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Totally Healed by Lindsay Roberts


RR: ‘Cause it’s been hurting for a few weeks. Is there any pain there now?
RR: When I prayed, did the pain just stop?
LISA: Yes.
RR: And it went away?
LISA: Yes.
RR: Oh, Lisa, glory to God.
LR: Halleluiah.
RR: Halleluiah. Isn’t that wonderful?
LR: Is her mommy there?
RR: Mommy, are you there?
LISA: Yes.
LR: Virginia?
RR: Hello, Virginia.
RR: What happened to your daughter?
VIRGINIA: Well, she fell off a bar at school a couple weeks ago, and she was suffering every night. She couldn’t sleep through the night. And so we were praying for, but she didn’t seem to be getting better. Then Monday night I was in the bathroom brushing my hair, and she comes running in the bathroom. She says, “Mom, Mom, I’m healed. He gave a word for shoulders, and I’m completely healed.” And she started swinging her arm around and her shoulder, and she was just totally healed…
RR: Oh, come on, give the Lord praise.
LR: She was watching by herself?
RR: Now here’s a 9-year-old child watching the program
VIRGINIA: Yes. Well, Benny Hinn is her favorite minister
LR: How precious.
VIRGINIA: and she used to call
RR: Well, he’s one of ours too.
VIRGINIA: Yeah. She used to call the TV “TBN” ’cause she was so used to watching Christian television when she was younger.
LR: She called her TV set TBN.
RR: Ha.
LR: That’s good.
RR: And her shoulder is healed?
VIRGINIA: Totally healed.
RR: Oh, praise God, Virginia. Thanks for calling and giving us this report. God bless you.
LR: Halleluiah.
RR: What’s this, honey?
LR: Bye, Lisa. Atlanta, Georgia. Richard had a word of knowledge that someone fell in the store that someone fell, and this lady fell in the store while shopping.
RR: I said running.
LR: This was
RR: Were you running through the store?
LR: Well, this was Myra, and she said two weeks ago she has been. It’s been two weeks since it happened. She’s been in severe pain. She said
RR: On the
LR: immediately when Richard said that, she received her healing.
RR: Halleluiah, halleluiah.
LR: Atlanta, Georgia.
RR: We’re on tonight live in Atlanta, Georgia. Fifty-nine stations watching this program cable systems, satellite networks. It’s growing. By faith, it’s growing every week. What, honey?
LR: Now listen to this. Richard spoke a word of knowledge about someone’s arm getting healed, and Marie’s daughter said, “Mom, move your arm now.” And Marie’s arm was so stiff she couldn’t lift a cup of coffee. She said she is now sitting up, shouting, and praising the Lord for the healing.
RR: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
LR: Halleluiah, Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
RR: watching live in New Mexico. Halleluiah.

Enter into God’s presence by Lindsay Roberts


And I was panicked because I had bought a wedding gown and I couldn’t get into it. And I was, you know, about 30 pounds overweight at this time. And I began to really see that food controlled my life. I weighed myself nine or ten times a day, the first thing in the morning after I ate, you know, before lunch. I weighed myself constantly. And finally I came to a crisis place when I went to try my wedding gown that I had bought and could not get into.

And I came home and I threw myself down on the floor and I started crying and I said, “God, you know, I can’t lose this weight, and I’m going to have a weight problem for the rest of my life. And I can’t eat like a normal person because I can starve and not lose weight, or I can binge and, God, I just can gain 15 pounds overnight.” That’s the way I looked at it.

And God said to me, “Lisa, your weight is an idol to you and food is an idol to you.” He said, “If you will repent of this” and an idol is something we give our strength to or draw our strength from He said, “If you will stop measuring yourself by what you weigh,” because He said, “Lisa, you are not what you weigh.”
RR: People watching need to hear that tonight, you are not what you weigh.

L: And that’s what this book is about, you are not what you weigh. And I had always measured myself by what I weighed, what the scales said I was was what I was. And so God told me, “You are not what you weigh.” And He said, “Lisa, if you will repent of this, measuring yourself by your weight and also filling the void in your life with food that only I can fill,” He said, “I will heal your metabolism.”

And I said, “O God, you know, forgive me.” And this was back in 1982. And I fell on my face. I said, “O God, forgive me.” And He said, “Now don’t weigh yourself ever again.” He said, “You stop this incessant weighing of yourself.” He said, “You put the scale away.” And He said, “I want you to go on a three-day fast.” I said, “God, You just told me never to diet again, not to weigh myself, and now You’re telling me to fast.”And He said, “Well, Lisa, a fast doesn’t change your appearance.” You know, the world diets, and Christians are supposed to fast. A diet changes the way you look, but a fast changes the way you live.

