And they look around and see that flooding river, and the quivering starts in their stomach. And they feel the fear grab their spirit, and it’s a terrible moment in the midst of a moment that’s the greatest moment of their lives. And that’s where we are at times when God brings us to the greatest moment of our existence, to the moment when we are about to possess the very thing that God has planned personally for us. Then there’s a flood. There’s a flood of evil. There’s a flood that rises up to make it impossible for us to receive what God has for us or to get into the position that God planned for us before we were born.

And it’s a terrible moment. And the whole burden now is upon Moses’ shoulders, who says, “I am not able to carry you alone any further. You’ve got to get over on God’s shoulders.”

Meanwhile, he had been preparing and training young Joshua as his protege to take over after he was gone because he was now 120. His natural strength was unabated, his eyes undimmed, and he was ready to die at 120. And God was to bury him at a place where no one would know. And he’s responsible to God and to these people, and he is to say the words of the Lord that they will listen to. And the spirit of prophecy comes upon him, and he gives them the thousand times blessing.

He goes back from the law of Moses. He goes back century after century. He goes back to the faith of that man that left his people, the faith of that man, Abram, that God found with that faith and said, “With this faith, I’m going to build my kingdom upon the earth.” He goes back to that faith, and he gives a prophetic utterance that in the midst of this moment when you’re scared to death to put your feet into that flooding Jordan River and to go over and possess your land, “In this moment, I want you to hear me tell you what God told me to tell you. God is going to make you a thousand times more than you are. Let old Jordan flood all it wants to, let the mountains scream at you,let the Promised Land seem a million miles away. God’s going to reach down His mighty hand and He’s going to make you a thousand times more than you are. God is going to enlarge your mind. God is going to give you the power that when you take the ark of the covenant and the priest step their feet into the water, He’s going to roll that flood up the stream for miles and miles until there’s a heap of it. And the rest of it is going to flow down to the Salt Sea. And He’s going to dry up the bed of the Jordan River, and you’re going to walk over dryshod. You’re going to have it a thousand times more than have.” (Applause)

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