RR: And she got me.

JS: Praise the Lord.

LR: You talk about hey!

RR: I was prepared in advance. welve years later we met.

LR: Twelve years later we met.

JS: That’s amazing. That’s a great story.

RR: Give us an update, Jerry. Tell us what’s happening with you and I know you’ve been all over the country. I know you.

JS: Oh, man. I have been all over the world. Since I saw you last, I have been in 15 different countries, some of them I’ve been 2 and 3 times each. In fact, just a few weeks ago American Airlines sent me a card that is called Executive Platinum, which means I have flown on American Airlines 2 million miles, just American Airlines alone, not including all the other airlines I fly around the world. But that just shows you how much traveling I’m doing around the world. God’s really put it in my heart.

And the heartbeat of our ministry is nations. I have a great desire to take the uncompromising word of faith to the nations of the world. I’m not through in America but, you know, we’ve got 9,000 preachers over here preaching it, and there are still countries that haven’t heard it the first time, still nations that are crying out for it. So that’s my heartbeat, and that’s what we’re doing.

RR: Thank God for it. Thank God especially for the work in Kenya, which I’m so familiar with, and other places in the world. I’m looking forward to preaching your Bible school graduation in a couple of months too.

JS: graduates students are so excited.

RR: so thrilled to do that.

JS: I’m honored and I’m excited about it. We’re going to have a good time.

RR: Would you share that word you told me about earlier about the percentage of your students and graduates who are on the field? That’s a blessing.

JS: We’re in our fifth year. This is our fifth year of existence of our School of World Evangelism, and recently I received this report from our dean that 62 percent of our graduates are in the field. They’re either working with ministries or they’ve established their own ministries, but 62 percent of them are out there preaching the Gospel.

RR: That’s the purpose. That’s your reason for being.

RR: You didn’t do that just having a school.

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