And, you see, all those little things that we pay no attention to may be harmless, but you get enough of them and you get wrapped up in enough little tiny distractions that you’re so bound up and tied up that you can’t get free to go do the work of the Lord. So we’ve got to put away the distractions, get rid of the junk, and stop letting satan deceive us that it’s the little foxes that don’t matter. Loose this man, and let him go free. (Response) Thank you, sir. No, it was a bum wrap. You’re not done yet. I’ll let you sit down, but only for a moment.

Do you know what this is? It’s called a rubber snake. I loathe snakes. But you know what? This is not a snake. This is an “as a snake.” The Bible says, “The thief (or the devil) walks around AS a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” He’s not a lion. He’s a counterfeit. In fact, the only thing satan can do is counterfeit. He has no original. He’s not capable of creating the original, so he has to distract you by creating a counterfeit.

Now any counterfeit he distracts you with is going to be good. Don’t kid yourself. My daughter … guess which one? Chloe Elisabeth … dropped this over the balcony at our house on a lady that came in our house. Now this is an “as a snake,” but she nearly had a heart attack over an “as a snake.”
Are there any kids in the audience? I can’t see that far. I can’t find my contact lenses, so here I am trying to see without them. Where? Come here, little one. Come up here. Let me get my glasses. Girl, guy, which? I’m praying for my eyes to get healed, and I’m not kidding. Little boy right here. Come here, sweetie pie. Come here. Are you afraid of this, by the way, honey? No. Why? Because it’s an “as a snake.” An as a snake isn’t going to hurt you.

I want to ask you something, sweetie pie. You ever go shopping? Is it fun? You like to shop? You want to go shopping today? Okay, sweetie pie, I was going to give you one and you get this, whichever one you pick, okay? Now this is what, tell me. (A twenty dollar bill.) A twenty dollar bill. Okay, it is. You’re right. Now hold that right there in your hands. Now what is that? (Counterfeit) It’s a … what do you call that thing, xerox copy? Okay?

You know, the Bible says, “I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.” You choose so that you and your descendants may live. He said choose life. God tells us to choose life. He tells us, “Choose life.”

I had a friend of mine that called that a “no brainer dah.” Now I’d never heard the term “no brainer dah.” I heard the “no brainer,” but when you combine it with the “dah,” a “no brainer dah.” But, you see … you did that better than me. But, you see, we say out of our mouth we choose life, and then we do our actions that create death.

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