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The Angels of God by Lindsay Roberts


RR: Any mom here understands that?

LR: Nobody should get up at a quarter till eight. Nobody should get up before ten o’clock. I just decided that.

RR: It doesn’t work that way.

LR: Especially when you go to bed every night at two o’clock. And so I decided, “Okay, that’s it.” I got my mom in the car and I said, “Okay, here’s what’s already happened this morning.” And I mean we’re talking before eight o’clock. All this had already happened.

And she said, “Right now that’s it. We’re going into agreement.” And here’s what she prayed no accident, injury, illness, sickness or disease. Then we repeated the 91st Psalm. And we went into agreement that every promise in the 91st Psalm would happen.

But keep in your mind we said, “No accident, injury, illness, sickness, or disease.” I was taking Jordan today to go ride horses, and we went down the street and I was going the speed limit and another car was coming the speed limit. It was about a 45 mile an hour speed limit. And we were both doing that. And I was going east, she was going west, perfectly fine, like we were supposed to be, exactly two lanes. I’m going one direction; she’s going the other direction.

And this huge black truck out of nowhere came from a side street, pulled out in front of me and in front of her, but went like in between us, which there were no space. I mean, we’re going east and west, and he came sideways. And he saw if he kept going he was going to hit both of us and be sandwiched in, and the only other choice was to hit my side door where my daughter was. And I saw him coming. And my daughter just screamed, “Ditch!” And I couldn’t go in the ditch because that’s where he was.

I couldn’t go in the other side. That’s where the other car was. It was an intersection. And all of the sudden I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You turn or they’re going to hit Jordan.” I mean to tell you, in the middle of the highway, I u turned in front of a Lincoln Continental. The guy is just missing me. We’re both going about 45 miles an hour. The truck is smack in between two cars. How did a truck on a two lane road get in between our two cars?

The Healing of Animals by Lindsay Roberts


RR: Somewhere in here I had it earlier there was another testimony about a dog getting healed. I don’t know what I’ve done with it.

LR: Oh, I have it. It’s a tumor.

RR: You took my testimony.

LR: I picked it right up. I did.

RR: What happened?

LR: Susan called from Indiana and said her little dog had a cancerous tumor the size of her fist and was beginning to have seizures. The vet said that the dog would not be able to live through it, there was nothing more that the vet could do. She heard on the Hour of Healing that God was healing animals.

And her dog’s name was Pup. She said, “Pup, in the name of Jesus, you be healed too.” The next day the tumor had broken open. It was completely disappeared, totally gone, and then she said that was nearly a month ago. The doctor and the woman said that Pup is well and strong.

RR: Glory to God! Lindsay, I want to say thanks to those who are calling, who are calling tonight and adopting ORU students and being a part of this drive. And we’re going to be sending that beautiful little figurine, the Prayer Warrior, the Precious Moments figurine. That isn’t that the number one collectible in the world, Precious Moments?

LR: Precious Moments. Yeah, but do you know what else? Your dad called me and he and Sam Butcher are each signing a certificate for the people who do that. I forgot about that.

RR: Sam and my father are signing a little certificate of authenticity.

LR: Your dad was a little chapped off that you left him all these things to sign. He was so cute. He said, “What are you doing right now?” I said, “I’m lying on the sofa watching Mark McGwire.” He said, “Well, I’m sitting here signing these for all of our Partners.” I said, “Better you than me.”

RR: Lindsay, that’s the value, you see, to have that, to have that little certificate of authenticity signed by the founder and the creator, Sam Butcher, and also the founder of Oral Roberts University, Oral Roberts, and then to receive that little figurine, the Prayer Warrior. And, by the way, that represents my father, Oral Roberts, the little papoose on the back. Can you see that?

LR: That’s right.

RR: I don’t know if you can turn that around. That represents Oral Roberts there in the back. Lindsay, people are calling.

Have Faith in God by Richard Roberts


RR: Starting Monday, October 5, you will be able to see it. Now you’ve seen our Sunday program, but you’ve not been able to see this program, starting October 5. It’s coming on the air. Pastor, just give the word of testimony about that woman. Lindsay mentioned it earlier in the program, that woman that had the growth on her leg that I gave a word about yesterday.

