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City of Faith by Richard Roberts


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Right now here at the Oral Roberts University Singers to minister in song, “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing.”

SPKM ORU SINGERS  SONG There_shall_be_showers_of_blessings about City of Faith and American Airlines.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Remember, if you have a need to come to the City of Faith, if you have health insurance, and if you have a doctor’s diagnosis, then you can call 1-918-493-8484.  The number is up on your screen right now. 493-8484 and you can make your clinic appointment.  And we will assist you in making your travel arrangements on American Airlines.  We will pay your airfare and pay for your ticket on American Airlines to Tulsa and back.  That is, if you have health insurance and if you have a doctor’s diagnosis.  There are many thousands of people who are taking advantage of this American Airlines program through the City of Faith. Pick up your phone and call 1-918-493-8484 and give us your health insurance and your doctor’s diagnosis and you can come to the City of Faith on American Airlines and we’ll pay for your flight.  Thank God for the American Airlines subsidy program.  One of our guests today is Tanya Goodman.  Tanya is the daughter of Rusty Goodman of the Goodman family.  She is a singer and she is a composer and she is here to bless you with the ministry of music.  So join me in welcoming Tanya Goodman.

SPKM TANYA GOODMAN The Word says we should give thanks to the Father for he has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints of the kingdom of life.  He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves.

SPKM TANYA GOODMAN  SONG His name is a strong tower

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Give her a handclap.  Tanya Goodman.  Tanya, God bless you.  Tanya, you come from a singing family.  Of course, I know your whole family and have for many years but you started out not wanting anything to do with Jesus Christ or singing for the gospel.

SPKM TANYA GOODMAN Well, I sang with my family for awhile and it didn’t really seem to me what I thought it would be.  It wasn’t glamorous and I went into it for the wrong reasons.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS A lot of hard work, huh?

SPKM TANYA GOODMAN Yeah, it was a lot of hard work and it wasn’t what I expected.  And I left the road for awhile and during that time God began to deal with me about a ministry and it’s been several years from that time until this but God really did a work in my life and gave me a willing heart to serve him in whatever he asks me to do.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS In 1982 you and your husband Michael had the door opened by the Holy Spirit for you to minister on your own. You’ve been song writing you’ve written songs for Russ Taff and they’ve been recorded by other artists in the gospel.  In fact, the song you just sang is a hit single right now on the gospel charts.  What do you feel about your music?  What are you trying to say?  What are you trying to do and minister to people?

The Son of God by Richard Roberts


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS The most amazing thing about this woman that Lindsay is describing…. this happened in the San Francisco area, and now those same doctors in the San Francisco area are calling her in about every 2 or 3 months to meet with all of their doctors to tell the story of how this happened. And she said, “Every time I get to tell the story I get to give my witness about Jesus Christ.”  (APPLAUSE)  And as I’m moving my arms right now, somebody is getting a healing in your left shoulder.  “For this purpose,” the Bible says, “the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy….”  Everybody say destroy. (DESTROY)  “….that he might destroy the works of the devil.”   ( RR_1_John_03:08 ) It was the devil’s works coming against you, Denise, and I join my faith to their faith.  The Bible says the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  ( RR_James_05:16 ) We’re not talking about self righteous. Righteous means being in a good, right relationship with God. That person’s prayer will do a good thing and our prayers can do something for you if you will let our prayers get inside you and if you will rise up on the inside and say, “God, I’m taking this as your word and from this moment forward in Jesus’ name I’m going to get better.  I’m going to get better.  I’m going to be completely healed in Jesus’ name.”


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS One word Jesus used a great deal of the time was, “Be thou made whole,” W-H-O-L-E in body, mind, spirit, family, finances, on the job, in your business.  In every area of your life, be made whole today in Jesus’ name.  Dad.

SPOR ORAL ROBERTS Steve and Denise, when you came to the Charismatic Bible Ministries Conference last June it changed your life.

