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Holding a Special Healing Meeting


SPKM DUSTY KEMP I’m six years old at this time.  But it was definitely a real experience with the Lord.  Now I spent the next approximately 14 years convincing myself that I did not do that, so that in 1975 I was in college, I was going to University of Houston, going to be a lawyer, was going to graduate from the University of Houston and be a lawyer. And in 1975 was not really born again, never knew Jesus Christ as living.  And I didn’t have anything to do on a Thanksgiving night, and 1973 was the year. And so we went to Evangelistic Temple in Houston, Texas where Charles and Frances Hunter, who was on here just a couple of weeks ago, I remember seeing them, they were holding a special healing meeting.  And the place was so packed out that I didn’t have a place to sit.  So here I am college hippy type.  They went and sat me on the stage on the steps to the choir loft, right there front row center to watch what was going on.  Now I’d come with my grandparents and my mother and a couple of other people. And during that service Frances Hunter had a word of knowledge that my grandmother–well, didn’t say Dusty’s grandmother–but of course she said, “There is a lady in the audience who is being healed of a heart condition,” and that was my grandmother who stood up instantly when she said that.  She had had a heart condition for 17 or more years.  They tell me now it was more than 17 years.  I’d never known her able to do anything, go to any of my football games in high school or anything of that sort. But that night she was supernaturally healed by the power of God. And from that day until now–she’s 79 years old, I hope she doesn’t mind me telling you that, 79 years old–

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS I doubt she’ll mind.

SPKM DUSTY KEMP I don’t think so.  She now goes to Ronda’s daddy’s church, who was also my pastor, and is younger today thanshe ever has been in her life.  They were able right after thatwhen we first started pastoring Bread of Life Church in Houston in 1980, we were able to send my grandfather and grandmother up here to your partners weekend, I guess that’s the weekend seminar.  And she had never been able to do that in her life.And that turned me on to the supernatural power of God.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS That experience that your grandmother had, that miracle turned you on to Jesus.  (Yes)  What happened to you, now did you, you were not married yet at that time?

SPKM DUSTY KEMP No, I didn’t know Rhonda.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS You didn’t know Rhonda.

SPKM DUSTY KEMP No, I didn’t know Rhonda at that time.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Did that set about something in your life that you wanted to know more about Jesus?

SPKM DUSTY KEMP Well, see, I believed that the Bible teaches that every man is born with a knowing of God.  But the Bible says in Romans, chapter 1, that He makes it evident even to those who are not learned in the visible creation that He’s made.  And I don’t know if every man had it, but I had a hunger for God all my life, just for something more.  And then and there I knew that there was something more.  And so I began searching for the Lord at that time.  And then it was at a Holy Spirit Conference in which your dad ministered over in Dallas, a Methodist Holy Spirit Conference, that I finally turned my life completely over to the Lord Jesus Christ at that time.  And the rest is history, so to speak.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Rhonda, now how did you and Dusty get together?  I mean tell us, you’re on television now, you can tell the real story.

SPKM RHONDA KEMP O.K., I can tell the real story.

SPKM DUSTY KEMP Tell the truth.  Tell how you believed for me.

SPKM RHONDA KEMP Well, you know, there wasn’t a lot of faith movement back then and my dad having a church and of course they liked for me to date guys that were Spirit-filled and went to the church.  So I had to believe them in.  So I would pick them, you know, and bring them and get them saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  That’s what I did with Dusty.  I saw him, the first time I saw him I knew I liked him.  And I’d invite him to things at the church a lot.


SPKM RHONDA KEMP Yeah, he came a lot of times, like singing groups, mild stuff, you know.  I’d only invite him to real mild stuff that wouldn’t blow him away.  But one night we, you came for a singing group and I remember Dusty sitting in the back and he knew nothing about the baptism in the Holy Spirit or anything. And he kept looking at me saying, “Have I got it, have I got it?” And I kept going, “What is this guy talking about, have I got it, have I got it?”  But what he was speaking of was the power of the Holy Ghost, you know, in the service.  Do you remember it?  That was great.