RH: Yeah, that was so unique because you kept calling it out, wanting somebody to raise their hand and say that were them. But it was a young lady who was a visitor to our church, and she had this cancer on the outside of her leg, but she hadn’t shaved her legs and she didn’t want you to call her up there and show you that her leg had not been shaved and that’s why she wouldn’t raise her hand.

RR: Can you identify with that, Lindsay?

LR: Oh, yeah!

RR: Go ahead, Ron.

RH: But she said that, and the report I have gotten is that thing is just diminishing and it’s almost totally gone by today.

RR: Glory to God! Oh, hallelujah!

LR: God is so funny.

RR: You know, Ron, while I have you on the line, I want to thank you for your friendship and partnership over these many years. You and your wife, Annie, and your family are long-time friends of ORU and this ministry and the Roberts family.

Your church, Bethel Christian Center there in Riverside has been a faithful supporter of ORU all these years. We want to thank you. And we had such a tremendous time with you.
And when the services were over, I had to run to the airplane to catch a plane to come home so we could be here for the program today. But I want to thank you yesterday for hosting me. God bless you. We love you, Ron.

RH: Thank you, Richard and Lindsay. We love you very much, and it’s always our great pleasure to have you any time that we possibly can.

RR: Well, I hope to be seeing you again soon. God bless you, Ron. Give him a big handclap. Pastor Ron Halvorson of Bethel Christian Center in Riverside, California. That’s in the east area of Los Angeles, what’s called the Inland Empire area of eastern Los Angeles, a great area out there, Corona is in that area, Ontario, all those, you know, Pomona, and all those areas out there in the east, Chino, Riverside, all those areas that are out there, such a beautiful part. They grow oh; they grow beautiful oranges out there.

God Honors His Words by Richard Roberts


It’s moving. It’s moving, in Jesus’ name. Dad or Mother, do you have a closing word, or Lindsay? We have about two minutes?

OR: Well, I would like to give the mailing address to someone who may not know it. Our mailing address is Oral Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Or Richard Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you live in Canada, it’s Oral Roberts, Toronto, Ontario. Or Richard Roberts, Toronto, Ontario. That’s the address and that’s all the address you need when you write your letter. And again I say, try it. Try it. Something burdening you, something on your heart, something you want us to pray about and to bombard heaven, pray a hole in the sky for you, write it down.

ER: And when you put your letter in the mailbox, send your faith with it. Put it in the mailbox and say, “Lord, I’m sending this to Brother Roberts or to Richard to pray, and with it go by faith.”

OR: My Seed-Faith.

ER: “And I believe”

RR: A good word.

ER: “that it’s going to come back as a harvest.”

OR: Are you talking about the seed of faith?

ER: Yes.

OR: Yes, a financial seed of faith.

ER: Well, yes, but, yes, a financial seed.

OR: Yes, but yes.

ER: Yes, but yes, a financial seed of faith.

LR: You know, when

OR: Try it, try it. Find out.

LR: you talked about how in the world finances can be attached to some form of healing, you know, tonight would be a good time for you to sit down and study the book of Malachi, just sit down and read it. It’s very simple. Malachi 3:10, 11 say that when you bring your offerings to God, He simply rebukes the devourer. He’s not specific. He just says He rebukes the devourer. Whatever it is that’s devouring your life, if you get into obedience to the Word of God, then God honors His Word. He said He watches over His Word to perform it, and then He begins to rebuke the devourer for your sake.

And when you write a letter to someone like Oral Roberts, you are stretching forth your faith. You are beginning to go into agreement for that miracle for what you have need of, and then God honors that by rebuking the devourer in Jesus’ name.

OR: I think it’s very important what Paul said to his partners, that you enter into my grace. The grace that God gave Paul, he gave his partners. And the grace that God has given in my life and given in Richard’s life comes into your life and the grace of God is the favor of God. It’s His unmerited favor. Praise God.

RR: Praise God. Leeann is calling from Oakland, Maryland, a healing of abdominal tumors. Hermie in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, healed, Lindsay, when you gave a word concerning migraine headaches and also her ears which have been blocked are now clear. Hallelujah! Give praise unto the Lord.
Dad and Mother, thank you for being on tonight. Glory to God!
LR: Hallelujah!

RR: This is America’s nightly healing service. God bless you. See you tomorrow night.

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