SPKM STEVE VICKERS Oh, brother.  I can’t tell you, Brother Roberts, what it has meant to me.  When we started our church I had been in a denomination.  In a time of prayer God spoke to my heart and told us that we were to start a church in Montgomery, Alabama.  I wanted to leave Montgomery.  We were traveling.  But we started that work.  And the denomination I was in, after I started it, said, “No, you can’t do this.”  I said, “But God has spoken to us.”  They said, “You cannot do it.”  So we said, “Thank you for all that you’ve done for us, you’ve been so wonderful, but we must follow God.”  So we stepped out and, Brother Roberts, I was hurt and I backed away from all ministers and people and we came away.  And things were said about me by my brethren and they attacked me, but when I heard about four years ago about the Charismatic Bible Ministries, a brother of mine called me who had been at that small group meeting which you had prior to the first meeting, and the Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart and said:  Son, get involved in this.

SPOR ORAL ROBERTS And you did, you did.

SPKM STEVE VICKERS And God brought a healing.

SPOR ORAL ROBERTS And he did.  Let me tell you something important to your life on June 23, 24, and 25.  The Charismatic Bible Ministries annual conference along with the Oral Roberts Ministry Conference right here in Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University.  Come.  Pick up your phone and dial 1-918-495-7777 and make your reservation.  Come.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Dad, thank you for being here today.  Steve and Denise, God bless you for being our guests today.  Lindsay and Cheryl, thank you for being a part of our program.   thank you for watching and God continue to strengthen and heal you from your head to your feet.  Remember, we’ll be on the air live tomorrow morning.  See you then.  No matter what it looks like, God can turn it around for you.  Amen.   For American Airlines.  Call 1-800-433-l790.   AD04 PROMO for Charismatic Bible Ministries conference.  (APPLAUSE)

Abundance of the Heart by Richard Roberts


SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS  SU02 Lindsay, Lindsay, the Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by  SR01 the word. ( RR_Romans_10:17 ) So when the word gets in your ears and  SR02 you hear it, then it gets down into your heart.  And out of the abundance of the heart your mouth speaks and you begin to say it. ( RR_Matthew_12:34 ) And then your ears hear it and then it gets down in your heart and you speak it and then your ears hear it and it gets down in your heart and you speak it.  And it’s a continuous cycle and you keep getting stronger and stronger and stronger.  What do you have to say for yourself?

SPKM CHERYL PREWITT SALEM Well, c  We just choose every day.  This lady said, “Well, I heard it and I believed it.” Well, she could have heard it and not believed.  That’s your choice.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS You can always decide to reject it, can’t you?

SPKM CHERYL PREWITT SALEM That’s right. You can either reject it or you can accept it.  This person called and it’s a woman and she’s from Georgia.  She’s a flight attendant….

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS She probably talks just like you.

SPKM CHERYL PREWITT SALEM Probably, and everybody likes her cause she does.  (LAUGHTER)

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS I walked right into that one. I owe you one, Cheryl.

SPKM CHERYL PREWITT SALEM That’s right. This lady said she had been injured on the job in the neck and she couldn’t pull her luggage with her right hand.  She had to use her left hand and pull that luggage every day to the plane and back.  They have to carry their luggage all around.  She said about a week ago she prayed with you, Richard, on the show and then before the program was over you had a word of knowledge that someone was receiving a healing in the neck and the shoulder.  She claimed her healing right then and she said from that moment she never had another pain.  Then she turned around and ordered my video.  (APPLAUSE)

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS All right now, in a few moments we’re going to have a word… you know, Cheryl’s video…. we’re going to have a word about it later in the program, but I can’t…. I have been absolutely astonished, Cheryl, at how many thousands of people have written in and sown a $25 seed to receive that video. It is absolutely amazing.  And, Lindsay, now that today is the sixth week since she had little Catherine Olivia, now Lindsay can start doing aerobics.

SPLR LINDSAY ROBERTS I have it memorized.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS She’s got the tape memorized cause Jordan’s been doing it…..

SPLR LINDSAY ROBERTS Jordan does it every day.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS But Lindsay can start on it today. After six weeks the doctor said she can begin.  Now she can’t really start in…

SPKM CHERYL PREWITT SALEM She has to just start easy right now.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS ….full blast but she can go easy on it. We’ll have a word about her aerobics video but it is the most fabulous aerobics video that you’ve ever seen in your life.  Be sure and get one.