The Fear of the Lord by Lindsay Roberts


J: That’s 11 years ago. So I was sitting on the kitchen table just studying the Word, and I got such severe chest pains and sweat broke out. And I just walked up to the sofa, sat down, turned on the television and you were on.

RR: Now this was just the other night?

J: That was last week, Tuesday night.

RR: Last Tuesday night. Okay.

J: I tried to get through to give you a word of encouragement that I was healed, but I couldn’t get through. The lines were too busy.

RR: Well, we’re trying to add prayer partners and adding more telephones just to better serve the people.

J: Well, everything is well. I’ve had no chest pains since.

RR: None since.

J: None since.

RR: Oh, come on, give the Lord praise. Oh, John, we just give God the glory, and thank you for calling.

RR: And Lindsay and I are joined by John and Lisa Bevere. Give them a great welcome to Something Good Tonight the Hour of Healing. Bless you.

J: So good to be here.

RR: Got to get your children I know you don’t have any ready for college yet, got to get them into ORU.

J: We’ve got four boys.

RR: And they’ve got a son who is playing basketball, Lindsay, loves basketball.

L: And a soccer player.

RR: And a soccer player? Well, we’ve got soccer, men’s and women’s soccer. As a matter of fact, tonight the ORU women’s volleyball team is playing the number 22nd ranked team in the country, the University of Arkansas. We’re over at Fayetteville tonight. And if we weren’t making a program, Lindsay and I would find a way to get to Fayetteville tonight. In fact, they’re playing right now.

And, Father, in Jesus’ name I thank You for anointing the ORU Lady Golden Eagle volleyball team. You say, “You can’t pray that way.” Yes, I can. I just did, in Jesus’ name. It’s 8:20 over there, and in Jesus’ name I ask You to anoint them. Our men’s basketball team is playing tomorrow night up at the University of Montana, had a big win Saturday night. We’re big into athletics. Here are four fantastic books, among others that you have written. Here are four. I think we have a shot of them. Here are two of John’s books, The Bait of Satan, and this is one we’re going to talk about.

LR: Incredible book.

Trust God by Richard Roberts


Fred Mower: You have to remember, I was thirty-five years old when this happened, and I had three children and a wife that I no longer could support. I had no choice but to trust God. One of the things that I have now that I didn’t have then, but it was something I really kind of relied on, a little placard thing to me that says I Am Healed Of The Lord, And I Will Believe It Till It Happens. And I’d done that twenty-one years ago. I knew God was going to heal me. I just didn’t know when. And I’ll be real honest with you. I would love to have been healed then, I’d love to be healed today before I’m finished talking. If that does not happen, that is not going to change anything. I’m still going to believe God’s going to do it.

Woman: My husband’s grandmother was very much a believe in Oral Roberts University and the Abundant Prayer Life Group. She continually, almost weekly, was she herself would call them, and she would send Brother Roberts donations. And she just made us a believer that if we called went to them, that their group of people would pray for us and help us. And she was right.

RR: The Abundant Life Prayer Group partners are standing by right now to pray and to minister to you. The number is 918-495-7777. You can Email us. Put that Email address upon the screen. Also, you can watch this program live on the Internet anywhere in the world, Lindsay, all over America, Canada, other nations, all over the world. Wherever you can get the Internet, you can get this program, because TV53, which is our home base, Golden Eagle Network here in Tulsa, TV53 is on the Internet through Real Time Audio and Video. And all you need is the software programming and you can tune in literally 24 hours a day to Channel 53.

LR: That’s right.

RR: on the Internet. I got a call from Fulton, Michigan, two sisters, Barbara and Sandy. Barbara has called and had encouraged her sister, Sandy, to watch the program this week. Sandy has had lupus for eleven years and kidney failure. But something happened, Lindsay, when we prayed last night or, excuse me, Monday night.

LR: Monday night.

RR: She touched the TV set Monday night, the opening night, the first night of this program, and now I want you to listen to this. The doctors say that her kidney has begun to function 20 percent where there was no function before.

LR: Hallelujah.

RR: The doctor says it is a miracle

LR: Yes, it is.

RR: and, Sandy, in the authority of Jesus’ name, I’m releasing my faith toward Michigan tonight, and I’m believing that that kidney which is now functioning 20 percent after not functioning at all

LR: Get up there.

RR: is going to go all the way up

LR: All the way up.

RR: 40 percent, 50 percent, 60 percent, 80 percent, all the way to 100 percent

LR: Yes, in Jesus’ name.

RR: in the authority of Jesus’ name. Come on, give the Lord praise.

LR: We’re believing with them for a miracle.

