They didn’t follow Him when He finished His preaching. They followed Him when He had taught, He had healed, and He had preached. He’d taught, He’s healed, and He had preached. He taught, He preached, then He healed. He confirmed the word with healings, and then the people followed because the fame of Jesus went out. That’s what’s happening in this telecast. The fame of this ministry of your teaching, you’re preaching, and your healing in Christ’s name is going out across America.

People are talking about it, and they are beginning to open up their hearts. I notice from time to time you pray for the sick after the healings have taken place, after you’ve shared teaching and healing. And the salvations will occur, and I prophesy that in the near future there’s going to be an outpouring of healing because we are now beginning to teach, to preach, and to heal again. We are starting to be like Jesus, the whole nine yards of it, again.

LW: Richard, we’re getting a lot of calls tonight not only about healings received tonight, but this is a young lady, 79 years young, who in 1952, Fern, had four doctors tell her she had to have a goiter removed or she would die. She went to an Oral Roberts’ meeting in Evansville, Indiana. Oral Roberts laid hands on her. She was healed, she fell under the power of God, came up speaking in other tongues, and she wants to share that tonight with Brother Roberts.

RR: Hello, Fern.

FERN: Howdy do, Brother Roberts.

RR: Fern, where are you? You’re in.

FERN: I’m in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

RR: Mount Vernon, Illinois.

FERN: Yes.

RR: What year was that crusade in Evansville?

FERN: It was in ’52.

RR: In 1952.

OR: Fern, wasn’t that in the Roberts Auditorium in Evansville?

FERN: Yes, Evansville, Indiana.

OR: That seated ten thousand people and we were filled the first night. I’m sorry to disagree. It was not in 1952; it was 1956.

FERN: Okay, okay when you get to 79, you kind of forget a little bit.

OR: But I tell you, there were several people in the Evansville crusade with goiters.

RR: Yes.

OR: I remember. And you’re one of them, right?

FERN: I’m one of them.

OR: And where is the goiter now?

FERN: It’s gone. You said Brother Roberts, you said to the men that were standing there, “Take the lady with the goiter,” and they said, “There’s no use. She swallowed it.” And they said I was kind of like I choked for a while. I went back to the doctor, and the doctor couldn’t find it. So I swallowed it God took care of me. And I’m 79. I went home and burned my medicine, and my husband was borrowing money to buy it, and he said, “Honey, you’ll never get any more medicine for your medicine.” And I just laughed and started speaking in tongues and said, “I don’t need it.” And I’m 79, will be 80 in April, and I’m still here.

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