RR: And they are dabbling.

LR: If it is not the power of Almighty God, then it’s another side. And I think we need to recognize God has the ultimate power. Why don’t we just start with the good guy to begin with, you know, just get hooked up with God. Start there. Why should you go through all these other different channels to eventually lead to God? Let’s just start at the top.

MG: You know, Richard, I think it’s so important and, Lindsay, that what you’re doing is being done at this time, because years ago, let’s say by the time we were in high school, you know, the psychics and these kind of people were not popular.

LR: That’s true.

MG: And people in general had more of a basic knowledge about God, you know, because they heard about God in the public schools, you know, way back then. But we have a generation coming up that know nothing about God and yet there’s that emptiness, there’s that void being created as a result of the knowledge of God being taken away from the public schools. And now the psychics and the New Age people and all these people have come in to fill that void. And they have, they have an audience through the television, and so we need an audience through the television in order to show the real power.

RR: But where sin abounds, grace doth much more abound. I believe the very thing you’re talking about, Marilyn, may be the reason why God gave a word of prophecy through my father, Oral Roberts, that healing is coming big time. And, as a matter of fact, I just found out he just called in. He’s on the phone. We were talking about him earlier this week about him sharing what he shared with me the other night on the phone. He walked over to the television set and laid hands on my hand.

Now here’s a father laying hands on the hands of a son on television. He said he felt the power of God when he laid hands on my hands.
Now I remember as a boy watching my father stretch out his hands and say, “Lay your hand on my hand.” And I found myself stretching out both my hands.

And as I did, I was just automatically reminded of those days when that healing anointing, when I was near it. And now that anointing has come upon me. And he says healing is coming big time. Dad, are you on the phone?

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