I remember when we did Richard Roberts Live. I was pregnant every time. And I had the kind of morning sickness where you throw up thirty times a day-I am not kidding-all day and all night, and you do it for four months. And I did live TV. I went into labor with every one of my children on the air on television. That’s not easy. It’s not pretty.

And I sat down there and I remember saying to the Lord, “I can’t do this anymore.” And so I went to bed, and when I was pregnant I would get these violent headaches, and I mean I had migraine headaches, the kind that you go to bed for three days and hope, you know, that you’re there the next morning.

And I was getting those headaches every morning, and I had to go to the TV program, and it overtook me. It overwhelmed me. So one day I turned to Richard and I said this, I said, “Honey, I cannot do this anymore. I’m going to take television off. I’m not going back, at least until the baby’s born.”

And then satan got hold of me, and I said this out of my own mouth, “Besides that, I’m really not of any value on that program. You’re the one that preaches and prays for the sick. I’m not going.” And I began to let that take hold of me, and the sharks began to bite.

And so I said to Richard, “I’m not going the next morning.” And he woke me up the next morning, said, “Are you sure you’re not going?” I said, “I’m not going.” And he went to the program by himself, and the Lord shook me. Now there’s a time when you’re shaken spiritually and a time you’re shaken physically, and there’s a time when He kicks your tail out of bed. (End of Side #1) . . . Super Glued my coffee cup to, and the Lord began to speak to me. And He said, “Minister on suicide.” And I began to minister on suicide. And I said, “There’s people that have guns in their hand, pills in their hand. And you’ve turned on this television to make noise so no one knows what you’re doing. If you’re about to kill yourself right now, stop. Don’t do it. Call the Abundant Life Prayer Group, and we will minister to you.”

Sixteen people called in right then. When it was over with, I got off the TV, the studio set, I went back to where my car was, and I began to weep. And the Lord said, “Do you feel good about those sixteen people?” And I said, “Yes, sir, I do.” And He said, “If you hadn’t done what I called you to do without any more excuses, I would have held you accountable for all sixteen.” I knew in my soul right then, don’t play games with television. It’s not funny.

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