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“Choose life.” by Lindsay Roberts

And, you see, all those little things that we pay no attention to may be harmless, but you get enough of them and you get wrapped up in enough little tiny distractions that you’re so bound up and tied up that you can’t get free to go do the work of the Lord. So we’ve got to put away the distractions, get rid of the junk, and stop letting satan deceive us that it’s the little foxes that don’t matter. Loose this man, and let him go free. (Response) Thank you, sir. No, it was a bum wrap. You’re not done yet. I’ll let you sit down, but only for a moment.

Do you know what this is? It’s called a rubber snake. I loathe snakes. But you know what? This is not a snake. This is an “as a snake.” The Bible says, “The thief (or the devil) walks around AS a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” He’s not a lion. He’s a counterfeit. In fact, the only thing satan can do is counterfeit. He has no original. He’s not capable of creating the original, so he has to distract you by creating a counterfeit.

Now any counterfeit he distracts you with is going to be good. Don’t kid yourself. My daughter … guess which one? Chloe Elisabeth … dropped this over the balcony at our house on a lady that came in our house. Now this is an “as a snake,” but she nearly had a heart attack over an “as a snake.”
Are there any kids in the audience? I can’t see that far. I can’t find my contact lenses, so here I am trying to see without them. Where? Come here, little one. Come up here. Let me get my glasses. Girl, guy, which? I’m praying for my eyes to get healed, and I’m not kidding. Little boy right here. Come here, sweetie pie. Come here. Are you afraid of this, by the way, honey? No. Why? Because it’s an “as a snake.” An as a snake isn’t going to hurt you.

I want to ask you something, sweetie pie. You ever go shopping? Is it fun? You like to shop? You want to go shopping today? Okay, sweetie pie, I was going to give you one and you get this, whichever one you pick, okay? Now this is what, tell me. (A twenty dollar bill.) A twenty dollar bill. Okay, it is. You’re right. Now hold that right there in your hands. Now what is that? (Counterfeit) It’s a … what do you call that thing, xerox copy? Okay?

You know, the Bible says, “I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.” You choose so that you and your descendants may live. He said choose life. God tells us to choose life. He tells us, “Choose life.”

I had a friend of mine that called that a “no brainer dah.” Now I’d never heard the term “no brainer dah.” I heard the “no brainer,” but when you combine it with the “dah,” a “no brainer dah.” But, you see … you did that better than me. But, you see, we say out of our mouth we choose life, and then we do our actions that create death.

The kingdom of God is as a seed by Richard Roberts

And the Lord said, “I have their answer.” And I thought, “Okay, this is going to be good.” And I went up and I looked at Matthew 6, and it says, “Therefore, I say unto you?-6:25 it says” not to worry about your life, what you will eat, or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing.” Then He said, “Look at the birds of the air. Look at the trees. Look at this. Look how perfectly I clothed the lilies of the field.” Even Solomon, who was by standard about as rich as you can get in the whole universe, “Even Solomon in all of his splendor and arrayed in all of his splendor could not touch how perfectly I clothed and fed the lilies of the field.”

And I began to think about that, because single moms who are out, in a sense, being pulled away from their family, being pulled away from their children, and in some cases being literally pulled away from their sanity because they’re so tired, are doing it for one reason, food and clothing. They’ve got to put food on the table, and they’ve got to feed and clothe and take care of their children.

RR: Or grandchildren.

LR: Or grandchildren. Many cases in our society, grandchildren. And the Lord said, “Don’t worry about your life. Don’t worry about food and clothing.” Wait a minute. Here are these people who are ninety-eight percent of the body of Christ in some form of poverty

RR: No, debt, debt.

LR: Or debt. Well, to me debt is a form of poverty. And God is saying, “Don’t worry about it.” Well, how can you not worry about it? And He said, “Because I have already taken care of it. If you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” which means if you seek first the kingdom of God, which is as a seed, the Bible says, the kingdom of God is as a seed. That’s what the Bible calls it.

And then He went on to say, “If you seek first the kingdom of God and His way of doing things.” That’s what the word “and His righteousness” translates. “If you seek first the kingdom of God, which is as a seed, and His way of doing things,” which is seedtime and harvest. He said, “As long as the earth remains?

RR: All through the Bible.

LR: “If you will seek first the kingdom of God and do it His way, seedtime and harvest, all of these things shall be added unto you,” food, clothing, whatever it is you have need of.

The only way I can see for these women, for single moms, for anybody who is operating in debt, to break the spirit of that bondage is by seedtime and harvest. And this shows that you wouldn’t even have to worry about food or clothing if you’ll seek first God’s way of doing things, which is seedtime and harvest.

God knows. You have to trust God. by Richard Roberts

RR: “Rise up your students to hear my voice,” He said, “and to go.”

BS: But I think the key here is to say, “God, I’m going to ask you for a breakthrough in this area,” or whatever area you’re looking at. And I’m telling you right now, I see a businessman, in fact, a car dealer, kind of in the South, east of the United States, a car dealer and his wife watching right now, struggling. Get some money out of the bank and bring it by, write a check and send it. God said, “Prove me now, saith God.”

You know, Richard, forty-three years in business, every time things were a little tight, do you know what I would do? Write an offering. When we came out here and wrote you that check for $100,000, all kinds of good things happened. And I gave a car away to a certain friend of mine. All good things happened that week, you know, a certain guy that you know very well. And good things start to happen, you know.

