ANNOUNCER: Tonight get ready for a time of prayer, music, and ministry for your needs, with tonight’s special guests, Oral and Evelyn Roberts, founders and chancellor of Oral Roberts University. Now let’s welcome our hosts, Richard and Lindsay Roberts.

RR: This is the Hour of Healing. Come on, give the Lord praise. Hallelujah! Lindsay, Lindsay, sweetheart, come over here. I’ve got a testimony that came in last night as a result of a word that God gave you on the program. This is Christina calling from Winter Park, Florida, where you were living when I met you.

LR: That’s right.

RR: You were living there. You’d graduated from college. You’d come up here to Oral Roberts University from Winter Park. “Lindsay gave a word of knowledge last night about migraine headaches.” Christina was suffering with migraine headaches for months. It was so severe, her face and neck were affected. Christina was lying on her couch, had her thumb over her eyes like you had your thumb over your eyes last night, “where I was experiencing excruciating pain. When Lindsay gave that word, all the pain left. I am rejoicing. I am healed.”

LR: Hallelujah!

RR: Hallelujah, hallelujah. Ronalda that’s a beautiful name, isn’t it, Ronalda, in Hindsville, Georgia, “I was flipping the TV, channel surfing.”

LR: Sure they were.

RR: Right. “Came across the Hour of Healing. Called the Abundant Life Prayer Group for a financial blessing. As the prayer partner was praying, I touched my neck. I’ve been having pain there since an injury back in 1996, and I am completely healed.” Thank God for the prayers of the Abundant Life Prayer Group. If you need prayer, the Abundant Life Prayer Group is ready to pray the prayer of faith. The Bible says, “The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord will raise you up.”

LR: The Lord will raise them up.

RR: We keep adding prayer partners because of the demand, because of the continued rise in the number of calls. And we’re ready to minister to you.
This is Lisa up in Grand Haven, Michigan, and bulging disk. Last time I gave a word, remember?

LR: Yep.

RR: I gave a word about bulging disks. “I’ve had bulging disks in my back. I was healed immediately when you prayed, and now I believe for my foot that was operated on to be healed.” Lisa, in the authority of the name of Jesus, I stretch my hand out toward your foot. Anyone who has a foot problem, anyone with a foot problem or a leg problem, I want you to walk over to your television set right now. I want you to lay your hands on mine.

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