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The Hour of Healing by Lindsay Roberts


ANNOUNCER: Tonight get ready for a time of prayer, music, and ministry for your needs, with tonight’s special guests, Oral and Evelyn Roberts, founders and chancellor of Oral Roberts University. Now let’s welcome our hosts, Richard and Lindsay Roberts.

RR: This is the Hour of Healing. Come on, give the Lord praise. Hallelujah! Lindsay, Lindsay, sweetheart, come over here. I’ve got a testimony that came in last night as a result of a word that God gave you on the program. This is Christina calling from Winter Park, Florida, where you were living when I met you.

LR: That’s right.

RR: You were living there. You’d graduated from college. You’d come up here to Oral Roberts University from Winter Park. “Lindsay gave a word of knowledge last night about migraine headaches.” Christina was suffering with migraine headaches for months. It was so severe, her face and neck were affected. Christina was lying on her couch, had her thumb over her eyes like you had your thumb over your eyes last night, “where I was experiencing excruciating pain. When Lindsay gave that word, all the pain left. I am rejoicing. I am healed.”

LR: Hallelujah!

RR: Hallelujah, hallelujah. Ronalda that’s a beautiful name, isn’t it, Ronalda, in Hindsville, Georgia, “I was flipping the TV, channel surfing.”

LR: Sure they were.

RR: Right. “Came across the Hour of Healing. Called the Abundant Life Prayer Group for a financial blessing. As the prayer partner was praying, I touched my neck. I’ve been having pain there since an injury back in 1996, and I am completely healed.” Thank God for the prayers of the Abundant Life Prayer Group. If you need prayer, the Abundant Life Prayer Group is ready to pray the prayer of faith. The Bible says, “The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord will raise you up.”

LR: The Lord will raise them up.

RR: We keep adding prayer partners because of the demand, because of the continued rise in the number of calls. And we’re ready to minister to you.
This is Lisa up in Grand Haven, Michigan, and bulging disk. Last time I gave a word, remember?

LR: Yep.

RR: I gave a word about bulging disks. “I’ve had bulging disks in my back. I was healed immediately when you prayed, and now I believe for my foot that was operated on to be healed.” Lisa, in the authority of the name of Jesus, I stretch my hand out toward your foot. Anyone who has a foot problem, anyone with a foot problem or a leg problem, I want you to walk over to your television set right now. I want you to lay your hands on mine.

God Has Ultimate Power by Lindsay Roberts


RR: And they are dabbling.

LR: If it is not the power of Almighty God, then it’s another side. And I think we need to recognize God has the ultimate power. Why don’t we just start with the good guy to begin with, you know, just get hooked up with God. Start there. Why should you go through all these other different channels to eventually lead to God? Let’s just start at the top.

MG: You know, Richard, I think it’s so important and, Lindsay, that what you’re doing is being done at this time, because years ago, let’s say by the time we were in high school, you know, the psychics and these kind of people were not popular.

LR: That’s true.

MG: And people in general had more of a basic knowledge about God, you know, because they heard about God in the public schools, you know, way back then. But we have a generation coming up that know nothing about God and yet there’s that emptiness, there’s that void being created as a result of the knowledge of God being taken away from the public schools. And now the psychics and the New Age people and all these people have come in to fill that void. And they have, they have an audience through the television, and so we need an audience through the television in order to show the real power.

RR: But where sin abounds, grace doth much more abound. I believe the very thing you’re talking about, Marilyn, may be the reason why God gave a word of prophecy through my father, Oral Roberts, that healing is coming big time. And, as a matter of fact, I just found out he just called in. He’s on the phone. We were talking about him earlier this week about him sharing what he shared with me the other night on the phone. He walked over to the television set and laid hands on my hand.

Now here’s a father laying hands on the hands of a son on television. He said he felt the power of God when he laid hands on my hands.
Now I remember as a boy watching my father stretch out his hands and say, “Lay your hand on my hand.” And I found myself stretching out both my hands.

And as I did, I was just automatically reminded of those days when that healing anointing, when I was near it. And now that anointing has come upon me. And he says healing is coming big time. Dad, are you on the phone?

In God’s Hand by Richard Roberts


RR: And He uses the things that the world calls foolish

LR: Or weird, weirdos.

