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Make Your Day Count with Lindsay Roberts


LR: Welcome to Make Your Day Count.  My name is Lindsay Roberts.  And today on the program you’re going to hear from my daughter Jordan and her friend Haley and her friend Amber, and Neal and Danette Childs, the people that they went to see in Niger when they went to Africa, in the crusade that they had, the feeding program that they had.  My husband Richard Roberts conducted a Crusade there just a couple months ago.

There was a medical, a dental, evangelistic crusade, a feeding program.  And they’re the ones that were responsible for taking the 285,000 meals to Africa.  We’re going to talk about that, talk about the need that is still very great and how the Holy Spirit has really birthed in our kids a need to do a school for their kids.  And I really believe it will bless you. 

What a day!  What a day it is here on our campus, learning all about how God is ministering in Africa.  So stay tuned.  We’re going to bring them on the program, and I believe they will be a tremendous blessing to you.

LR: Okay, now as you can see, my puppy baby here is kissing grandma because this is Jordan’s baby Ella.  This is Amber’s baby Lucy.  This is my baby Jordan.  This is Amber.  This is Haley, and this is Danette and Neal Childs.

Now why are we all here?  Okay, Amber is here totally against her will.  And they came over because she wanted to watch us tape this program with Neal and Danette.  And she was going to dog-sit the babies, but I wouldn’t have it because I said, “No, you know what?  You’ve got to talk.”

And she’s never done this before, except one time she cooked for me on TV.  And we want to talk about something that is just absolutely overflowing in our hearts.  We have set it up the best we can. 

Twenty-four years ago I went to Africa, ran into Neal when he was in high school, barely.  He was a baby.  I’m old.  Say a word now and I’ll push you right out of the . . .   Neal comes to ORU, marries Danette.  At ORU both meet here, going to just be a business student, sociology major, social work.

The next thing you know, God calls them back to Africa where your family is from.  And you are opening work in Niger, poorest, hottest country in the world.  God lays it on Richard’s heart to go there.  Richard tells Jordan, and she can’t wait.  Jordan tells Haley, and Haley was going to go, no matter what.  And Amber and I are sitting back home.

AMBER: I got stuck in the rowboat.

LR: You got stuck back home because we all said, “This is so not fair.”  (All talking at once)  She is itching to join you.  And Laura and Amber griped the entire time.  Now think about this, they are going to the hottest, poorest country in the world that has never had a crusade before like this in the country and now mad they didn’t get to go.  Talk about missions heart!

And that’s the kind of thing we’re producing here at ORU.  Obviously you know that because you’re from ORU. 

AMBER: I had to stay and baby-sit.

LR: She had to baby-sit me, and I was crying every day because I miss my family.  And something happened over there that we knew would happen.  I’m going to let you guys pick up the story.  In spite of enormous opposition, you knew God was supposed to bring Richard there.  And the crusade was something that the country had not seen before.

Prayer Requests by Lindsay Roberts



I’m right here in the Abundant Life Prayer Tower on the campus of Oral Roberts University.  And right as you see where I just walked out of, we walked out live with the Prayer Group praying.  And I do have a couple of prayer requests that have just come in.  And before we get to those, I do want to tell you something.  Are you pressured, stressed, frustrated?  Look me in the face.  Yes!  Okay, so we’ve accomplished that much.  We know what the problem is.

This book I wrote, it says, “Take charge of the negative situations that come to attack you.  Overcome them with the Word of God.”  I want to give this to you.  Normally this book is for sale.  And you know what?  I’ve had a lot of fun writing it.  But it’s not about fun writing it or selling it.  It’s about getting it into your hands and understanding that you could take charge of negative situations that come to attack you.  Overcome them with the Word of God.

Now I want you to pick up your telephone, call a free number, 866—that’s toll-free—866 is a free number—870-MYDC, like Make Your Day Count, 870-MYDC, or the same number is 866-870-6932, 870-6932.  That’s a free call.

And what I want you to do is say, “I want Lindsay’s free book.  Please send it to me.”  And I want to give it to you.  I’m sowing seed.  Why?  Because if you read in Malachi, it says that when you sow and tithe unto God—this is my seed—that God will open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing where there’s not room enough to receive it.  We all could use that.  And He would rebuke the devourer for your sake.

Satan walks around as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Now I just read that to you.  That’s in the book of 1 Peter.  Satan is trying to devour you.  How do you combat that?  You know what?  I believe we combat it with tithe and offering.  Because Malachi says when you bring tithe and offering into the storehouse, when you give to God’s work, He will open you the windows of heaven, He’ll pour you out a blessing where there’s not room enough to receive it, and He will rebuke the devourer for your sake.

