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Hold that word blessed by Lindsay Roberts

Well, Abram’s never had communion before. Common union with the most high God-he’s never done that. So all of a sudden, Melchizedek comes out of nowhere, and he pops up with bread and wine to serve him communion, to common union and fellowship with God, and all of a sudden, Abram feels this compulsion to give him tithe. Well, what’s a tithe? It’s like someone who’s never eaten meat before asking, “What’s a cheeseburger?” He doesn’t know, so he had to have divine revelation, and who’s going to give him divine revelation but the divine one standing in front of him?

And here he says, “He gives him tithe of all.” And so Melchizedek, priest and king of the most high order, says-he blesses him. And he blesses him in the order of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth, and the one who delivers from all our enemies. Let’s stop and think about that.

Here he’s being blessed; here he gives tithes, and there’s three very, very, very, very, very crucial statements right here. He says, “And blessed-and he blessed him.” Hold that word blessed. All through the Bible, you hold the word blessed, from the blessing of Abraham, the Abraham blessing. Don’t let that pass your mind. It’s not getting deep, I promise we’ll muddle through this. Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought forth bread and wine. He was the priest of the most high God. He was the representation of the most high God. He was the spirit of the most high God. And he blessed him and said-here’s what he said. “Blessed be Abram of the most high God.” Number one, the most high God just blessed him.

Number two, the possessor of heaven and earth just blessed him.

And number three, the one who delivers him from all of your enemies just blessed you, and instantly, Abram gave him a tithe. Because when you get a spiritual revelation on one hand, you’ve got to get the spiritual revelation on the other hand. If Melchizedek gives him the spiritual revelation on who he is, he’s also going to give him a spiritual revelation on how he’s supposed to act.

Now look at most high God. God is El Elyon. El Elyon means “the most high.” Let me tell you something about water. Do you all know anything about the properties of water? I am not a scientific genius, but I know that water expresses itself three ways. It’s liquid. You boil it and it becomes steam. You freeze it, and it becomes ice. It’s still H2O. It’s still water with the same properties of water, right? It’s simply expressed in three different ways. Correct?

God’s Word by Lindsay Roberts

I remember when we did Richard Roberts Live. I was pregnant every time. And I had the kind of morning sickness where you throw up thirty times a day-I am not kidding-all day and all night, and you do it for four months. And I did live TV. I went into labor with every one of my children on the air on television. That’s not easy. It’s not pretty.

And I sat down there and I remember saying to the Lord, “I can’t do this anymore.” And so I went to bed, and when I was pregnant I would get these violent headaches, and I mean I had migraine headaches, the kind that you go to bed for three days and hope, you know, that you’re there the next morning.

And I was getting those headaches every morning, and I had to go to the TV program, and it overtook me. It overwhelmed me. So one day I turned to Richard and I said this, I said, “Honey, I cannot do this anymore. I’m going to take television off. I’m not going back, at least until the baby’s born.”

And then satan got hold of me, and I said this out of my own mouth, “Besides that, I’m really not of any value on that program. You’re the one that preaches and prays for the sick. I’m not going.” And I began to let that take hold of me, and the sharks began to bite.

And so I said to Richard, “I’m not going the next morning.” And he woke me up the next morning, said, “Are you sure you’re not going?” I said, “I’m not going.” And he went to the program by himself, and the Lord shook me. Now there’s a time when you’re shaken spiritually and a time you’re shaken physically, and there’s a time when He kicks your tail out of bed. (End of Side #1) . . . Super Glued my coffee cup to, and the Lord began to speak to me. And He said, “Minister on suicide.” And I began to minister on suicide. And I said, “There’s people that have guns in their hand, pills in their hand. And you’ve turned on this television to make noise so no one knows what you’re doing. If you’re about to kill yourself right now, stop. Don’t do it. Call the Abundant Life Prayer Group, and we will minister to you.”

