RR:  Wayman, what’s it like playing in the NBA with people like Jabbar and Ralph Sampson and all those great players?  What’s it really like when you’re under the board with someone that’s as big or bigger than you are?

WT:  Yes.  In college I used to have, you know, some nights I’d have a rest.  Not against Kansas, they beat us twice, to come to think of it. But in college you have a couple of nights you could look forward to that you would have a rest.  But now it’s work every night.  You know, one week I was ____ Larry Bird, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley or Dr. J.  I mean night after night it’s work.  And it’s like night and day as far as the competition because these are older men that know the game and they really, it’s their job.  And they put it into a science almost as far as what they do, how you pace yourself through an 82 game season, plus with pre-season games it’s like 90 something. So it’s a lot of work out there.

RR:  How have you been able to share your witness for Christ while you’ve been in the National Basketball Association?  Is there anything that stands out in your mind the way you’ve been able to share Christ?

WT:  Well, not right off.  I talk about the Bible a lot.  In fact, I’ve gotten some people, some of my teammates to go to church since I’ve been there.  You know, the days we have off we try to go out and read the Bible.  (Applause)  In fact, before each game we have at home we have a chapel service and it amazed me how many people, how many players would be in there, you know. The first time we played Philadelphia, here’s Dr. J., who has been in the leagues 15 years, he’s the first guy in there.  It really was an inspiration to me to God.  There’s a lot of Christian players there.  You know, it’s just great.  I attend chapel services before every game, so that’s really helping me out and try to minister.

RR:  Are you surprised to see how many born-again, Spirit-filled Christians there are in the National Basketball Association?

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