And so I have to do my part.  I have to sow seed.  And my seed to you today is Overcoming Stress.  It’s a gift, 866—I’m so bad about toll-free numbers, the 1-800 thingies.  But here’s what it is:  866-870-MYDC.  That’s the same as 866-870-6932.  You call that number.  You tell them, “Lindsay told me to order this book, and Lindsay says it’s free.”  And it’s free to you today.  I want to give it to you.

Now one thing I want to do is, from the time that we announced we were going to do this, we asked people to call or write in, and we were going to take their prayer request live.  We said it last night on The Hour of Healing.  And two particular prayer requests came in.  I’ve got some stacks over there that we’re going to go through in a minute, and I’ve got some Seed-Faith gifts that people are saying as they sow, they want the devourer rebuked.  So I’m going to read those in a minute.

But listen to this.  This is a person by the name of Tommy, and Tommy called in, right here in Oklahoma, and said that he’s having struggles because of bereavement, that there had been a loss in his family and he had not been able to overcome that.

This other person called in and said that in the city that they live in—the man lives in Pennsylvania—and the particular city that they live in, he said this particular city has just really been rampant with drugs and alcohol and violence in the youth.  And he said he wants to see the youth of his city come to Christ.  He’s also believing for a particular job.

In the name of Jesus, right now we’re just going to stop for this precious one that’s called in about not being able to get over the loss, bereavement.  The Bible says that Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted.

And for the drugs and alcohol and violence in the city that this precious man called in, I am praying for young people to come to Christ and that city to experience revival, in Jesus’ name.

You know, it’s so simple to just see the need around.  But you know what?  We can fight.  We can’t fight one another, but we can fight the good fight of our faith.  The Bible says.  God requires us to fight one fight, one battle, and that’s the good fight of our faith.

This precious lady wrote in, and I don’t want to give too much information.  But I tell you this, and I’ve never been in this position before.  I have not gotten into a situation remotely like this.  But I tell you, it doesn’t matter how you hurt, Jesus wants you healed.

She said that she is a caretaker for a family member with Alzheimer’s.  And she said it’s gotten to the point where although she loves this family member very dearly, she’s become a nervous wreck and said, “The only thing I’ve thought about day in and day out is ending my life.”

She said, “I know it’s terrible to think like that, but I must tell you I’m really tired.”  And she said, “Please pray for me.”

And then she said, “I’m enclosing a Seed-Faith gift.”  And she said the amount.  And the amount of the Seed-Faith gift is according to Malachi 3:10 and 11, where it says, “Bring ye tithe and offering into the storehouse and expecting God”—He said, “Prove me, and see if I’ll not open you the windows of heaven, pour you out a blessing, and rebuke the devourer.”

Now in the name of Jesus, I pray for peace and rest on you, sweetie, for God to bring you peace and rest and you to be a strong caretaker and for these suicide thoughts to go.  And the Bible says you’ll live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.  We pray over you right now for that.

This one called and said, “Please pray for depression.”  I can’t even begin to tell you the number of stacks of prayer requests that we’ve had over depression.  We speak right now in the name of Jesus—this person’s from Pennsylvania.  And she sowed a Seed-Faith gift, and she said, “I am expecting a miracle as I plant my seed.”

All right, in the name of Jesus, we speak to anyone with depression.  In the name of Jesus, we break the bondage of depression.  And we say, in Jesus’ name, don’t have a breakdown; have a breakthrough, in Jesus’ name.

And then one more I want to read real quickly.  And she said she has a specific need.  And she said she just feels like giving up, just giving up.

You know what?  I’m going to tell you one more time.  And, again, I’m reading the phone number because I’m not real good about these phone numbers—866-870-6932, 866-870-6932.  Stressed, pressured, frustrated, yep, I know how you feel.  I didn’t write this book out of la-la land.  I wrote this book out of experience.  Believe me, I know what it feels like.  There are days when I wrote this book that I thought, I’m so stressed, I can’t write a stress book.  Now that’s ridiculous.  But it’s the truth.  Sometimes we feel so stressed.

You know, I read a statistic when I was writing this book that the number one thing people worry about is that they worry too much.  This is not God’s highest and best.  And we pray for you right now, for God to bring healing to that situation.  Dial 866-870-6932.  When the operator comes on, just tell them, “I want Lindsay’s free book.”  And it is my gift to you.

I also want you to do one other thing.  Pick up your telephone right now if you have a prayer request.  Because, like I said, we are live right here in the Prayer Tower here in Tulsa.  And I want you to dial 918-495-7777, 918-495-7777.  Please give the prayer partners your prayer request.  If you want to sow a seed, they’ll take that as well.  And we are praying over them live as we get the requests.

We’re going to watch something called Living Proof, and it’s living proof that God is still in the miracle business.  And we will be right back.

