Evelyn and I were called to pastor over here in Enid, Oklahoma, and when we got there we discovered they didn’t have a parsonage, a place for the pastor to live. And so a member invited us to spend a few days or weeks with them and maybe there would be a place show up. We didn’t have money to rent. We didn’t have money to buy. And I discovered real soon that the church wasn’t interested in buying a parsonage or a place for us to live.

And the days became weeks, and we had our children and this family had their children in a two-bedroom house. And there we were, nine of us, plus two women. (Laughter) And I couldn’t get the church to do anything. And I was going right on, you know. I was going to the university at that time, trying to pay tuition. I mean, it was tough.

And one day Evelyn said, “Oral, if you don’t get me a place for these children for us to live, I’m going to take them home to Mama. And I’m not coming back until you get us a place.” I said, “You wouldn’t do that, Evelyn.” She said, “You watch me.”

And it was prayer meeting night, and she couldn’t go. And, brother, sister, when I went to preach that night, I was anointed. I preached-I didn’t see the stars fall, but I felt like something was falling. I was preaching that night.

And right in the middle of it the Lord spoke to my heart, “You start the down payment on a parsonage by giving your week’s salary.” I was making $55 a week and had the check in my pocket for the past week. And the Lord said, “You give the $55.” We were already tithers. We were already givers. We just were never taught to receive. And the Lord had been trying to give to us. He’d opened up many avenues for us to receive, but we thought we were not to because it would lead to pride. And it would in some people’s cases, but not in the general sense of the word it does not.

And when I finished, I laid the check on the altar and said to the people, “Now who would like to help on the down payment?” And for the first time, there was interest. And people jumped up all over the crowd and rushed forward with $50, $100, and one man with $1,000, which in those days was beyond all imagination.

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