RR: to confound the wise. Now you’ve been watching, you’ve been watching me stretching out my hands and asking people to come and lay their hands on my hands. I want to show you where this comes from in the Word of God. If you have your Bible, look at Acts, chapter 5, beginning in verse 12, and through the hands of the apostles or the disciples, many signs and wonders were done among the people. Are you listening?

LR: Read that one again.

RR: And through the hands everybody say hands and through the hands of the disciples or apostles, many signs and wonders were done among the people. Lindsay, hold this for just one second right there on that page. The disciples stretched for their hands to pray. I am stretching forth my hands to pray. Now I’ve heard people say, “Well, if Peter or Paul had laid their hands on me, I would be healed.” Well, I’ve got news. Peter and Paul aren’t here, but we are. They’re not here tonight, but we are.

LR: They were human flesh too.

RR: Lindsay, Peter and Paul had no healing power. They were men just like we’re men and women. They had no healing power. But they had the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They had the anointing of God in their lives. And when they stretched out their hands and they prayed and they believed, God wrought miracles through their hands.

And in a moment I’m going to stretch out my hands and I’m going to ask you to come and lay your hands on my hands. And as I’ve been doing that, Lindsay, the holy heat of God has been coming into my hands. And you’ve been seeing what’s been happening. Let me have my Bible again. Let me have my Bible. Turn back to that scripture. In the, let’s look down now at the, let’s see, it was the 14th verse, is it? No, 15th verse. Let’s go back to 14. “And believers” now here’s what happens as a result of the signs and wonders.

LR: They believed.

RR: Well, that’s what believers do. Believers don’t doubt. Believers

LR: That’s agreement.

RR: “And believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women.” In other words, the miracles caused people to get born again. But now wait a minute, look at verse 15. “So that they brought the sick.” Now listen.

Healing In Christ’s Name by Richard Roberts


They didn’t follow Him when He finished His preaching. They followed Him when He had taught, He had healed, and He had preached. He’d taught, He’s healed, and He had preached. He taught, He preached, then He healed. He confirmed the word with healings, and then the people followed because the fame of Jesus went out. That’s what’s happening in this telecast. The fame of this ministry of your teaching, you’re preaching, and your healing in Christ’s name is going out across America.

People are talking about it, and they are beginning to open up their hearts. I notice from time to time you pray for the sick after the healings have taken place, after you’ve shared teaching and healing. And the salvations will occur, and I prophesy that in the near future there’s going to be an outpouring of healing because we are now beginning to teach, to preach, and to heal again. We are starting to be like Jesus, the whole nine yards of it, again.

LW: Richard, we’re getting a lot of calls tonight not only about healings received tonight, but this is a young lady, 79 years young, who in 1952, Fern, had four doctors tell her she had to have a goiter removed or she would die. She went to an Oral Roberts’ meeting in Evansville, Indiana. Oral Roberts laid hands on her. She was healed, she fell under the power of God, came up speaking in other tongues, and she wants to share that tonight with Brother Roberts.

RR: Hello, Fern.

FERN: Howdy do, Brother Roberts.

RR: Fern, where are you? You’re in.

FERN: I’m in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

RR: Mount Vernon, Illinois.

FERN: Yes.

RR: What year was that crusade in Evansville?

FERN: It was in ’52.

RR: In 1952.

OR: Fern, wasn’t that in the Roberts Auditorium in Evansville?

FERN: Yes, Evansville, Indiana.

OR: That seated ten thousand people and we were filled the first night. I’m sorry to disagree. It was not in 1952; it was 1956.

FERN: Okay, okay when you get to 79, you kind of forget a little bit.

OR: But I tell you, there were several people in the Evansville crusade with goiters.

RR: Yes.

OR: I remember. And you’re one of them, right?

FERN: I’m one of them.

OR: And where is the goiter now?

FERN: It’s gone. You said Brother Roberts, you said to the men that were standing there, “Take the lady with the goiter,” and they said, “There’s no use. She swallowed it.” And they said I was kind of like I choked for a while. I went back to the doctor, and the doctor couldn’t find it. So I swallowed it God took care of me. And I’m 79. I went home and burned my medicine, and my husband was borrowing money to buy it, and he said, “Honey, you’ll never get any more medicine for your medicine.” And I just laughed and started speaking in tongues and said, “I don’t need it.” And I’m 79, will be 80 in April, and I’m still here.

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