Prayer Requests by Lindsay Roberts



Welcome to Make Your Day Count.  I am so glad to be here standing in the midst of the Abundant Life Prayer Tower.  I am Lindsay Roberts.  We’re here amidst the Prayer Group right here at the Prayer Tower.  And I’m telling you something, the Abundant Life Prayer Group is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with these particular prayer partners where we are—we’re live in Tulsa right now at two o’clock—and these people are sitting here bathing this atmosphere in prayer.

You know my husband Richard Roberts.  We’ve been doing The Hour of Healing every night live from right here.  And when we walked into this atmosphere, I said, “Richard, you know what?  The Hour of Healing has taken on a new level, a new dimension,” when we have felt this presence of the prayer of the faithful people here in this place.

And so we said, “You know what?  Let’s think about doing Make Your Day Count here.”  Now we’ve never done this before.  As many years as we’ve done Make Your Day Count, we’ve never done it live from the Prayer Tower.  So here we are.

And I was reading a scripture the other day that really was the catalyst for me to do this live from standing right here.  Now I have to tell you, I’m used to Richard being standing right next to me and kind of holding me up and lifting me up.  This is a whole new day.  Lindsay’s doing it by herself.  Oh, mercy!  Now you all pray for me, and I’m going to pray for you.

So I’m going to tell you how this started.  If you look in the book of Galatians, and it says in Galatians, chapter 5, verse 25, “If we live in the Spirit, then let us also walk in the Spirit.  If we live in the Spirit, let us walk in the Spirit.”

You know, we want spiritual prayers from a spiritual God, but we’re walking in the flesh and getting into fear and doubt and worry and unbelief and all kinds of garbage that we don’t believe we need to be a part of.  And yet we want God’s spiritual answers.

Well, it’s very simple.  If you want God’s spiritual answers, then you’ve got to walk in the Spirit.  Okay, well, how do you do that?  Well, the Bible says very clearly you don’t walk in the flesh; you walk in the Spirit.  You walk by faith, which is a spiritual atmosphere.

Well, I had a person tell me as I was coming in here—you’ve seen my friend Melissa on the program many times—and as I was walking in here, she said, “If we don’t acknowledge spiritual warfare, we’re going to turn into spiritual road kill.”

And that hit me.  If we don’t start acknowledging spiritual warfare, that satan comes against us to steal, to kill, and to destroy, if we don’t start recognizing that these attacks are not just flesh and blood, but they’re powers and principalities and rulers of darkness—and the Bible says, spiritual hosts of wickedness—if we don’t recognize that some of the junk that we go through is not just flesh and blood, but it’s an attack of satan himself coming against the body of Christ, trying to get us into fear and doubt and unbelief and trying to get us to believe we’ll never get out of this mess, “Oh, my goodness!” and just walk in fear.

We’ve got to get into the spirit and do what the Spirit of God says.  I was looking at the scripture in 1 Peter 5:8.  It says, “Satan goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”  So then if you take that scripture, okay, we know satan is a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  How is it that he devours us or doesn’t devour us?

Go to Malachi 3, and it said, “God rebukes the devourer for our sakes.”  When we bring tithe and offering into the storehouse, God promised He would rebuke the devourer so satan couldn’t go around as a roaring lion devouring us.

Okay, so I thought about that, and I said, “All right, Lord, we just have got to stop what we’re doing and pray.”  The Bible says, “Men ought to pray and not faint.”  Maybe you’re in a situation right now—and like I said, we’re live right now here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  And if you want to call the Abundant Life Prayer Group, pick up your telephone, 918-495-7777.  They’re taking prayer requests.  They’re bringing them to me right now.

And as they’re doing this, we’re going to pray.  We’re going to pray warfare prayers.  Satan is attacking you in a spiritual war.  So we have to attack him back—we don’t wrestle flesh and blood, the Bible says.  This is not about people.  He said, “You do not have the privilege of fighting flesh and blood, powers and principalities and rulers of darkness.”

Okay, well how do you fight them?  He said the only fight we get into is the good fight of our faith.  So we are going to begin to pray, and we are going to pray for you.  We’re going to pray for me.  We’re going to pray for whatever needs come in to the Abundant Life Prayer Group.

And right now live from the Prayer Tower, we’re going to pray for you and begin to believe that what has come against you, whether it’s spiritual, physical, financial, emotional, whatever it is that’s coming against you, we’re going to believe that God is going to open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing where there’s not room enough to receive it and rebuke the devourer for your sake, as His Word in Malachi promises.  So we’re going to do that today.  We want you to stay tuned.  We’re going to take a break, and I’m going to walk over there and sit down.  And we’re going to continue to pray.  But please remember, during this break, you can pick up your telephone and dial 918-495-7777.  And these are the prayer partners you’ll be talking to right here that I’m standing in front of.  And you’ll be talking to them.  They’re going to bring those prayer requests live to me, and we’re going to begin spiritual warfare in your behalf.  So stay tuned.  We’re going to be right back.

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