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The Work of the Lord by Lindsay Roberts


And I’m like, what is this world? This is so weird. Why are they doing this? It’s like dumb. Customers, counting. And I thought what are they doing? They’re acting weird. And I didn’t realize that every, I guess every 100th customer that went through one certain line got their whole cart free. I didn’t know that, and my mother didn’t know that.

But apparently there were people in the store that had figured it out and were trying to like work the system. All of the sudden, I’m saying to my mom, “You go right there, and I’m just going to sit here,” because I had some stuff in my purse. I was getting my checkbook and counting my money and getting everything organized. And my mother walks in the line.

She goes in one line, I go in the other. And you have to know, here’s my mother who is paying no attention to what’s going on around us and neither am I, walks through the light and the lady goes, “You’re it!” And my mom’s like, “What?” She said, “Everything in your cart is free.” I’m not kidding. This happened in a Venture store at Christmas.

And the lady said, “This must be your lucky day.” And my mother said, “No, no. I sowed my seed unto God. This is my harvest.” And she began to preach right there in the Venture store. And I’m sitting there going, “What about my cart?” But, I mean, it’s true because she not only recognized that it was not her lucky day.
It was God multiplying seed. And then she was willing to give a testimony right there. And, I’m telling you, she was preaching in the Venture store. And that’s why God will do it, because He knows He will open the window of heaven and pour out a blessing to those who will sow their seed.

RR: You cannot out give God.

LR: You cannot do it, Richard.

RR: Well, thank you so much for the seeds that you’re sowing. If you get a busy signal, call back.

RR: Sue. What is happening in the Prayer Group, Sue?

SUE: We have John in Ft. Myers, Florida. He has had an affliction for eight years. And he’s going to tell you how he sees today.

RR: Okay. Hello, John.

J: How are you doing, Richard?

RR: I’m just fine. How are you tonight?

J: I’m doing fine, man.

Turn to the Lord by Richard Roberts


LR: Thank You, Jesus.He took the pain, the stripes, the sorrow, the sickness, the disease. Whatever it was, He took it. He paid the bill in advance. He did it.Two thousand years ago He already went through it, and now we can say, “Thank You, Jesus, it’s already paid.The debt has already been paid.” And we can just say, “Thank You, Jesus.”

RR: All right, here it is. Now this is I recorded my dad’s new song. My dad wrote a new song, “What’ll You Do?” You heard me just singing an excerpt from it. He wrote the words and he wrote the melody, and then I got the arrangement together and then I sang it.

Then in addition Lindsay had the idea of taking a message, a sermon that my dad preached on “The Goodness of God and the Badness of the Devil.” So on one side is my singing my dad’s song, and the other side has his sermon, his message for you. Lindsay, I believe it’s going to be a knockout in people’s hearts.

LR: Well, the song lets you know that there is somewhere you can turn. You hear it over and over and over and you get that in your spirit. You know, you hear a jingle or some kind of a song on television, and I don’t mean to plug something or not plug something, but you hear the words, “The best part of waking up,” and the next thing you know its coffee.You hear it because it’s gone over your head so many times.
When you hear “Turn to the Lord,” I think it leads you to get into a position. What am I going to do? Immediately your spirit man has heard that over and over, “Turn to the Lord.”

RR: And that’s been my father’s testimony all through these years. Every time he’s faced the attack of the devil, what has he done? He’s done just what he said in the song. He’s turned to the Lord.

LR: You know, one touch from God can forever change your life. One word from God can forever change your life. And it’s amazing. If you take the seed that’s planted, you can either reject it or you can take it in and just sit there and die on the vine, or you can grab it and run with it.

The Message of God by Richard Roberts


Oral Roberts and my mother, Evelyn Roberts, are traveling across the country preaching. When they were in World Changer’s Church in Atlanta, Georgia, pastured by Creflo and Taffi Dollar, he preached the message about getting all of your needs met. He shared one of the most interesting things concerning breathing in and breathing out. That’s a part of this message, and that’s the part that you wanted people to see.

LR: Yes, it’s incredible. I believe that it is a word in season. The Bible talks about the men of Issachar were men who had an understanding of the sign of the times to know what Israel, or God’s children, ought to do. I believe Oral Roberts has a message in this that is a message for a sign of the times for God’s people to know what to do.

RR: So we’re going to go to Atlanta and see a portion of this, and then I believe God has something very special for people watching tonight about getting their needs met. So go with me to the Atlanta, Georgia area, and we’re being seen live tonight in Atlanta, to the World Changer’s Church, pastured by our good friend and regent of ORU, Creflo Dollar, as Oral Roberts is ministering.

OR: Probably the number one Scripture that is quoted in the world is John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever shall believe in him shall not perish, but has everlasting life.”

And the second most quoted verse in the Bible is Philippians 4:19, “For my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Jesus Christ.” And yet the people of God, to my knowledge, have never reached the place where all their needs are supplied.

Now God would not have said that He would supply all our needs according to His riches by Christ Jesus in glory unless He intended to do it. He wasn’t just saying a bunch of words. He wasn’t trying to make you feel better. He was dead serious because He had the will and He had the supply and the power to supply all not half, not ten percent, but a hundred percent of our needs, not according to man’s riches and abilities, but according to the riches of Christ in heaven.

See the Hands of God by Richard Roberts


TP: I’ve had somebody on my heart all day long, I’m sure many someone’s, where fear and worry are concerned. Worry is just the manifestation of fear. All through the Bible, God says, “Don’t fear, don’t fear, and don’t fear. Don’t be afraid. Don’t take thought about tomorrow.” And tomorrow is even five minutes from now is more into tomorrow. So I want to speak that to you. In the name of Jesus, I pray your release from worry in Jesus’ name.

Sometimes worry can actually be more the problem than the problem you’re worrying about. It will actually keep you from receiving from God and get in the way of His provision to you, whether it’s financial or relationship or your children, whatever you’re concerned and worried about.

So if you roll the care of it over on the Lord, trust God and get your eyes fixed upon the Word, allow that worry to be released from your life in Jesus’ name, then you can hear clearly from God and see the hand of God move in your life. Hallelujah! Thank You, Father.

RR: Lindsay.

LR: And we just thank God that He said life, life. That may be a new word to somebody. Maybe you’re in the pits of depression. I speak life into your brain cells, life into your body, and life into your flesh. The Bible says it quickens your mortal body. And the Bible also says I don’t have this scripture “The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you.” So we just tell that spirit in you to rise up to life in Jesus’ name.

RR: I set my faith in agreement with it now. One can put a thousand to flight; two can put ten thousand to flight. Look what we all can do. I agree with you and I agree with everyone who’s prayed tonight, in the name of Jesus. So begin to rise up on the inside and say what Jordan said, “I will not give up.” Say that out loud with me. I will not give up. One more time. I will not give up. Come on, give the Lord praise. Paige, come on over and ministry. “Wherever You Go.” Give her big God bless you as she sings.

LR: Yea, amen.

PAIGE WHITE: Singing “Wherever You Go.”

RR: Never too far, never too far. Ladies, you still have time to get to Lindsay’s conference starting tomorrow morning. Katie called from Claremore, a problem with her ear healed tonight through the operation of the word of knowledge. Lindsay, do you have other requests?

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