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The Lord spoke to my heart by Richard Roberts

Evelyn and I were called to pastor over here in Enid, Oklahoma, and when we got there we discovered they didn’t have a parsonage, a place for the pastor to live. And so a member invited us to spend a few days or weeks with them and maybe there would be a place show up. We didn’t have money to rent. We didn’t have money to buy. And I discovered real soon that the church wasn’t interested in buying a parsonage or a place for us to live.

And the days became weeks, and we had our children and this family had their children in a two-bedroom house. And there we were, nine of us, plus two women. (Laughter) And I couldn’t get the church to do anything. And I was going right on, you know. I was going to the university at that time, trying to pay tuition. I mean, it was tough.

And one day Evelyn said, “Oral, if you don’t get me a place for these children for us to live, I’m going to take them home to Mama. And I’m not coming back until you get us a place.” I said, “You wouldn’t do that, Evelyn.” She said, “You watch me.”

And it was prayer meeting night, and she couldn’t go. And, brother, sister, when I went to preach that night, I was anointed. I preached-I didn’t see the stars fall, but I felt like something was falling. I was preaching that night.

And right in the middle of it the Lord spoke to my heart, “You start the down payment on a parsonage by giving your week’s salary.” I was making $55 a week and had the check in my pocket for the past week. And the Lord said, “You give the $55.” We were already tithers. We were already givers. We just were never taught to receive. And the Lord had been trying to give to us. He’d opened up many avenues for us to receive, but we thought we were not to because it would lead to pride. And it would in some people’s cases, but not in the general sense of the word it does not.

And when I finished, I laid the check on the altar and said to the people, “Now who would like to help on the down payment?” And for the first time, there was interest. And people jumped up all over the crowd and rushed forward with $50, $100, and one man with $1,000, which in those days was beyond all imagination.

The Bible, the Word of God by Richard Roberts

And He’ll make this a concept which is a way of life. You’ll start living the thousand times blessing as a way of life. If somebody jumps on you, just read Deuteronomy 1:11, and Galatians 3:29 and let them worry about it. You just take the Bible, the Word of God.

And I call, I call that which you don’t have as if you had it right now. I feel there are things lodged, they are tied up and you can’t get them loose. I call them loosed. (Response)

RR: And I set my faith in agreement with this Word. This Word has been deposited in our hearts. With this pronouncement, we take it into our being and we are going to act like it’s already so in the authority of the name of Jesus. I come against this satanic attack of sickness and disease and fear and doubt and even a poverty syndrome. In Jesus’ name, I rebuke it now. In the authority of the name of Jesus, you foul, tormenting thing, you loose your grip and you never return. (Response) And it is leaving in the name of Jesus. And I agree.

MH: There’s a new level of faith coming, and the Lord has spoken to me just a moment ago here that we’re going to have to have faith for the new millennium to build auditoriums and churches for 50,000 and 100,000, like we build for 500 and 1,000 for this generation. A new faith is coming. We need more land. We need hundred millions like we have believed for a million.

The numbers you heard Brother Roberts talk about tonight, $55 a week, that’s all in a generation. That’s where we’ve come. So that means that our kids are going to need faith to build churches for 100,000 like we’ve had faith to build them for 1,000. So we’ve got to launch this tonight. No limits! How many of you are ready to take the limits off tonight? (Response) Come on, let’s believe God.

In the name of Jesus, we declare it and decree it, that the promise and the blessing of Abraham be upon us a thousand times more. And we call in the land by the acres by the hundreds of acres, and the money by the millions and the hundreds of millions to do the great work of the last day harvest, in the name of Jesus. And we agree together that it be done. Amen. Amen. (Response)

OR: Let everybody praise the Lord. (Response)

BJD: Go ahead and shout to the Lord. (Response) Hallelujah! Turn it loose. Let’s pray for each other. Turn it loose right now. The power of God’s in you, the anointing of God, deliverance of God. Let’s capture it. Let’s release it. (Tongues) That’s it. Pray for the person beside you, ones in front of you. We’re calling forth prosperity.

