I heard Mike Murdock say these years ago, and I can’t improve on it, so I’ll just borrow it. He said, “Every time an offering is received, it’s God giving you an opportunity to increase your income.” That’s the way we ought to view offerings.

LR: We have such a mentality backwards. You know, the Lord really spoke something to me the other day, and I wrote it down, and I have just been building on it because God said, “People have such a mentality when they sow seed that the preacher, the ministry, the this, the that, even the company, whatever it is, they’re just trying to get something from you.”

That’s man’s mentality which is, by the way, perverted. And man’s mentality is a broken mentality. The carnal mind is at enmity with God, and the carnal mind does not understand spiritual things.
So when you talk about that, when you say, “Oh, you’re just trying to get my money,” the Lord said, “Write this down. I am not trying to get something from you. I am trying to get something to you.”

JS: He’s setting you up for a harvest.

RR: Surely someone must have said something about the fact that Elijah asked a widow for the first portion of her very last meal. She said to him, “We have only enough oil in a cruise and meal in a barrel to cook one last meal, and then my son and I are going to die.”

The preacher, Elijah, comes to town and says, “Fine, give me the first part of it.” And someone, I’m certain, criticized that. Elijah wasn’t trying to take something for himself. He was giving her an opportunity to sow something as unto the Lord so the Lord could multiply it back to her.

Now the next time she went to cook, there was still meal in the barrel. There was still oil in the cruse. It’s estimated that she cooked another 1,000 meals out of the empty cruse of oil and out of the empty meal barrel because she obeyed the Lord. He wasn’t trying to get something from her. He was trying to get something to her.

JS: That’s right.

RR: To get something to her, to get a miracle to her.

JS: You know, there’s a principle in the Bible. When you need extraordinary results, you have to be willing to sow an extraordinary seed. If you need unusual, uncommon results. Look at the 10 lepers that shouted to Jesus, “Cleanse us!”

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