RR: And He uses the things that the world calls foolish

LR: Or weird, weirdos.

RR: to confound the wise. Now you’ve been watching, you’ve been watching me stretching out my hands and asking people to come and lay their hands on my hands. I want to show you where this comes from in the Word of God. If you have your Bible, look at Acts, chapter 5, beginning in verse 12, and through the hands of the apostles or the disciples, many signs and wonders were done among the people. Are you listening?

LR: Read that one again.

RR: And through the hands everybody say hands and through the hands of the disciples or apostles, many signs and wonders were done among the people. Lindsay, hold this for just one second right there on that page. The disciples stretched for their hands to pray. I am stretching forth my hands to pray. Now I’ve heard people say, “Well, if Peter or Paul had laid their hands on me, I would be healed.” Well, I’ve got news. Peter and Paul aren’t here, but we are. They’re not here tonight, but we are.

LR: They were human flesh too.

RR: Lindsay, Peter and Paul had no healing power. They were men just like we’re men and women. They had no healing power. But they had the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They had the anointing of God in their lives. And when they stretched out their hands and they prayed and they believed, God wrought miracles through their hands.

And in a moment I’m going to stretch out my hands and I’m going to ask you to come and lay your hands on my hands. And as I’ve been doing that, Lindsay, the holy heat of God has been coming into my hands. And you’ve been seeing what’s been happening. Let me have my Bible again. Let me have my Bible. Turn back to that scripture. In the, let’s look down now at the, let’s see, it was the 14th verse, is it? No, 15th verse. Let’s go back to 14. “And believers” now here’s what happens as a result of the signs and wonders.

LR: They believed.

RR: Well, that’s what believers do. Believers don’t doubt. Believers

LR: That’s agreement.

RR: “And believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women.” In other words, the miracles caused people to get born again. But now wait a minute, look at verse 15. “So that they brought the sick.” Now listen.

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