City of Faith



SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS And it’s available immediately.

SPKM JIM WINSLOW It’s already in place.  We had 800 telephone

calls last week.  Now what we’ve done is, we’ve contacted those

people, verified the insurance, and we’re making appointments

now.  We try to make those appointments seven days ahead of time.

Obviously, if we had 800 telephone calls, that’s a lot of calls.

You can help yourself and help us if you will call in the early

afternoon.  This past weekend we visited a church and talked

about this program.  After that church service a lot of people

came up and asked some questions that let me know that we haven’t

done as good a job as we should in telling you about the City of

Faith.  They ask, “Do you do heart surgery at the City of Faith?”

Of course we do heart surgery at the City of Faith.  But if you

didn’t know that, it’s not helping you any.  We do heart surgery

at the City of Faith.  We have a great early detection program

for colon cancer, two excellent gastroenterologists.  Those are

people who take care of stomach and liver and colon problems and

those kinds of things.  We have a great urologist at the City of

Faith, a fellow who took care of my father successfully, who is

taking care of President Roberts. There’s no reason that a man

shouldn’t have his prostate problem fixed.  Everyone of us who is

a male, if we live long enough, are going to have a problem with

that particular area of our body.  And that can be taken care of

easily and successfully.  It’s not a big issue anymore.  But

people didn’t know that we had that service available.  I’m

telling you we do.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS Jim, what about people with cancer?

SPKM JIM WINSLOW We have a great cancer program, Richard.  People

come here who have cancer for more than just medical reasons, but

they have to have excellent medicine.  But when you have cancer,

you’re scared.  That word frightens people.  It frightens me.


SPKM JIM WINSLOW But if you have effective prayer and faith and

good medicine–

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS All working together.

SPKM JIM WINSLOW –all working together, you’ve got the very best

opportunity to recover from cancer.  And that disease is not

always fatal.  You need to get in your mind that half the people

who have cancer will recover. (Applause)

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS All right now, Jim, let’s just say now I’m

in Los Angeles.  American Airlines serves Los Angeles.  Or I’m in

New York City or I’m in Columbus or I’m in Chicago or I’m in

Dallas or St. Louis, some city where American Airlines–who do I

call and what do I do to make an appointment?  And then do I call

American Airlines or what do I do?

SPKM JIM WINSLOW O.K., process.  Take your pencil out and a piece

of paper and write this number down.  Area code 918-493-8484,

8484.  You call that telephone number.  A special group of people

answers that telephone who are prepared to handle this particular

program.  They will help you secure an appointment.  You need to

have in your hand when you call your insurance card so that you

can give them a number.  And we’ll check with the insurance

company and be certain everything is appropriate.  As a matter of

fact, this week we found about a dozen people who thought they

had insurance.  When something had gone wrong between them and

the insurance company, we were able to straighten that out for

them.  That’s a great service we didn’t intend to provide, but

you’re the beneficiary.  Praise God.  O.K.  You call, you have

your insurance card, you get that verified.  You make an

appointment. After you have an appointment in hand, you will be

given a number to call, TOLL Free number to call, with American

Airlines.  And they have a special operator who will arrange you

a flight to Tulsa that most nearly matches your appointment time

so you don’t waste any time.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS And then the City of Faith will pay for the

air fare.

SPKM JIM WINSLOW The City of Faith will take care of it.  When

it’s time for you to go home, they will arrange your return

flight.  It doesn’t matter     70 whether you’re here one day or

three days or if you have to go in the hospital.  I hope not, but

if you should have to have something like that, they will arrange

the flight home then for you.  It will save you the maximum

amount of time and you don’t have to pay your airline cost.  It’s

the greatest thing that I’ve seen lately.

SPRR RICHARD ROBERTS You know, that’s a good deal, Jim.

