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The Hour of Healing by Lindsay Roberts


RR: And Lindsay and I are joined by John and Lisa Bevere.  Give them a great welcome to Something Good Tonight … the Hour of Healing.  Bless you.

J: So good to be here.

RR: Got to get your children  I know you don’t have any ready for college yet, got to get them into ORU.

J: We’ve got four boys.

RR: And they’ve got a son who is playing basketball, Lindsay, loves basketball.

L: And a soccer player.

RR: And a soccer player?  Well, we’ve got soccer, men’s and women’s soccer.  As a matter of fact, tonight the ORU women’s volleyball team is playing the number 22nd ranked team in the country, the University of Arkansas.  We’re over at Fayetteville tonight.  And if we weren’t making a program, Lindsay and I would find a way to get to Fayetteville tonight.  In fact, they’re playing right now. And, Father, in Jesus’ name I thank You for anointing the ORU Lady Golden Eagle volleyball team.  You say, “You can’t pray that way.”  Yes, I can.  I just did, in Jesus’ name.  It’s 8:20 over there, and in Jesus’ name I ask You to anoint them.

Our men’s basketball team is playing tomorrow night up at the University of Montana, had a big win Saturday night.  We’re big into athletics. Here are four fantastic books, among others that you have written.  Here are four.  I think we have a shot of them.  Here are two of John’s books, The Bait of Satan, and this is one we’re going to talk about.

LR: Incredible book.

RR: Wonderful book.  A brand-new book, The Fear of the Lord. Discover the key to intimately knowing God and fear in terms of reverence.

J: Reverential fear.

LR: John wants me to have that book.

RR: And then, of course, Lisa’s books.  Lindsay has endorsed one of these books, Out of Control and Loving It.  And this is the Christian Bookseller’s 1996 book of the year, is that right?

L: It was one of the CBA ones.

RR: One of the CBA books of the year.

J: It’s number five in the nation this month.

RR: It is?  As well as a brand-new book, The True Measure of a Woman.  And we’re going to share about how you can get a copy of these books.  But, John, one of the things that you deal with in your book on The Bait of Satan is offenses and how to deal with unforgiveness, how to deal with bitterness.  And Jesus said if you have ought against your brother, you know, when you come to pray, go and make it right.  If you don’t forgive, then God won’t forgive you.  How does a person, how does a Christian who has offenses, they’ve been hurt, they’ve been stabbed in some way and they don’t know how to get over it and then it turns into unforgiveness, it turns into bitterness, it turns into anger, it turns into hatred, it just gets worse and worse and worse, how does a person deal with that?

J: Well, you’ve got to deal with it.  The first way a person can deal with it is to realize what they’ve been forgiven of.  A person, a Christian, let’s deal with a Christian tonight, a Christian that cannot forgive is a Christian that’s forgotten what they’ve been forgiven of.  Jesus tells us a parable in Matthew, because Peter came and said, “My brother sins against me seven times and I forgive him, is that enough?”  And Peter thought he was being magnanimous.

RR: Maybe he wanted to hit him on the eighth time.

God to the Fullest by Richard Roberts


RR: Oh, you’re a first-year student. Okay, let’s do some student recruiting, you and me right now.  I have a student; I’m the President of the university.  What would you say to a student in high school right now who is trying to consider a college or university and are thinking about ORU.  What would you say to them?

J: If you want to experience God to the fullest and put no limits on Him, come to Oral Roberts University with an open mind and an open heart.  And He will take you above and beyond anything that the human mind can imagine.  God is just so good.  Put your life in His hands, and He will mold you to be exactly what He wants you to be.  That’s exactly what I would say. As a matter of fact, Richard, I have two friends coming back for College Weekend, and they’re thinking about coming because I invited them here last … two weekends ago for College Weekend.

RR: Oh, praise God.  J, God bless you.  Thanks for calling, J.

RR: Sue, do you have a testimony?  What’s happening?

SUE: I do.  I have John on the line from Cuyoga, Ontario, Canada. Last week you gave a word of knowledge about chest pains.  And John was sitting on his table, got up, went to sit on the sofa, turned the TV on and you said, “Someone’s getting healed of chest pains.”  He is healed.

RR: Hello, John.

J: Yes, Richard.

RR: How are you tonight?

J: I am very well.

RR: Tell me what happened, John, the other night when we were praying.

J: Well, recently … this is 11 years ago … I had a severe heart attack.  My heart stopped seven minutes, and so I had triple bypass.

RR: Now that was 11 years ago.

J: That’s 11 years ago.  So I was sitting on the kitchen table just studying the Word, and I got such severe chest pains and sweat broke out.  And I just walked up to the sofa, sat down, turned on the television and you were on.

RR: Now this was just the other night?

J: That was last week, Tuesday night.

RR: Last Tuesday night.  Okay.

