WT:  Well, as far as drugs are concerned, I just thank God that He’s really taken I guess drug users away from me personally. Out of all my friends I’ve never had a friend that really I hung around that used drugs.  And if I did, you know, God gave me the knowledge to get away from them and, you know, not that I was trying to be stuck up or anything, but I just had no desire for drugs ever.  And I was exposed to drugs, in the sixth grade I had friends that were using drugs in the sixth grade, and it really blew my mind back then that, you know, guys would at that young of age would be encouraged to use them.  And, you know, just from then on, my mother would always, she would almost preach to meabout the dangers of them, and, you know, just kind of got instilled in my mind that drugs are the most worthless things on this earth as far as drug abuse is concerned.  And–

RR:  And you didn’t need, you didn’t need drugs to excel as an athlete, did you?

WT:  whatever, there won’t be enough people to pick my body up off the ground.  So I just really encourage the young people to really think of what could happen.  You know, we’ve seen this summer a couple of drug abuse.  And, you know, we really need to take a stand and really go against drugs.  I’m trying to start a program myself.  In Indianapolis when the season starts, I’m going to all the high schools and talking against drugs. 

RR:  Now that’s wonderful.  That’s wonderful.  I want you to saythat again because that’s terrific.

WT:  I’m going to different high schools.  I’m going to have a program (Applause) that–in fact, my brother went today to try to establish it and hopefully we can get it started.  I have 20 or 30 students to come to the game and I have their section.  People know they’re against drugs and they’re in Wayman’s corner, and that’s just going to be the title.  And hopefully that can go over and I can be an influence on the youth in Indianapolis and hopefully all around the world, it can get just larger and larger.  We need more people to really preach against drugs now.

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