SPKM JIM WINSLOW It is a good deal.  (Applause)

SPKM LARRY LEA Richard.  (Yes)  There are people I sense in my

heart that are listening right now that are on the borderline of

whether or not they ought to pick up their phone and make that

telephone call.  Let me tell you one thing that happened.  We

were going through the emergency room one night at about

midnight.  And here comes a patient on a bed being wheeled out.

Let It Go by Lindsay Roberts


Of all the necessities I have in my kitchen, my roll of plastic wrap is probably one of the least harmful.  It’s clear…you can see through it.  It’s thin and pliable…easy to work with.  Pretty harmless stuff, right?

But if you take that clear, thin plastic wrap and wrap it around someone, covering them from head to toe, it doesn’t take long to realize that what appeared to be harmless in small amounts can be binding and crippling when it’s allowed to take over your life.

Something similar can happen when we begin to rely on the world instead of relying on God’s Word.  When faced with a crisis, many of us go to the phone instead of God’s throne to get advice from people who can do absolutely nothing about our problem.  Or we sit in front of the TV, soaking up bad news, “reality” shows, and all the “my-baby-done-me-wrong” programs that are out there…not to mention video games and internet sites that are not edifying, to say the least.

What starts out small, simple, and innocent can quickly entrap us.  And pretty soon we’re bound up in stinking garbage—layer upon seemingly innocent layer—and we didn’t even smell it coming!

The sad fact is, too often we give a lot of time and attention to stuff that doesn’t even matter.  And when God comes along with a miracle meant for us, we’re so bound up with junk that we can’t receive it.

Hurting Hearts by Lindsay Roberts


Needless to say, I was devastated.  I’d been told for years that I would never have children, and I’d had several miscarriages.  But finally I’d had a successful pregnancy and had given birth to a healthy son…only to see him die.

Although I was in no physical condition to do so, I attended the memorial service we held at Oral Roberts University for our baby.  After the service, a woman came to me and said, “I prayed for God to kill that baby, and God answered my prayers.”

I was shocked and deeply hurt by her words. But the Lord said to me, “Hug her neck.”  As a Christian, I knew how I should react.  But my first instinct was to wring that woman’s neck!

But the Lord said, “You hug her neck and ask her what hurt in her heart caused to let such a statement come out of her mouth at a time like this.”  I obeyed Him, and the woman began to weep and tell me all the abuse, trouble, and turmoil that had happened in her life.  I forgot about my own pain and began to pray for her and minister to her.

You see, I, too, had some unresolved hurts.  And I believe God used that incident not only to release her, but so I wouldn’t drink the poison of bitterness and die.  It forced me to make a choice:  get bitter or get better.

When someone offends you, you have three options:  You can shoot that fiery dart right back at them with offending words of your own; you can receive their remark and harbor it in your soul, allowing it to fester and develop into bitterness; or you can pray.  You can say Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to take the poison tip of this offense out of my flesh so nothing has a chance to take root in me.

It’s easy to wallow in bitterness, blaming others’ actions for our attitude.  But I believe God expects more of us.  You may never be able to change the person who has offended you, but you can change.  You can remove the sin of bitterness from your heart so the blessing of God can continue flowing into your life.

The Cross of Jesus Christ is the greatest example of denying bitterness the chance to take root.  Jesus had every reason to be bitter and full of hatred as His life on earth came to an end.

A crowd of followers had turned against Him, soldiers beat and mocked Him, and even His closest friends had denied Him.   But His words as He hung on the Cross were, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34 NKJV).

By turning to His Father rather than holding on to pain and bitterness, Jesus was able to remain full of love even as He was dying.  When one of the criminals crucified next to Him said, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom,” Jesus proclaimed, “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.”  And the man was assured of eternal life (Luke 23:42-43 NKJV).

Father, forgive them.  It’s not the most eloquent prayer in the world, but it may be one of the most effective prayers you can ever pray to release you of your bitterness.    That simple prayer can put you in a position to minister peace and healing to the one who has hurt you, in the same way Jesus has done for you, and open the way for God to pour His healing and blessing into your life.

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