J: I tried to get through to give you a word of encouragement that I was healed, but I couldn’t get through.  The lines were too busy.

RR: Well, we’re trying to add prayer partners and adding more telephones just to better serve the people.

J: Well, everything is well.  I’ve had no chest pains since.

RR: None since.

J: None since.

RR: Oh, come on, give the Lord praise.  Oh, John, we just give God the glory, and thank you for calling.

Victory by Richard Roberts and Lindsay Roberts


RR:  What do you have, Sue?

SUE: We have Janea who is an ORU student from Arkansas.  She came to the program last week and she had the ulcer that you gave a word of knowledge on, and she is now healed.

RR: Now is it Janea?

SUE: Janea.

RR: Is she on the phone?

SUE: Yes, she is.

RR: Janea, hello.

J: Hello.

RR: How are you?

J: I’m doing well.

RR: Do you go by the initial “J”?

J: Yes.

RR: You do?  Okay, we’ll just call you J.

J: Okay.

RR: We call our Jordan “J” so we’re pretty accustomed to doing that. What happened, J?

J: Well, I was there on Wednesday, and right before you gave the word of knowledge, my body got really hot.  And then when you said, “There are three people that are getting healed of ulcers and one peptic,” my stomach felt like it was on fire.  And I was like, “O my God, thank You, Jesus, that’s my healing!”  And I’d been diagnosed about a year ago.

RR: Well, what difference can you tell now, J?

J: Now there’s no pain, no acid in my stomach.  Usually it is acid all the time, constantly, and the acid is gone, no more stomach pains.

RR: What about when you eat?

J: I can eat anything.

RR: Anything?

J: Yes, anything.

RR: Anything now that’s a victory.  That’s a victory, J.  We just give praise and glory to God.  J, where are you from?

J: Right now my parents live in Arkansas.

RR: From Arkansas.  Why did you come to Oral Roberts University?

J: Jesus told me I had to.

RR: You mean He didn’t give you a choice?

J: No, not at all.  And that’s when I developed the ulcer, when I was panicking over school, where I was going to go.  And I said, “Jesus, I can’t take this anymore.  Tell me what You want me to do.”  And He said, “Go to Oral Roberts University and major in psychology.”  And now He changed my major, but that’s okay too.

Healings by Lindsay Roberts


Write me, Richard Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In Canada, Richard Roberts, Toronto, Ontario.  Or you can call the Abundant Life Prayer Group at 918-495-7777.  Now, as I said, we began this as a credit card only, but so many people have called and written while I was in Korea and said, “Please let me send just a personal check.”  So, fine, it’s all right, go ahead.  But send it and we’ll put this into the mail and then we’ll do the project this summer.

Now, Lindsay, on the program yesterday I promised that I was going to share a portion of the report from Korea.  While I was there in Korea preaching at the world’s largest church, full gospel church, in Seoul, Korea, pastored by our good friend Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho, who is the international chairman of the Charismatic Bible Ministries Fellowship, and Dr. Cho will be in Tulsa in June for our conference.  And he will be a guest on our program that day.  And during those two nights I preached to 110,000 people in two nights there at that church, people jamming the church, jamming all the overflow areas of two buildings outside the church, plus in the streets.  And it was quite amazing. And while we were there Dr. Cho and I sat down and had a conversation. And right now I’d like to take you to Seoul, Korea where our good friend Dr. Cho and I are carrying on a conversation about this crusade and about the healing ministry.  Just watch this.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Well, we just concluded one of the most exciting crusades that I’ve ever had an opportunity to be involved in in my life here in Seoul, Korea, Full Gospel Church, pastored by our good friend Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho.  Dr. Cho, let me ask you, after our just coming off the platform from the concluding night, what do you feel in your spirit?

SPKM PAUL YONGGI CHO Richard, I tell you that I have been in my ministry for 30 years and I’ve had so many evangelists hold meeting in my church.  I think this is the best and the greatest. We had tonight about, between  50 to 60,000 people packing every corner of our church.  And I tell you, I’m so glad I didn’t keep you one day more.  And what a meeting we had. We had so many healings.  I can’t count all of those who got healed because so many got healed.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Well, as a matter of fact, we were not able to have testimonies up on the platform tonight because of the way the crowd was literally seated in the aisles, as well as in buildings next door, on closed circuit television.  And they rigged up a loud speaker system outside so that thousands could stand, literally in the street, and hear the preaching of the Word.  Let me ask you this question, well first, let me say that as you know as I told you earlier that God had spoken to my heart about 40 nations that I am to preach in, and Korea is one of those nations, and I wondered who God would use to bring me to Korea.  And now I know that He spoke through you.  First of all, I want you to know how honored I am that you would invite me.

But I want you to know what you feel in your spirit about the future concerning your ministry, the future concerning your mission to Japan and what you see coming for God’s people.

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