RR: “Rise up your students to hear my voice,” He said, “and to go.”

BS: But I think the key here is to say, “God, I’m going to ask you for a breakthrough in this area,” or whatever area you’re looking at. And I’m telling you right now, I see a businessman, in fact, a car dealer, kind of in the South, east of the United States, a car dealer and his wife watching right now, struggling. Get some money out of the bank and bring it by, write a check and send it. God said, “Prove me now, saith God.”

You know, Richard, forty-three years in business, every time things were a little tight, do you know what I would do? Write an offering. When we came out here and wrote you that check for $100,000, all kinds of good things happened. And I gave a car away to a certain friend of mine. All good things happened that week, you know, a certain guy that you know very well. And good things start to happen, you know.

And you’ve got to let go, folks. You’ve got to let go. I know it’s tough for you to let go, but, you know, you say, “I’m going to pledge $2,000 tonight.” Do it. You say, “Well, I don’t know where I’m going to get it.” God knows. You have to trust God.

RR: How many times, Lindsay, have you and I made a pledge and we didn’t have it, and yet as we made the commitment, God put the money-didn’t He say He would give seed to the sower?

BS: Seed to the sower and bread to the eater. LR: That’s right. Ken Copeland said that he made his first pledge to Oral Roberts was $10, and he didn’t have it. And he went home and told Gloria, “I am going to be able to attach myself and get the same kind of anointing as Oral Roberts for $10 a month.” Because the Bible says when you sow into a prophet, you reap the prophet’s reward. You become in partnership with that prophet. Then you reap the prophet’s reward.

And Gloria was like, “That is lovely, Kenneth. Where in the world are we going to get $10?”

BS: Believing God.

LR: And do you know that Kenneth said before he left the meeting, he had the $10.

RR: You know what happened? He put a pencil-he pledged $10. He didn’t have $10. He put a pencil in the envelope, and before he could get it sealed, a person walked up to him and said, “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I feel led of God to give you $10.” He said, “That’s God.” He took out the pencil, put the $10 in the envelope and gave it and went home and said, “I’m a partner with Oral Roberts.”

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