sharp briars and thorns and sticks, and she’ll form the nest. And once she’s formed it, she’ll begin to pluck some of her soft downy feathers and she’ll lay them and make a bed. And not long she’ll lay her eggs. And as the days pass, those little eaglets hatch.

And it’s a brand-new world for those little eaglets, never having been in the world before. Lindsay Roberts said it’s a wonderful world. It’s a comfortable world because mama does everything. Mama brings the food. Mama brings the water, and mama provides the covering by night. It’s a wonderful world, a wonderful study of eagles.

ORU.But the day comes as the little eaglets grow, the mother knows it’s time to produce young eagles. It’s time for the eaglets to become eagles. And the Bible makes it clear that she does a number of things. And in those things that she does, we can see the nation of Israel in the Bible. And in those things we can see ourselves and where we are today.

I want you to look back at that Scripture in Deuteronomy 32. There’s several things that the mother eagle does. It’s appropriate for us to understand those things because God just may be doing those things in your life today.

Oral Roberts said the first thing that she does, the Bible says, “She stirs her nest.” Everybody say, “She stirs her nest.” (Response)What does she do? She begins to pluck those soft downy feathers out of the nest, and those little eaglets drop down on those sharp bristly briars, and they begin to get very uncomfortable, as they’re stuck and pricked at every turn.

Oral Roberts University states that maybe that’s describing you today. Maybe you’re being stuck and pricked by the messages that you’re hearing during this conference. Maybe you’ve come here, you don’t exactly know what’s coming, and maybe you feel like those soft downy feathers have been pulled out from under you, like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Well, just stay tuned right where you are.

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