Sixteen people called in right then. When it was over with, I got off the TV, the studio set, I went back to where my car was, and I began to weep. And the Lord said, “Do you feel good about those sixteen people?” And I said, “Yes, sir, I do.” And He said, “If you hadn’t done what I called you to do without any more excuses, I would have held you accountable for all sixteen.” I knew in my soul right then, don’t play games with television. It’s not funny.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal by Richard Roberts

And then it says, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.” Number one, clue number one, it’s a war. Clue number two, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal or not fleshly. Don’t fight in the flesh. If you fight in the flesh, guess what happens? You’ll lose in the flesh. He said, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.” They’re not in your mind. They’re not in the flesh. But they are mighty. If you want mighty weapons, stop fighting in the flesh. Stop using your brain, and begin to fight in the Spirit.

They are mighty through God. Clue number three, it’s God’s battle. It’s not your battle. You don’t have to go into some spiritual heroics. You don’t have to save God’s reputation. You don’t have to save the universe. You have to do what God called you to do. And when you’re obedient to doing what God called you to do, then everything else will fall in line according to what He calls you to do, according to His plans. Many are the plans of a man’s heart, but it’s the purpose of God that shall prevail.

What is God’s purpose and His purpose for your life and only your life? When you find that out, then when you get into a war you’re going to win. But you’ve got to understand, clue number one, it’s a war. Clue number two, don’t get in the flesh. And clue number three, it’s God’s battle.

Now He said, “They are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought, to the obedience of Christ.”

I want you to know that our thought life stinks if it’s not renewed with the Word of God. You see, we’ve got mighty weapons, but until we realize those weapons are for our benefit, they could sit there till doom’s day, until you pick them up and appropriate them into your life. Your lunch can forever sit on the table and you can starve to death. It’s not that simple to figure out, “Okay, there’s my lunch.”

Okay, but what’s really difficult is when you have a problem and you know you have a problem, and every fiber of your flesh wants to do what your body has been trained to do. You get up. You go to school, you train yourself, you learn, you train your brain, you educate your mind, you educate your body, you educate this and that, and all of the sudden you’ve got this great big fat battle in front of you. And you think, “You know, I’ve been trained for that.”

No, you’ve been trained to exist in this earth to serve God, and the first thing you need to do is stop, drop, and roll. Stop, drop on your knees and get to what God says. And until you’re rolling on your face before Him, you’re not going to get an answer. And when He gives you the answer, you’ve got to jump into it and do what He tells you to do.

Parent church organization by Richard Roberts

RR: Carlton, there are some who might say, “Well, this group, the International Charismatic Bible Ministries Fellowship, has no exclusivity to it. Anyone can get in.” Yes, that’s right. That’s the idea. That’s how we were formed. We were not formed to have exclusivity. We were formed so that any man or woman in the ministry would have an opportunity to have fellowship. This does not mean that a person cannot be a part of another fellowship. Many of our trustees are parts of other fellowships. There’s no exclusivity of anyone. It’s non-denominational. It crosses all the lines. It’s open to any man or woman in fulltime ministry anywhere in America or around the earth.

And if you think, “Well, maybe I don’t qualify,” I can tell you, you do. If you’re a fulltime minister in any capacity, you qualify. So if someone’s saying, “Well, now I understand. I’ll put my hand up and get one of the forms to fill out,” lift your hand now and the ushers can see you.

By the way, you don’t have to be a minister even. If you’re a church worker in any way, shape, or form, or in a parent church organization. Is that all right? Certainly. Do you have a word to say about it? You just said it. Billy Joe, do you have a word you want to add?

BJD: The direction has been people that are working in the ministry in any area. You have Sunday school teachers, you have youth workers, you have those that are helping with traveling ministries, evangelists, outreaches in the missionfield, and this is a fellowship of ministries.

If you’ll put your check or the cash in the envelope with the registration form, then we can keep it all together. This last year, books from Jesse Duplantis … how many of you enjoyed the book, He’s Too Much.” Joyce Meyer, Copelands, just went right on down the list. We thought, what a deal these trustees have felt led to give the book.

And the ICBM covers the postage. It’s several thousand dollars a year in postage to send out those, but that’s a seed of ICBM into your life. And we felt like this would connect us even more together. You would know the trustees, you would hear from them. They would have direct seed into your life. And you can write them a note, thank them, if you’ve received a blessing from those books, encouraging them in their ministry. You may feel led to plant a seed into what they’re doing as a result of it. Glory!

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