RR: Hallelujah. Now I have something special. Sweetheart, I’ve got something special. Come on down here with me a minute because I want to take a telephone call. I have a wonderful testimony that came in this morning that happened through my father’s ministry many years ago. And I’ve got my dad live on the telephone right now. Dad, can you hear me?

OR: Yes, I can, Richard.

RR: Hello, Dad, and welcome to our program.

OR: God bless you.

RR: Something Good Tonight the Hour of Healing.

OR: Well, I’m just thrilled to hear your voice and to be part of this great new live Hour of Healing. Hallelujah!

RR: Dad, I’ve got something special for you. We received a testimony early this morning from Garden Grove, California, of a woman who called in to give a testimony of what happened years ago when her daughter was a baby. She had the type of disease that causes the head to enlarge and to swell, and it looked very, very bad for this child. And you prayed over this child and the child was healed. And she’s calling back today to tell us that the healing has stood the test of time. Not only was the daughter healed when she was a baby, but today she is an airline flight attendant on one of the national airlines in America and she’s giving glory to God.

OR: Hallelujah!

What’s going on in your life? by Richard Roberts


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Or Switzerland. But nobody ever lets you talk. And I don’t think I’m going to let you play your piano today. I just think I’m going to let you talk. Why is that, Dino? Why don’t people let you talk?

SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS I don’t know. I don’t know, because I can talk.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Do you speak Greek also?

SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS I can speak a little Greek.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Don’t on this program because I don’t

SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS The only phrase I like to say in Greek that everyone needs to learn how to say is speaking Greek that means, I love you very much.


SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS That’s a very good one. Oh, O.K.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Dino, where have you been, what have you been doing? I understand you’ve just returned from Haiti. What’s going on in your life? What’s going on in your ministry?

SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS You know, I had no idea, when I came forward when I was seven years old in Glad Tidings Tabernacle in New York City, and accepted Jesus Christ in my heart, I really had no idea God was going to use me as He has the past even five years. Of course I’ve played the piano since I was three years old. But it was seven years old when I made that commitment to the Lord. And it was then that He had this whole thing planned, you know. A lot of people see me primarily as a performer, entertainer, a gospel entertainer. But I like to see myself as an ambassador for Jesus Christ, you know. Three years ago you may recall I recorded a record with the London Symphony for World Vision.

And that record for Ethiopia brought in over three million dollars, and that like said something to me, you know, that people are responding because God’s allowing them to respond because of the missions, the people that need to be helped. You know about this with your overseas work. But just recently God has laid Haiti on our hearts. And when I went down there this last time, I mean I come back with even more of a burden. It’s hard to believe that so close to the United States of America there’s a country that is absolutely devastated because of poverty. And I’ve come back with a new vision to continue to present this cause wherever I go. We’re helping build a hospital there in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian Community Hospital. I’m sure you would appreciate that. And probably my inspiration in helping to raise funds for that hospital comes from here, from this ministry right here.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS What do you mean by that?

SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS Well, I’ve known you for years, Richard, and your dad. And I’ve been very influenced by this ministry. I was healed in your dad’s miracle service years ago at the St. Nicholas Arena in New York City. Very few people know this. And it’s had an impact on my life. And now that I watch you and I know God’s using you and of course having been involved with Katherine Kuhlman and the faith healing ministries, even though I’m not actively involved with you folk, you know, in TV and on the road, my heart is with you. And I know the ups and downs of this kind of ministry. But I know beyond all of this that people are being helped, not only physically but spiritually. And seeing this hospital going up and having my own family being treated in this hospital, I know what it’s doing.

And this has again influenced my ministry. Again, I’m not just a piano player but I feel that I’ve got something more to present to the world as far as the healing power of Jesus Christ. There have been times perhaps when I play the piano, you know, that people have felt the healing power just flow through their body. And I pray for that because I pray for the Holy Spirit to play through me.
SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Well, but many times you say that before you play a song. I’ve seen you in concert where you have given a word of testimony before a song and I’ve heard you say to people, “You may be born again. You may receive Christ while this song is being played. You may receive a healing in your body while this song is being played.” You know, God can heal in many different ways. He can heal, He’s healed many times through lots of people singing.

SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS He healed through David.


SPKM DINO KARTSONAKIS When he played the harp. You know, I think of that, he was an instrumentalist. But the key to that is the power of the Holy Spirit that flows through us to others. And the Haitian people need to feel that power. You know, what’s so wonderful is that they’ve been exposed to so many other things, other religions. But there are many Christians that are going down there now that are presenting Jesus Christ. One of the greatest, I believe the greatest experiences I’ve had playing the piano was when just recently I was in this huge room with 500 little Haitian children, have never even heard, seen a piano.

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