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Your faith was the evidence by Richard Roberts


Your faith was the evidence by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts wants to share something to you. Now when you do this, when people come into My presence they’re going to be healed, they’re going to be saved, they’re going to be delivered from evil spirits.” So from that moment to this, I phoned Don Moan over at our office and I said, “Don, I want every music, every song that Living Sound has done for the last 13, 14 years, I want every song examined.

We’re going to begin to do praise and worship at the command of the Lord. We’re going to lead people in the presence of God in praise and worship. And when we do, we’re going to see them healed.” I had no evidence that would happen, other than the word of the Lord He spoke to me in my bedroom.

It’s your faith. Your faith was the evidence that would actually come to pass. That’s right. And I’ve never had a meeting where I invited people to come into the presence of God in praise and worship where there hasn’t been healing, outstanding healing, crippled people walking. We saw a cripple person walk in Singapore. The blind eyes opening, deaf ears unstopped. It’s just, it’s awesome and yet I remember I shared it with your dad.

I said, you know, “I question, would God heal in praise and worship? Oral,” I said, “I’ve never seen you move in that dimension.” I said, “You had to lay hands on the sick and they were healed through the impartation of your faith and you had faith to believe when you laid hands on them.” I said, “I didn’t have faith for that. God said to me, ‘Lead them into My presence in praise and worship.'”

Well, Terry, it’s the same as when the Lord called me into the healing ministry. He said, “You won’t lay hands on the sick. You’ll speak the word.” (That’s right) Now, Jesus touched some. To others, like the centurion, He spoke the word. But the bottom line was healing. (Healing) And the good news is, Oral can’t heal, Terry law can’t heal, Richard Roberts can’t heal. Only God can heal.

And that’s so exciting. Praise the Lord.

The Source of Answering by Richard Roberts


The Source of Answering by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts shared “The Source of Answering”. Why me, God? Why did You do this to me? Exactly. God is the source of answering the problem. He’s not the source of the problem. And I was coming into this knowledge by a very excruciating personal experience. And as I prayed about it, I came into an understanding of praise and worship that I’d never understood before. I was a classical Pentecostal, raised in the church where people oftentimes raised their voices, said words like hallelujah, praise the Lord, things like that, and that’s common for a lot of the, a lot of things that the Holy Spirit is doing across America today. But those words took on new significance for me.

When I was in the midst of that agony and having to say hallelujah and the devil was on my shoulder saying, “How can you praise God, how can you say hallelujah when you hurt so bad?” And I had to learn to divide in my mind between the hurt that I was experiencing and between who God is. And when I was willing to relate to God and bless Him in spite of the situation, not for it because God didn’t do it.

The devil did it. The devil is the liar. He’s the thief. He’s the destroyer. That’s the one thing I had to learn. But the Lord himself is the one who intervenes. He comes in. He’s the one who’s going to be healing the people, as you’ve been having these words of knowledge on the program today. It’s Him that’s coming and touching them right where they are. But that experience in terms of my relating to God, I had to tie in to Him as being over and above everything else that had happened.

And when I said, “Lord, I praise You, no matter how bad I feel. I bless your name,” something exploded in my spirit. It was like a spiritual timebomb went out. It came out of my innermost being. I began to pray in the Spirit.

Now, Terry, you had prayed in the Spirit many times in (oh yes) in your lifetime but you had, you told me that you had never made it a way of life. (That’s right) You’d never really prayed every day.

That’s right. It became something, it became a tool kit, almost like a mechanism by which I could begin to understand the word of the Lord. And I would begin to pray in the Spirit, I began to interpret back what the Lord had given me in the Spirit. And the Lord began to bring revolu-relation to me.

Right, revolution is right. And it was through that, praying in the Spirit, interpreting back, that God brought me into the healing ministry. And two months after my wife passed away I was praying in my bedroom one morning. The anointing of the Holy Spirit came on me. I began to pray in another language and then I interpreted back out of my spirit. And the Lord said, “I’m going to send you to My people. You’re going to lead them into My presence in praise and worship. You’re going to teach them the sacrifice of praise the way I’ve taught

Praise and Worship by Richard Roberts


Praise and Worship by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts wants to share something to you. Well, can you give us an example of something that happened? Well, we saw a, we saw a man from England and his wife who were visiting. Of course the English controlled the port of Singapore until 1970 and so there’s a lot of the English influence still in there. They still drive on the wrong side of the road, you know, like they do in England and things like that. And you kind of have to get adapted to that again.

But this man and his wife had come back just on a visit and he’d had an arthritic condition for over 20 years. And his wife had had an emphysema problem in her lungs. And the power of God came on both of them in the praise and worship in our meeting. I prayed a prayer of faith for them and they were instantaneously healed by the power of God, instantaneously they came up and gave their testimony.

Now, Terry, you talk a lot about praise and worship and there might be someone who is watching the program who says, “Now, Terry, what do you mean praise and worship,” because I know what you’re saying but there’s someone who says, “I don’t know exactly what you mean.” Would you explain that? Praise and worship is a, I believe, a divine tool, a divine door that God has given us to walk through in coming before Him. I think it’s all tied up with the prayer language that your father has taught so much about here at ORU.

And when I lost my wife Jan in 1982–I’ve told the folk the story on the television program before–I went into a collapse. I went into a spiritual struggle that is almost difficult, it’s very difficult to put into words. But through it all your dad spent time with me, we shared on the truths of the Word of God and your dad told me to go home and get on my knees and pray.

And the hardest thing for me to do, spiritually the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life was to get on my knees and pray, when I hurt so bad, when I was grief-stricken, when it seemed that my life was falling apart. (Yes) And in the quietness of my bedroom just about two miles from where we’re doing this program today, I, before daybreak got up, began to pray and it was so hard.

I battled the devil sitting on my shoulder saying, “What right have you got to praise God when your wife’s been killed.” (Yes) And so many people when they got through the struggles of life blame it on God. They think God was the source of their problem.

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