Healing ministry by Richard Roberts

And I said, “Well, Lord, I’ve been a tither ever since I’ve been saved, and You’ve never given me blessings enough that I couldn’t contain them. In fact, Lord, I’ve tithed at times I wished I hadn’t. I’ve given in churches that I felt like they used a stomach pump on me in order to take the offering. I mean, I wished I hadn’t given.”

And you know how you and the Lord talk, because there’s nobody around and you can say what you want to and He doesn’t tell it on you. And said, “You listen to what I’m saying. You prove me now if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing where there’s not room enough to contain it.”

He said, “You tell the people that cars don’t come out of heaven. Houses don’t come out of heaven. Furniture don’t come out of heaven. Money does not come out of heaven because all the silver and gold on the earth, I already own. You tell the people nothing of a material nature comes out of heaven.”

He says, “Here’s what I mean. I’ll pour you out a blessing where there’s not room enough to contain it. It’s ICI.” I said, “What is ICI?” He said, “It’s ideas, concepts, and insights.” Ideas, say it, concepts, insights. Ideas, concepts, insights. One more time. Ideas, concepts, insights. Say, ICI. Say it three more times. (Response) And what does it mean? (Ideas, concepts, and insights.)

He said, “Everything comes from an idea. You came from one,” He told me. “Everything that exists comes from an idea, even the idea I had of creation. Everything comes from an idea. And I will pour you out ideas from heaven.” Now who would like to have a batch from heaven? I’m talking about ideas out of heaven where they’re pure and undiluted. Glory to God! Can’t you feel that? He said, “I’ll pour you out ideas, concepts, and insights more than you can contain.”

Now I began to say to myself, “Now He’s talking! Now I’m understanding what He’s talking about, because I’ve never received anything from heaven but my salvation and answers to prayers, never received a new car, a new house, an old house, clothes, never received anything of material nature dropped out of heaven on a parachute or anything else.

But I’ve had ideas. This university was an idea. My healing ministry was an idea. My wife was an idea. My children were ideas. Of course, that had to be followed through. (Laughter) And I did have an interest in the process. Well, you all are talking plain to me. I can tell it. I can feel it. You’re very plain with me. Especially Joyce. She’s plainer than anybody I ever heard. I’m learning. I’m learning every day to be more plain.

God brings us to the greatest moment of our existence by Richard Roberts

And they look around and see that flooding river, and the quivering starts in their stomach. And they feel the fear grab their spirit, and it’s a terrible moment in the midst of a moment that’s the greatest moment of their lives. And that’s where we are at times when God brings us to the greatest moment of our existence, to the moment when we are about to possess the very thing that God has planned personally for us. Then there’s a flood. There’s a flood of evil. There’s a flood that rises up to make it impossible for us to receive what God has for us or to get into the position that God planned for us before we were born.

And it’s a terrible moment. And the whole burden now is upon Moses’ shoulders, who says, “I am not able to carry you alone any further. You’ve got to get over on God’s shoulders.”

Meanwhile, he had been preparing and training young Joshua as his protege to take over after he was gone because he was now 120. His natural strength was unabated, his eyes undimmed, and he was ready to die at 120. And God was to bury him at a place where no one would know. And he’s responsible to God and to these people, and he is to say the words of the Lord that they will listen to. And the spirit of prophecy comes upon him, and he gives them the thousand times blessing.

He goes back from the law of Moses. He goes back century after century. He goes back to the faith of that man that left his people, the faith of that man, Abram, that God found with that faith and said, “With this faith, I’m going to build my kingdom upon the earth.” He goes back to that faith, and he gives a prophetic utterance that in the midst of this moment when you’re scared to death to put your feet into that flooding Jordan River and to go over and possess your land, “In this moment, I want you to hear me tell you what God told me to tell you. God is going to make you a thousand times more than you are. Let old Jordan flood all it wants to, let the mountains scream at you,let the Promised Land seem a million miles away. God’s going to reach down His mighty hand and He’s going to make you a thousand times more than you are. God is going to enlarge your mind. God is going to give you the power that when you take the ark of the covenant and the priest step their feet into the water, He’s going to roll that flood up the stream for miles and miles until there’s a heap of it. And the rest of it is going to flow down to the Salt Sea. And He’s going to dry up the bed of the Jordan River, and you’re going to walk over dryshod. You’re going to have it a thousand times more than have.” (Applause)

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