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Pray the Spirit by Richard Roberts


OR: And, secondly, you said that I had paid the price. I really haven’t. I merely planted the seed. And I’m continuing to plant the seed of my faith to God and to expect a miracle back from God my source. I am practicing Seed-Faith. Evelyn and I, and of course you and Lindsay, don’t do anything of a serious or major nature until we first pray in the Spirit and plant a seed of faith to God, aimed at that desired result.

I wish that we could get this across to everybody who’s listening to us, whether you accept it or not, if you can just hear it and let God do with it in your heart what He will, we don’t do anything of a serious nature till we stop and we take a financial seed and Evelyn and I join our hands and we hold the check or the cash money and we aim it with our spirit toward a desired result.

RR: Now if somebody would ask you why, why would you do that?
OR: Well, I will tell you. Because we face needs like everybody. We have trouble like other people. Once in a while, we get sick. And we face challenges that are beyond our ability. Also, we face attacks of the devil against this ministry, who would like to wipe it out. For example, he’d like to take the Hour of Healing off the air.

RR: Yes, he would.

OR: And like to do it right now.

RR: Yes.

OR: Well, and then we aim it to God our source. If we give it to ministers or to churches or to various other works of God, we do not give it to them as our source. We give it to God, and they’re the instrument to whom it goes through into the work of the Lord. And we look to God our source that He will multiply the seed that we sow and as that seed grows and multiplies, and then it moves the stuff out of the way.

The only way, the real way to get rid of weeds is to plant seeds in their place so that they grow and the weeds can’t grow because the seed is, that you plant is stronger than the weeds or the troubles or the challenges or the attacks of the devil.

And then immediately once the seed leaves our hand, our financial seed leaves our hand, we then begin to expect from God our source a miracle of multiplication, that God will multiply the money we give and multiply it back to us or back to our ministry or He will multiply it back in a non-financial way in the form of a healing, in the form of moving an enemy or saving the enemy or changing the enemy’s mind, making the enemy a friend, or some other major thing that we urgently need to bring debt to pass in our lives.

The Man Of God by Richard Roberts


You’re just preaching and preaching and preaching without any signs and wonders, without any miracles of God, and you filled your people full of your thoughts and your sermons and nothing is happening. You’re preaching them to death, but you’re not healing them to life.

And the only way that preaching is the preaching of Jesus is to confirm it with healing, to bring people to life. The sermon alone will not do it. The sermon is necessary, for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word, but without that preaching being confirmed by the healing, miracle power of God, the people are not fully delivered.

I would have still been in a bed of tuberculosis. I’d been preached to all of my life, but there came the moment when hands were laid upon me by a man of God and the Lord opened my lungs, healed my stuttering tongue. I was called to preach and to build this university.

Let me tell you, pastor, God’s got something for you. Don’t you be afraid? Even if you lose that particular church, God will give you a better one. I’m telling you now in Jesus’ name, you’re being loosed from preaching people to death and not healing them to life. From now you will be preaching, you will be bringing healing, and you will be a true New Testament preacher of the Gospel.

RR: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Dad, we have about two minutes. As an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the founder of this ministry, the founder of Oral Roberts University, would you stretch out your hands tonight and bring our program to a conclusion by praying the prayer of faith over those who are facing needs tonight.
OR: Step up and lay your hands on my hands.

I’ve been doing this since 1954 on television. And so many people have done it and have been healed by the Lord. These hands have no power, but Jesus has power. And He used the hands of His disciples in the Bible to bring healing. We’re His disciples, in Jesus’ name, in the now.

And I reach forth now and I rebuke that sickness and disease in your body. Stop it, that’s enough. I call you out by the power and the authority of the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Be healed. Be healed.

The Mighty Healing Work by Lindsay Roberts


Well, he was so rebellious that he went off to school and started smoking and started doing a lot of other things. He knew we were against such stuff as that. He knew that.

LR: Your whole life before you on national television.

RR: That was, that was one of the minor things.

ER: Well, I’m not going to say some of the others. But when God got hold of him, his life changed completely. He was not even the same human being. And when I look at him tonight and every night when I watch these programs, I just say, “Thank You, Jesus that you turned his life around.”

OR: We made him the president, the second president of Oral Roberts University.

ER: That’s right, absolutely.

OR: And that is a miracle.

RR: And we’ve got the largest enrollment in the history of the university. Most schools have a smaller enrollment in January than they have in August or September. Typically, universities have a smaller enrollment. We have the largest enrollment of 5, 0008 in August. Now we have 5,032. We’ve gone against the trend. We’ve got up in January for the largest enrollment ever in the history of ORU. And applications, applications for next fall are running twenty percent ahead of this same time last year. Now that is a miracle! And I give God the glory.

OR: Richard, about two hours ago I was praying about this service, and the Holy Spirit brought the word of knowledge to me and several people were brought to me as though I could see them face to face. There was a little girl, and her feet are turned in. Her legs are bowed together.
And all through her little life, she’s been required to wear long dresses, trying to cover that up. And she’s been embarrassed and hurt over that all these years, and she’s watching us right now. I don’t know where she is, but I felt that God was going to move in on this girl.

And, young lady, I can tell you what you’re feeling right now. The Spirit of God is causing warmth to go through those bowed legs and is now feeling, you are now feeling your legs being pulled straight. You’re sitting there. Now I want you to stand up in the name of the Lord and look down at your feet. They’re no longer crooked, stretched out like that. They’re straight. No longer are your legs bowed together. They’re straight. Just lift up your dress and look at your legs and your feet and start giving glory to God because the power of the Lord is there to heal. He is doing His mighty healing work.

