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We’ll Not Be Defeated


We'll Not Be Defeated By Richard Roberts

Well, I was talking with LaVerne just before the program went on the air today believes he has a, I believe he has something burning on his heart today and I’m going to ask him and Edith if they will sing and then if they will sit down and share with us out of their hearts. And let me say to you as they sing, if you have a prayer request, step over to your phone and call area code 918-495-7777.

That’s the Abundant Life Prayer Group. We’re ready to receive your prayer request and to pray. We’re dedicated to God and to you for your needs to be met. So sometime during this program, call and let me know what your prayer request is. We’re going to pray and then I’m going to sit down and write you a letter and we can enter into a relationship through our letters and I’ll bring you something good from the Bible.

The only things you’re going to find in the Bible are good things and they’re designed to help you get your needs met. Right now join me in welcoming my dear friends, LaVerne and Edith Tripp. Praise the Lord. We’ll not be defeated. LaVerne and Edith, come on over and join us. Give them a big handclap. Praise God. We’ll not be defeated anymore.

Edith, bless you. Welcome back. There’s a microphone right there for you, Edith. I’ve been taken with this Scripture, LaVerne and Edith, on this widow who I’m certain didn’t understand. How many times in your life have you felt the leading of the Lord to do something you didn’t know why but you couldn’t step into the miracle until you obeyed His Word?

She Did What The Prophet Said


She Did What The Prophet Said By Richard Roberts

She did what the prophet said. Well, let’s give the Lord a handclap. She did what the prophet said. And when she did, she gave him the first portion of that meal and then she and her son ate.

And when they got hungry she went to the meal barrel and there was still enough meal. And she went to the oil cruse and there was still enough oil in the cruse. And she fixed another meal. And the next time, sure enough, there was enough for another meal. And the next time, sure enough, there was enough for another meal.

And again and again and again. It’s estimated that she cooked some 1,000 meals out of that empty meal barrel and empty cruse of oil. God will not fail you when you do what He said, when you prove Him. Lindsay, come down here with me right now because I’m going to, I’m going to sing a song.

Going to sing a song about proving God and let you know exactly what you can do. When you plant your seeds, you can start to prove God. Larry. Praise the Lord. Lindsay, since you gave birth to Jordan Lindsay, you have taken off considerable weight. (Thank you) And you look great. Thank you, that was nice. She’s six weeks old today.

The Prophet’s Meal


The Prophet's Meal By Richard Roberts

The Prophet’s Meal, said well, can you, can you imagine what the newspapers would have said? Stealing from the widows. Prophet–Prophet steals widow’s last meal.

That’s what the newspapers would say today. And the widow didn’t understand. But Elijah gave her the Word of God. He said, “Little woman, if you will do what I say, if you will give me the first part for the Lord’s work, then here’s what will happen. Thus saith the Lord, the meal in your barrel will not diminish. The oil in your cruse shall not fail.” And the little woman, Lindsay, did what he said. Now there’s a point of obedience in your life and in my life.

There’s a point of obedience when you don’t understand what you feel God is impressing you to do. You don’t understand why. Sometime in your life Jesus is going to ask you to do something that you may not understand. But get into obedience and do it.

The widow didn’t understand. Here she was fixing her last supper and then she was going to die. You know, you can make a decision to die. The little woman said, “I am going to cook this last meal and I’m going to die.” And the prophet said, “Give me the first part. And thus saith the Lord, your meal barrel shall not diminish and your cruse of oil shall not fail.” And, Lindsay, the widow did what the prophet said.

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