And you’ve got to let go, folks. You’ve got to let go. I know it’s tough for you to let go, but, you know, you say, “I’m going to pledge $2,000 tonight.” Do it. You say, “Well, I don’t know where I’m going to get it.” God knows. You have to trust God.

RR: How many times, Lindsay, have you and I made a pledge and we didn’t have it, and yet as we made the commitment, God put the money-didn’t He say He would give seed to the sower?

BS: Seed to the sower and bread to the eater. LR: That’s right. Ken Copeland said that he made his first pledge to Oral Roberts was $10, and he didn’t have it. And he went home and told Gloria, “I am going to be able to attach myself and get the same kind of anointing as Oral Roberts for $10 a month.” Because the Bible says when you sow into a prophet, you reap the prophet’s reward. You become in partnership with that prophet. Then you reap the prophet’s reward.

And Gloria was like, “That is lovely, Kenneth. Where in the world are we going to get $10?”

BS: Believing God.

LR: And do you know that Kenneth said before he left the meeting, he had the $10.

RR: You know what happened? He put a pencil-he pledged $10. He didn’t have $10. He put a pencil in the envelope, and before he could get it sealed, a person walked up to him and said, “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I feel led of God to give you $10.” He said, “That’s God.” He took out the pencil, put the $10 in the envelope and gave it and went home and said, “I’m a partner with Oral Roberts.”

The Preacher by Richard Roberts


I heard Mike Murdock say these years ago, and I can’t improve on it, so I’ll just borrow it. He said, “Every time an offering is received, it’s God giving you an opportunity to increase your income.” That’s the way we ought to view offerings.

LR: We have such a mentality backwards. You know, the Lord really spoke something to me the other day, and I wrote it down, and I have just been building on it because God said, “People have such a mentality when they sow seed that the preacher, the ministry, the this, the that, even the company, whatever it is, they’re just trying to get something from you.”

That’s man’s mentality which is, by the way, perverted. And man’s mentality is a broken mentality. The carnal mind is at enmity with God, and the carnal mind does not understand spiritual things.
So when you talk about that, when you say, “Oh, you’re just trying to get my money,” the Lord said, “Write this down. I am not trying to get something from you. I am trying to get something to you.”

JS: He’s setting you up for a harvest.

RR: Surely someone must have said something about the fact that Elijah asked a widow for the first portion of her very last meal. She said to him, “We have only enough oil in a cruise and meal in a barrel to cook one last meal, and then my son and I are going to die.”

The preacher, Elijah, comes to town and says, “Fine, give me the first part of it.” And someone, I’m certain, criticized that. Elijah wasn’t trying to take something for himself. He was giving her an opportunity to sow something as unto the Lord so the Lord could multiply it back to her.

Now the next time she went to cook, there was still meal in the barrel. There was still oil in the cruse. It’s estimated that she cooked another 1,000 meals out of the empty cruse of oil and out of the empty meal barrel because she obeyed the Lord. He wasn’t trying to get something from her. He was trying to get something to her.

JS: That’s right.

RR: To get something to her, to get a miracle to her.

JS: You know, there’s a principle in the Bible. When you need extraordinary results, you have to be willing to sow an extraordinary seed. If you need unusual, uncommon results. Look at the 10 lepers that shouted to Jesus, “Cleanse us!”

Preaching The Gospel of the Lord by Richard Roberts


RR: And she got me.

JS: Praise the Lord.

LR: You talk about hey!

RR: I was prepared in advance. welve years later we met.

LR: Twelve years later we met.

JS: That’s amazing. That’s a great story.

RR: Give us an update, Jerry. Tell us what’s happening with you and I know you’ve been all over the country. I know you.

JS: Oh, man. I have been all over the world. Since I saw you last, I have been in 15 different countries, some of them I’ve been 2 and 3 times each. In fact, just a few weeks ago American Airlines sent me a card that is called Executive Platinum, which means I have flown on American Airlines 2 million miles, just American Airlines alone, not including all the other airlines I fly around the world. But that just shows you how much traveling I’m doing around the world. God’s really put it in my heart.

And the heartbeat of our ministry is nations. I have a great desire to take the uncompromising word of faith to the nations of the world. I’m not through in America but, you know, we’ve got 9,000 preachers over here preaching it, and there are still countries that haven’t heard it the first time, still nations that are crying out for it. So that’s my heartbeat, and that’s what we’re doing.

RR: Thank God for it. Thank God especially for the work in Kenya, which I’m so familiar with, and other places in the world. I’m looking forward to preaching your Bible school graduation in a couple of months too.

JS: graduates students are so excited.

RR: so thrilled to do that.

JS: I’m honored and I’m excited about it. We’re going to have a good time.

RR: Would you share that word you told me about earlier about the percentage of your students and graduates who are on the field? That’s a blessing.

JS: We’re in our fifth year. This is our fifth year of existence of our School of World Evangelism, and recently I received this report from our dean that 62 percent of our graduates are in the field. They’re either working with ministries or they’ve established their own ministries, but 62 percent of them are out there preaching the Gospel.

RR: That’s the purpose. That’s your reason for being.

RR: You didn’t do that just having a school.

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