The Word of Courage by Lindsay Roberts


And I feel that you’re hearing us and that you’re healing. And I receive it. Everybody say, I receive it, in Jesus’ name. And now let’s everybody give a shout to God.

RR: Any other prayer requests that are coming in, Lynwood that are coming in through the Prayer Group? Bring them all down to us right now. We’re only about two minutes or so away from the close of our program tonight.

I especially appreciate you and mother coming on tonight and sharing with us. We deeply feel what we’re doing is of the Lord. And I’m grateful for your encouragement, for your prayers. Every time we talk to you, you bring us an encouraging word. And in essence you’re saying, in Jesus’ name, you can do it. In Jesus’ name, you can do it. And we thank you so much.
OR: You are doing it.

RR: It means a great deal to us.

ER: I want to add two or three requests in here, Richard. A lady who lives in Tahlequah or in Muskogee, I don’t know which, Letha, wherever you are, God is healing you tonight while this program is going on. I felt it in my spirit. And, let’s see, there’s a minister in town, another minister. I don’t know, my heart goes out to ministers. I guess it’s because I live with one. But this man is very, very discouraged, very discouraged. I think, Richard, we probably need to have a prayer for discouraged ministers. There’s some about to give up.

RR: Let me just lay hands on all of these requests that have been coming in and let’s include discouragement, and also let’s include Mary Jo who is in Colorado, just had a baby, is hemorrhaging very badly. We just received that word in Colorado Springs. Mary Jo, I send the word to you right now. I come against this hemorrhaging. Dry up. That’s right, Lindsay. That’s the scripture. You shall not be polluted in your own blood. I come against discouragement. You foul thing that is unlike God, I rebuke you now and I encourage you. The Bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord. And I encourage you in the Lord. Oh, glory to God, there’s a right ear drum getting healed right now. Right ear drum being healed right now. It’s a right ear drum. You’re being healed right now.

In the authority of Jesus’ name, I lay my hands on all these calls that have just come in since we’ve been on the air tonight. In the authority of Jesus’ name, I believe God for the power of the mighty God to come into you and for you never, ever, ever, ever to be the same again according to the Word of God. I am sending that word to you right now in the authority of Jesus’ mighty name. Hallelujah! Praise God. Well, somebody give the Lord a shout. We are out of time. God bless you. See you tomorrow night.

ANNOUNCER: Even after our program leaves the air, the Abundant Life Prayer Group is on duty 24 hours a day to take your calls at 918-495-7777. Our Email address is Or send us your prayer requests so that we may believe God for the miracle you need. Write Richard and Lindsay Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74171. Or in Canada, Toronto, Ontario M4P2G2. And when you write or call, don’t forget to ask for your free copy of the audiocassette collection, Your Hour of Healing with the Roberts family, and Oral Roberts’ book, Don’t Park Here

On tomorrow’s program, get ready for a time of prayer, ministry and testimonies of God’s healing power. We also encourage you to make plans to be a part of our live studio audience for an upcoming Something Good Tonight. Call 918-495-7070 for times and seating availabilities.

Father We Worship You by Lindsay Roberts


RR: He’s calling to his grandmother.

D: Yes.

RR: Can you see a difference in the fingers now?

D: Yes.

RR: Oh, come on, somebody, give God the glory. Lindsay, he said, he said

LR: I’ve been waiting for you.

RR: I’ve been waiting. I’ve been waiting. Everybody stretch your hands out. Debbie and Eric, stretch your hands out toward me right now. Have you been waiting for the power of God to come into your life? Lindsay, honey, come down here quick. I’ll tell you, there’s an anointing right now. Have you been waiting? Have you been waiting like Eric for the power of God?

In the authority of Jesus’ name, I speak the word of healing to your body. What God just did, what God just did in little six-year-old Eric, He can do in your life. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke this sickness. I command it to go. You foul tormenting thing. And, Eric, God’s still working on those fingers right now.

D: Yes, He is.

RR: He’s still working on them right now, and He’s working on the hands of a lot of other people tonight. As I stretch out my hands, other hands are being healed in Jesus’ mighty name. I speak it, I believe it, and I expect a miracle. Now just go ahead and lift your hands everywhere across America tonight, in Canada, and begin to give God the praise and the glory and the honor. Hallelujah!
Father, we worship you. We praise you. Well, somebody give the Lord praise tonight. I’ll tell you, something is happening. Something’s happening. Debbie and Eric, thank you for calling. Wow!

LR: Let us know, Debbie and Eric. Keep us posted.

RR: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Honey.

LR: Hallelujah! Time to party.

RR: Honey, it’s interesting that Eric would call tonight because I have a testimony that I want to share before my dad and my mother come on the program. I want to take you back to 1959, Tallahassee, Florida, to meet a little boy. I guess he must have been about eight or nine years old, little Tommy Scarborough, who for two and a half years had a softening in the bone in his hip and he couldn’t walk. He was on crutches. He came into the crusade that night for my dad to lay hands on him. And little Tommy had the kind of faith that little Eric just had. I want you to see for yourself the healing power of God, how it has stood the test of time. And then I’m going to bring my dad and my mother on, and we’re going to have a healing service for the glory of God tonight. Just watch from 1959 in Tallahassee, Florida.

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