SPLR LINDSAY ROBERTS Because it’s positive. It really is. I have to say that, because what I was saying about this lady, the thought came into my mind about the scripture that says the power of life and death is in the tongue.  You begin to speak either life or death into your situation, and that aerobics video will pick you up.  If you’re down…. and I’m not being funny.  If you are down or if you get up slowly in the morning or if you’re upset about something, Cheryl talks about scriptures on it, she talks about positive things, she talks about positive attitude, she talks about a positive self image throughout the whole tape.

Greatest Years of My Life by Richard Roberts


My father wanted me to go to school to learn how to be a pharmacist or druggist, or a professional man, and I chose South Carolina, the university there — because they had a pharmacy school.  And I went there to school, and I played under Bobby Richardson for 4 years.  Four of the greatest years of my life. Playing baseball under a wonderful Christian man.  He came to me on the diamond there at the University of South Carolina in 1970 and he said, “Don, you are getting ready to go home into a world of pharmacy where you will be facing a lot of peer pressure,” like our young people face today, and he said, “Don, you’ll never make it without Jesus.”

And he said, “I realize that you have been sneaking out after curfew and drinking and smoking pot and running with the wrong crowd.”  By this time I had been staying up late at night and taking amphetamines, and studying — and I had started becoming addicted already to the speed and the amphetamines, and later on it developed into a cocaine addiction that was probably costing my family over $1,000 a week — when I had built a drug store up to a million dollar business.  I was at the top of my professional pinnacle.  I’d come home from school — I turned Bobby down that day when he said, “Don, I met a friend names Jesus when I was 16, at high school, went on and carried it to the New York Yankees with me — witnessed to Mickey Mantle and Roger Marris and all the greats.  Would you receive Jesus today?”  I through up my hands, Richard, and said, “You know, I’m okay, Bobby, I joined the church when I was 12.”  But deep down inside  I knew that I was living a lie.  I never did have the power to say no to drugs and alcohol — that our teenagers and our people need in America today.  And I came home and I had a lovely wife, started a family — she was a beautiful Christian — her name is Gwen.  And she prayed for me for many years — that I would come out of that fast lane of that party crowd and continue to go to church with her and really make a stand for Jesus Christ.  I don’t know how, but I was elected Chairman of the Baptismal Committee in my own church.

But I thank God today for a church who interceeded for me, for the whole  SM03 time I was in prison.  Acts, chapter 12, it says that the church for Jesus Christ interceeded for Peter daily while he was in prison. ( MS_Acts_12:05 ) I had a pastor who loved me, and who prayed, and who took care of my family.  But I would go to church and I would sit on the pew there on Sunday morning and I would hear many messages, but I would allow the pride of life and the pride of the world to keep me from going forward and making a commitment to Jesus Christ.  By this time I had built the drug store up to a million dollar business, working over 12 hours a day.  And I was president of the club, vice-president of the  club.  I was what you would call, Richard, as a pillar of the community.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS The world would say that you had made it, you had made it.
SPKM DON STANLEY The world said that I had made it.  But right there at the top of my pinnacle I realized that I was a lonely man without Jesus Christ.  And I was going down hill.  And I was on a roller-coaster ride.  I became an alcoholic, drinking over a quart of scotch a day.  And I was partying with doctors, and lawyers, and politicians and out in the fast lane of the world. And I started supplying friends with drugs —  and Demerol and cocaine, and I became addicted — snorting 95 percent pharmaceutical cocaine.  Even went to as far in a motel room — one night in Spartanburg, South Carolina as I took out a syringe and I hypodermically injected cocaine into my veins.  And you know as that monkey gets on your back the only hope for you in America is the blood of Jesus Christ.  (APPLAUSE)  Jesus is the hope of the hopeless.

But I was losing everything that I had worked for.  And I had my children there at home, and my wife Gwen — I had a young son when I left for prison who’s name’s Chris, that was 14 years old, playing on the high school baseball team.  A little girl named Summer, was 4 years old.  But I found out that what my children really needed, Brother Richard, was not a daddy who could buy them everything that  SM04 they needed in the materialistic world.  It says — what profit it a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul. ( MS_Matthew_16:26 ) What my children and my wife needed was a daddy who could get down on his knees at night and open up the word of God and tell them the precious stories about Jesus.

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