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Make Your Day Count with Lindsay Roberts


AMBER: Right, but it takes money to do all this stuff, but something that grabs people—

LR: But your heart has been connected.

AMBER: —is our relationship with them.  And through that relationship, they’ll see God through you.  And we were just all talking, actually sitting probably on the floor of Jordan’s office, and we were all sitting there.

LR: Everybody sits on the floor in Jordan’s office.  It’s like a counseling session on the floor.

AMBER: We were all just sitting there, and we were talking about the album and just everything that we wanted.  We wanted this album to be something bigger than us, you know, something that’s going to last way beyond when we’re gone, you know, when our children are here and whatever.  So we wanted to established Hunger Needs a Voice.

It was something that I just kind of came about it, and we wanted to give to that and make sure that these kids, you know, that people loved them and that God loves them.

LR: Then you got the idea, “Why don’t we consider building a school?”  And immediately it was a light conversation of, “Well, yeah, that could do.”  And you went, “No, that’s doable.”  It just hit you it can be done.

So in the process of all that, we went back to the Childs and voiced what we wanted to do.  Come to find out, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

NC: You’re right on the same page.
LR: And so we are on the same page, and we invite you to join our page.  And at ORU we are doing everything we can to work with them to build a school, to fund the school, to hopefully and prayerfully equip the school, teachers, administrators, the needed things, the educational things that are the nuts and bolts of the school.

But then their idea was to bring the feeding into the school, to guarantee that as the children are in the school, they are fed at the school.  And each step of the way, obviously the money issue was never the issue.  The idea was, this is something we have to do, and God will provide the money.      

And I think that that way of thinking has infected all of us.  And we want to ask you to be a part of it.  We want you to think about this.  Do you want to go to Africa?  Got some neat people to hook you up with.  Do you speak French?  That wouldn’t hurt either.  It’s a French-speaking country.

Are you interested in education?  Hmm, they’re desperately in need of teachers and in need of the educational side of it.  And then let’s toss in the fact that financially, they’re in need of that.  And the food program that you work with.  So there’s a great need. 

There’s a great bunch of kids that have produced an album, the Revolution album, so that the proceeds can go towards this.  Instead of sitting back at home and going, “Isn’t that nice of them?”—yes, it is, and I agree.  But what about all of us?  What is our part?  Has God put some of this in your heart?

Now it was so strong in Haley’s heart, we had to fight her to come home, and we can’t keep her here.  We’ve just all come to that realization.  So what’s your part?  We all know that there’s something for us to do, but we want to inquire, “Have you got something in your heart that God is laying on your heart to do?”

All I’m asking you to do is pray.  And if God does move on your heart, would you pick up your phone, call the Abundant Life Prayer Group at area code 918-495-7777.  That’s area code 918-495-7777.  Not only will they pray with you, but they will believe God with you for whatever your part is, whether it’s the financial part, whether it’s to join them, whether it’s a missionary part.

And then if you want more information, go to  That’s all you have to do is go to  I believe it will be a tremendous blessing.  We’re going to link you over to all that they’re doing.  And you can write Richard Roberts and Lindsay Roberts, Tulsa, OK 74102.

And I don’t know about you, I went 24 years ago.  It’s never left my heart.  Jordan, that’s all she talks about.  Amber didn’t get to go.  She’s mad as a hornet.  We have told her she is going to get to go.  So it’s okay, and the bitterness will get healed when you get over there.

And Haley just cries, and her husband Nick, he’s determined to go.  And you all live over there.  So what more can we say, except, now it’s your time.  We need you to participate.  So we want to encourage you, if you’d like to be a part of this, again,

Thank you guys all for being here.  Whatever you do today, pray about Africa and make it count for the kingdom of God.

Make Your Day Count with Lindsay Roberts


LR: And it is normal to God.  Well, they came back, and we’ll kind of switch over to Haley.  Haley’s desire was most of it, in my opinion, in the missionary outreach and the healing outreach.

Jordan’s was in the feeding and the educational side.  And when Jordan came back, your heart was, you didn’t want to leave.  And then the biggest thing I think that touched you was seeing the healings.  I think that’s probably the most reasonable to say.

HH: Yeah, it was huge for me to see the healings, just because I’ve known from a young age that God would use me to be a part of healing crusades overseas, to reach a mass amount of people with the gospel.  I didn’t know where.  I didn’t know the parts of it, but just the healing ministry.

So somehow along the way, God has prepared a way for me to be under President Roberts since I’ve been at ORU, which I never thought about that.  I’m an ORU TV Singer.  I never thought that would happen, that’s how I would get to travel and do all those things. 

My mom said, “You should be an ORU TV Singer.”

I said, “Okay.”  (Inaudible)

Somehow I ended up there, and it’s not just being able to sing on TV.  It’s being able to minister to people and to go with President Roberts and learn the inner workings of a ministry like that.  That’s huge for me, and I got to go to do.  And it wasn’t just . . . it’s a place—

LR: Fallen in love with, go ahead and admit it.  I can take it now.  We had to beg her to come home, and now they’re begging her to go back.

HH: I talk about it all the time, warming you all up.

LR: I know, she’s preparing me.  So Jordan comes back with mostly Haley’s story.  And she sat down with Amber, and they talked about how many people they were able to minister to with the mission field, with the ministry outreach in medical missions, the nursing missions, the feeding program, and the doctor program, evangelistic program.

And Amber began to hear Jordan’s heart about wanting to feed more.  They fed 285,000 meals, and found out immediately that was not even a dent, not even close.

So the moment they got home, it was, “What can we do to do more?”  The million meals popped in their mind.  And they were determined at that moment it’s going to be a million meals.

Well, she talked to Amber about it, and they were about to do the new Revolution album.  And as they are about to put together the album, Amber is the one to market the album.  And Jordan starts talking about the school.  I think Amber did.  And pick it up from there what happened.

AMBER: We were just talking, and I was bitter because I didn’t get to go. 

LR: She was complaining the whole time.

AMBER: Bitterness, I was just like, it’s something that—as hard as we try, there’s going to be kids out there that are just going to be hungry and stuff and they’re going to not be educated or whatever.  But we were talking about how cool it would be to go over there.  You know, even if we went over there and we actually built this school and went over there and established a relationship with these people and, you know, just gave them something, stuff like that, an education and food and stuff.  In a sense, money can’t buy that stuff like the relationship that you build with these people. 

??: But it can build a school.

Make Your Day Count with Lindsay Roberts


NC: That’s right.  Well, Niger, a nation that is less than one percent Christian, it’s, like you said, the poorest country.  It doesn’t have enough resources to sustain the population.  It’s the lowest in education, ranked on the education index in the world; 208 countries, it’s last.

So from the natural standpoint, you say, “What is in Niger?”  Even two years ago the news media was referring to it as the silent crisis, the forgotten nation.  But we know God has not forgotten Niger.

And from that point, the Lord just began to open doors.  And when President Roberts was hearing the voice of the Lord to come, that opened the nation up, as far as our ministry is concerned, and we could then take the gospel to a higher level.

We’ve been preaching in the villages and in the towns, but now we wanted to penetrate the capitol city.  We were able to hold this Rally that was across the city.  We had over 90 churches all gathered together
LR: Never been done before in the history.

NC: Never been done before.

LR: Healing Rally, Christian rally.

NC: Healing Rally.  People were getting saved in this rally, more people saved in this week than 70 years of Christianity all throughout.

LR: In one week.
NC: In one week.  So it was incredible.  Niger is a country that really, the harvest is great.  And, really, that’s what the passion is right now that we’re trying to tell people, to say, “The harvest is great, the laborers are few.”  We’ve got to join together.  We’ve got to take the gospel to a land where they’ve not heard.  And that’s our vision, (foreign phrase)—we’re preaching the gospel in a land where they’ve not heard.

And we want to really begin to set up an infrastructure where the gospel can go forward.  We’re talking about a school.  We have a primary school where we’re not only preaching the gospel in our Bible schools.  We’re not only planting churches.  We have 27 churches planted now.  But we’re now getting into the area of education.

This is a nation where there’s less than 20 percent of the people that can read and write.  You can’t send them a tract and then read about Christ.  It has to have a voice.  It has to have somebody go.

But now in our heart, we’re wanting to raise up from the children, kindergarten, K3, K4, K5, you know, all the way through sixth grade.  We have a school that we’re just in our second year now, but it’s a school that we’ve already outgrown.  We’re having to build our next school block of three classrooms.  And that’s where, praise God, chapel today, I mean, I was just blown away that President Roberts wanted to take up an offering for us.

And then hearing Jordan’s heart about God speaking to her and Amber about this Revolution project, I mean, we’re excited just to be a part of that.

These are children that are growing up in Moslem families.  Our school is a Christian school.  We have a normal curriculum of the government, but we pray over the kids.  We teach the Word.  And they’re learning.  And these are coming from Moslem families.

And the unique thing about this is, that the Moslems are willing to pay for their kids to come to our school because education is in such high demand, they’re willing to pay their kids to come to a Christian school because they know we’re going to offer an excellent education.

And so that’s what we’ve been experiencing.  But there’s just so much more opportunity.  There’s so many kids, and some kids can’t afford it.  And one of the things that’s on our heart is to be able to sponsor the children of our pastors to come in to the school.  And a lot of times they’re pastoring out in these villages, they don’t have the funds to be able to send their kid in to come to school.  Out in these villages, there won’t be schools.  So that’s really what our heart is.

We’ve been thinking down the road, possibly have dormitories and a setup where we can bring the kids in.

LR: They came back and are bragging about Danette.  And all my babies and all the kids are bragging about you and your family.  And yet here you are in immense poverty, raising three children.  You’re from Minnesota.  You were not born into the mission field, and yet it’s home to you.  And you see the need, and you’re doing something about it.

DC: As far as our children, raising our children there, we can’t think of really a better place.  I mean, we’re honored to have our children be a part of our ministry.  After we were married, and probably before we were married, we started praying for our children, whatever children that God gave us, knowing our future, that they would adapt to whatever culture that we were going to sit in.  I think everybody can testify that that is an answer to prayer.

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